Brooke Hogan performs in lingerie

July 14th, 2008 // 60 Comments

Brooke Hogan performed at a Miami nightclub for the premiere of her new show Brooke Knows Best. Brooke was scantily clad in lingerie and backed up by the Knockout Girls who seem to perform in nothing but bras and panties. So, basically, we’re talking about the greatest musical performance of our generation. (Not counting Brooke.) The Sun reports:

Wearing a burlesque-style outfit, Brooke didn’t leave much to the imagination as her dad looked on from the VIP area alongside new girlfriend JENNIFER MCDANIEL.

I included the video after the jump, and it was definitely filmed on somebody’s cell phone. Which is a good thing. I don’t think I could tolerate Brooke’s performance in high-res. “Keep it grainy,” I say. That way I won’t accidentally see her penis and punch myself in the cornea – with an axe.

Photo: The Sun

  1. Lindley

    Fat? She is NOT fat people holy crap. Really!

  2. Her father loves it also: WOMAN’S UNDERWEAR!!

  3. Heather

    You have GOT to be kiddin me…Who the hell does she think she is? Paris Hilton? Ugly, Can’t Sing, No Talent..the only things they don’t have in common is Hilton isn’t white trash and I’m pretty sure that she’s a woman too..whereas Brooke Hogan is white trash and girl-man.

  4. toolboy

    Hats off to the team from India that built her lingerie. That is asking a lot of lingerie…..

  5. jooce

    she really needs to learn to tuck it in


  6. oh dear

    what an awful human being. i think the worst thing is not that she’s chunky, and towers above the rest of them like a man-ape, because sometimes big girls can still be sexy – but it’s that fact that she is so awkward and ungainly, stumbling about like a solid lump. she has hips and big boobs, and lots of time and money, so i’m amazed she hasn’t learnt how to walk/dance sexily. she needs help.

  7. I’d TOTALLY tap that..

    Then again… I’m female

    And i DO have a fondness for penis..


  8. Better than you

    You bunch of far left loon liberal fricks. Brooks looks like a man. Wake up. You stupid a-moral pukes. There now you have had a jewel passed your way, maybe theres hope.

  9. musicseawater

    Am I the only one who thinks that Hulk is horny for his little girl? I think his jealousy is more like a boyfriend’s than a dad’s.

    This has been going on, in my eyes, since I first show them on TV years ago, that dude is a sicko, for real!!!!!

  10. bigbuttlover

    would not hesitate a minute to eat that pussy and bang her silly!! bet she is one helluva of a cock sucker. wouldn’t mind bending her over the sofa and slipping about 9″ of hard pecker in to her wet tight pussy

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