Brooke Hogan’s in a bikini again

May 19th, 2010 // 104 Comments

Brooke Hogan is only famous for coming out of a birth canal Hulk Hogan had sex with, but that’s not about to stop me from posting pics of her in a bikini. Also, I’m fascinated by society’s ability to let someone with Sly Stallone’s face call itself a woman which I can only assume makes it acceptable to finally masturbate to Rocky and not feel gay about it. — Hold my calls.

Photos: INFdaily

  1. Trickster

    Awesome body shape!!! Even though she has fake boobs LOL :/

  2. Timmmmmmmmmmmmy

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and she’s disgusting.

  3. lol

    awesome body shape? wtf is wrong with you, dip fuck?
    check out her face in pic 14 – looks like it got run over by a truck.
    nasty, nasty little shemale.

  4. lol

    awesome body shape? wtf is wrong with you, dip fuck?
    check out her face in pic 14 – looks like it got run over by a truck.
    nasty, nasty little shemale.

  5. Jan

    Nothing wrong with her body, apart from that hoe-tastic bellybutton ring… ánd of course the totally uncalled for string bikini.

  6. pimp

    i’d eat her ass…just so i didn’t have to look at her face…

  7. FrankNfrtr

    That’s a terrible bathing suit for her body type. She needs a stylist, & a good trainer if she want’s to let it all hang out like that.
    It must be a slow Wed to be posting a nobody like that.

  8. We were talking about the label sticking out the back of her bottoms, it’s almost bigger than the material just above her crack!

  9. Master Spook

    I see you.

  10. Hugh Gentry

    I want to see Linda in a bikini. Her tits are fucktastic.

  11. havoc



  12. billabong021

    I’d hit that any day any time, those titties look delicious!

  13. Bergstorm

    YUKS! i threw up in my mouth a little bit

  14. starmaker

    She gotta put sum mo effort in publicity and appearances if she wanna continue her career.

  15. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  16. Tek

    Some one is deperately trying to be relevant. Her two reality shows failed. The album she recorded with Scott Storch never saw the light of day. The street racing she her mom and brother used to do left a guy brain dead. So now she’s walking around showing her Hulk-a-fied ass in a string bikini. Ok…

    … time to get into wrestling, Brooke.

  17. gary coleman

    those titties do look hella good
    u right #9 she should tuck that shit in!
    maybe she was digging in there and it popped up when she
    took her hand out to let her dude smell her fingers

  18. Neorules2112

    Betcha This Taint Could Suck and Fuck Like No Other, Therefore I Would Love Fuck This Amazon Looking Freak ..

  19. Sport

    Her face scares the shit out of me. At times I think ‘nice fake rack’ and just when I am trying to justify staring at her tits I catch a glimpse of her face and the fantasy is quickly gone.

  20. GP

    at least her fake rack doesn’t look of the better boob jobs I’ve seen.

  21. Willie Dixon

    Nice pecs!

  22. meat

    Problem for her is if she tones up she’ll end up looking like a Tranny Hulk Hogan. The only person who’d fuck er then would be a gay ‘John’ from the track.

  23. Cartman

    I’d hit it too.

    Most likely doggy-style as she is quickly turning into a butterface.

  24. Mister Bored

    I would soooo hit that. And afterwards, rub that in the face of Hulk Hogan.

  25. bar room hero

    I bopped a slag built like her, good stuff!

    …face is eh.

  26. Racer X

    I’d hit it.

  27. Gueibor

    Dunno, dude… call me stupid, but I’ll take her over the Leather Twins or Freckle Wreck or the Greaseball Bunch any time.

  28. Sheena

    Earrings go in your ears, Brookie dear, not your navel.

  29. Jay

    Gotta say, I love that she has switched to wearing a thong. That ass belongs exposed and the thong is hot on her!

  30. Armando

    How many times has the gay dude fucked her?
    I say 7 times.

  31. Dildo teeth

    I would fuck that dude twice

  32. Jimmy

    Feeling bad for the poor dog which appears to be retching, obviously the result of inhaling one of her smelly deadly farts!

  33. bitch PLEASE

    That is one thick bitch…and that ass looks like two cylinder blocks cemented TOGETHER…

  34. brookes bf

    soooo fucking hot, would love to plow her. I like how shes taking after Linda wearing thongs when she goes out tanning. stop hatingggggg

  35. brookes bf

    ..and oh yeah..when we have sex I play the bitch role and she plays the man role seeing as how her cock is bigger then MINE. i love taking it up the ass from her….

  36. Killitwithfire!

    Please stop posting photos of this dude.

    My Penis

  37. Lulu

    She has the body shape of an inflatable airbed.

  38. lol

    and people say lady gaga has a penis?

  39. Chris

    It’s a man, man. Yuck!

  40. wtf

    uhhhhhh is that hulk hogan in a thong. why would you post this!!!!! undo undo!!!!

  41. LBees

    looks pretty good from the back…

    I’d tap it.

  42. Tooty the Mummy train

    Ah sweet deleted scenes! “You’re the disease, and I’m the cure!”

    Smoke those psychos Cobretti !!!!!!

  43. pauliewalnuts

    i never usually comment but bravo, bravo! thanks for making me lol.

  44. joe blow

    That’s a handsome chin she’s got on her.

  45. ROUGH never sleeps

    Nah she’s just a victim of continuous bad (ex. pic 14)angle, it’s like how stallone would look after 12 round with Manny Pacquiao. You still haven’t come up with a legitimate reason, why any strapping young man shouldn’t drop the hammer(not literally) on her…

  46. John Holmes

    I’m sorry, I don’t date women who have a bigger penis than I do.


  47. Mike

    Why is this dumb broad not wrestling. She is built like her dad. She should carry on his legacy…probably the only talent she has.

    R.I.P DIO

  48. Jake_Ryan

    I’d pound that like free beer.

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