Brooke Hogan’s mom is a piece of work

Brooke Hogan has apparently been accusing her mom of drug use which caused Linda to make a statement that pretty much proves she’s high as shit. OK! Magazine reports:

Linda then responded by saying her daughter had breast implants, among other things, in a letter to Perez Hilton.
“[If] Brooke continues to spew lies on behalf of her father’s lame attempt to distance himself from the reality that he is no different from the homicidal OJ Simpson, [Charley Hill] will be forced to put aside his paramedic/firefighting career path and release an album called ‘Redemption’ which will easily surpass any of Brooke’s records sales.”

So, let me get this straight, Brooke is being threatened by the secret musical awesomeness of her mother’s 19-year-old boyfriend who will be forced to stop saving lives in order to teach Brooke a lesson via superior record sales? — Nope. No signs of drug abuse here.

Photos: Flynet