Brooke Hogan performs in lingerie

Brooke Hogan performed at a Miami nightclub for the premiere of her new show Brooke Knows Best. Brooke was scantily clad in lingerie and backed up by the Knockout Girls who seem to perform in nothing but bras and panties. So, basically, we’re talking about the greatest musical performance of our generation. (Not counting Brooke.) The Sun reports:

Wearing a burlesque-style outfit, Brooke didn’t leave much to the imagination as her dad looked on from the VIP area alongside new girlfriend JENNIFER MCDANIEL.

I included the video after the jump, and it was definitely filmed on somebody’s cell phone. Which is a good thing. I don’t think I could tolerate Brooke’s performance in high-res. “Keep it grainy,” I say. That way I won’t accidentally see her penis and punch myself in the cornea – with an axe.

Photo: The Sun