Brooke & Nick Hogan: Reunited and it feels so good…

October 21st, 2008 // 72 Comments

Photos of Nick Hogan being greeted outside of Pinellas County jail by his sister Brooke just started popping up, and this looks like a touching reunion. And by touching reunion I mean their children are going to have extra limbs.

NICK: Listen, don’t get freaked out. But I have a boner.
BROOKE: It’s okay, Nicky. *whispers* So do I.
NICK: JESUS! That’s not a Mag-Lite?! I want back in. GUARD!


  1. Que

    Que cute.

  2. Oh Jesus. Here come 100 comments moaning about Saint John the Hollowhead.

  3. vg

    first ..

    hope he doesn’t do that shit

  4. After his time in jail, I bet he can easily fit a Mag-Lite in his rectum.

  5. Jajaja

    WOW! Brooke’s feet are huge.

  6. Scott

    I am the only one who finds it ironic that Brooke’s tattoo says “Redemption”?

  7. havoc

    Nice jailhouse tan….


  8. dragon43078

    Look at his goofy grin. He started to like all the cock his was gettting in prison. He likes her big, strong body up against him. Reminds him of Bubba.

  9. Dave

    Damn, she has a fugly, nasty, crusty, manly ass.

    Brooke has the male features and Nick is a feminine little fairy. Something went amiss with the Hogan/Bolea family. Brooke has the cock; Nick is girly. He probably had all the sexual intercourse he could stand in jail; right up his punk ass. Bunch of incestuous, redneck scum.

  10. Well Brooke, prison has opened my mind to a lot of new things. Now let me help you with that strap-on, and did you see my amyl nitrite laying around anywhere?

  11. the pope smokes dope

    Brooke jacks off onto Genesis and Nick wipes it up with Revelation.

  12. She needs to grow the eff up! I hate does wigger jeans, I cant see the caboose outlines

  13. The One Person that watched 'Brooke knows Best'

    WTF?!?! I thought she only had one tattoo of a note behind her ear!! and suddenly she has a Tramp stamp that says ‘redemption’!? I feel so cheated… Brooke was your entire show just a bunch of Lies?!?!

    PFFFFTT!!! hahahahah….. sorry I couldn’t keep that going…..
    yeah… i really don’t care, just wanted point that out since my stupid roommate talked me into watching her damn retarded (and obviously faked) show… and it was the episode where she was making a big deal out of getting some tiny little tatttoo. and yes I regret it… and I got revenge by nailing his sister

  14. Deacon Jones

    Ha. A Jew lawyer, go figure

  15. Dobbson

    Straight out of jail and straight back to wigger.

  16. chris

    publicity, attention,
    i bet they make more than $250k yr off there dady Hulk.
    he got up the ass in jail and get it from Obama as well in taxes so the rest of the readers here can get free hand outs, spread the wealth

  17. Sport

    She is only there because she knew the media would be there. Such a disgusting family.

  18. tula

    DAVE – #9


  19. cheappp!

    HAH! i have those exact same sandals. walmart baby! i’d restrain from calling her trash but she’s “rich” can’t she afford something better? anyway i dont get these incestuous remarks i think its sweet you can tell they love each other and NO not like that you sick bastards

  20. #2 FRIST!!! troll STFU, thanks..

  21. liquidplumber

    So, if I’m reading the tat right, putting it in her/his butt is the way to redemption?

  22. superstar

    Can someone please tell me why their surnames are different?

  23. Ram Punchington

    …..and got a speeding ticket on the way home.

    Punchinton OUT!!

  24. Rant

    We’re knocking on heaven’s door
    How could we ask for more?
    I swear that I can see forever in your eyes

  25. Ted from LA

    Is she wearing Hulk’s jeans?

  26. mr sensitive

    To his credit, the first thing Nick said was “Let’s head on down and see if we can git ahole o’ good ol’ John.

  27. Lazy

    I’m glad to see he took some time to get in shape and workout a little while waiting to get out. NOT!!

  28. Limerick_Man

    There once were two fuck-ups named Hogan
    Whose daddy was wrestling’s big slogan
    They both were made famous
    Plopping out of his anus
    Top that, if you can, Lindsay Lohan

  29. Lililo

    Aww a murderer gets out..

  30. Douchie, I’m suprised, given your proclivities for male ass. Then again, it is Brooke Hogan.

    LSDiesel, if you are gonna link to erowid at least be able to properly name the drugs to which you refer.

  31. tina

    Brookes jeans are falling off; her cock is the only thing holding them up.

  32. mamadough

    so she’s blogging on him “just surviving on bread and potatoes.” well, his face is fat as fuck. probably from packing in all that fudge.

  33. I’d eat Johns brains right out of his cute head while he looks at me and drools.
    Just like Hannibal Lecter. Has anyone here tried monkey brains? Ohhhhh!!!
    The only thing better is male human brain.

  34. roldan

    Wow! An entire family of douchebag extraordinaires. Brooke lets her daddy and feminine brother rub her nasty ass in public, you can imagine what they do behind closed doors. Something like what Angelina Jolie and her brother do. Redneck incest scum.

  35. Ted from LA

    Does the “LA” on his hat stand for “loose asshole?”

  36. John Graziano

    barff ummggg pffffttttt whhheez ummmmphhh woooot pffff ummmm oooooow

  37. elmp bumpy

    What’s up with that goofy bitch in the black dress laughing her stupid head off??

  38. @30, I did you fuck tart. Amyl Nitrite are also called “Poppers” but you were probably thinking I meant Amyl nitrAte, which I didn’t, becuase amyl nitrAte is something totally different.

    Trust me. I know my drugs.

  39. Alli

    MmMMMM taste the douchey goodness

  40. sunshine

    Can we have another contest to vote the Hogans off The Superficial too?

  41. p0nk

    looks like these two lovebirds have a lot of catching up to do.

  42. Just a Plonker

    It’s nice that sis Brooke came to see Nick out of the joint …. what about Mom and Dad?? Nice …

  43. Ted from LA

    She looks like Joe the Plumber from behind.

  44. Johnnie Cockring

    #37 – That hooknose bitch is his lawyer and spokeshole. He can’t scratch his ass without her knowing about it.

  45. BM

    2 Questions:

    1.) Where were the parents??
    2.) Where is Brooke’s ass??

  46. Swiper the Fox

    Why is Geddy Lee walking with them?

  47. Sodom gets a little revenge

  48. 10pound

    So…Nick………did you prefer using syrup or jelly?

  49. bootlips

    Jews have no morals. Money is their God. They would defend baby molesters for the Almighty Dollar.

  50. bart

    wow anti semitism. thats never been done before!

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