Brooke Hogan understands the importance of proper jug tanning

Brooke Hogan stepped out to do a little tanning yesterday outside her Miami apartment. And by tanning I mean she’s making “the marketing team” work overtime. Gotta keep those ratings up. In fact, I’ve obtained an excerpt from Brooke’s VH1 contract that shows just how important her chesticles are:

“IV. Brooke Hogan will agree to prominently display her augmented chest area in the press at least once a week until the airing of the season finale. At such time, Brooke Hogan will pose nude for Playboy magazine who have graciously agreed to airbrush out her penis provided she receive no compensation and does not make eye contact with anyone on the premises. Brooke Hogan will also refuse to cooperate with local law enforcement in the likely event the photographer commits suicide immediately following the shoot. Brooke Hogan will be responsible for funeral arrangements including, but not limited to, providing an assorted cheese tray.”