Brooke Hogan performs in lingerie

July 14th, 2008 // 60 Comments

Brooke Hogan performed at a Miami nightclub for the premiere of her new show Brooke Knows Best. Brooke was scantily clad in lingerie and backed up by the Knockout Girls who seem to perform in nothing but bras and panties. So, basically, we’re talking about the greatest musical performance of our generation. (Not counting Brooke.) The Sun reports:

Wearing a burlesque-style outfit, Brooke didn’t leave much to the imagination as her dad looked on from the VIP area alongside new girlfriend JENNIFER MCDANIEL.

I included the video after the jump, and it was definitely filmed on somebody’s cell phone. Which is a good thing. I don’t think I could tolerate Brooke’s performance in high-res. “Keep it grainy,” I say. That way I won’t accidentally see her penis and punch myself in the cornea – with an axe.

Photo: The Sun

  1. sillysalamander


  2. sillyassslammer

    The only little bitch here is you Sill Ass Slammer! Get a life you fuck tard!

  3. sillyassslammer

    The only little bitch here is you Sill Ass Slammer! Get a life you fuck tard!

  4. sillyassslammer

    The only little bitch here is you Sill Ass Slammer! Get a life you fuck tard!

  5. This is just….frightening. The guys at the superficial totally creeped me out with this one.

  6. veggi

    The looks very “heathy”*

    *ginormously fat

  7. sillysalamander

    Go and suck your mommies dick. hehehehehehe
    Oh, and don’t post while sitting on a vibrator and jacking off, you ass-clown!!

  8. havoc

    You know the Hulk got a stiffy from this….


  9. I think it’s funny when ugly chicks think they are hot. How embarrassing for her. I think it’s nice that her daddy is enjoying the show..

    Was he the one filming??

  10. Whoops – I just had my first accidental homosexual experience…

  11. Cyan

    Poor desperate pathetic no talent worthless man in drag looking slut.

  12. I’m sure her dad put lotion all over her before the performance, you know, like lubing an old car…

  13. Rick

    She’s sexy! In a stomping Amazon unsexy way.

  14. kenny

    Brooke is a blonde Ru Paul!! remember that dude?? anyone?

  15. Karen

    Yeah, Hulk got a stiffy from this…and then his daughter-clone girlfriend sucked it. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all.

  16. Wendy

    Reached for comment, her mom said the performance was “MOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

  17. Racer X

    #15 is made of WIN.

  18. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    I wonder if Hulk is Joe Simpsons new BFF?
    Do you think they trade baby pictures of their daughters in the bathtub with each other?
    Or maybe they trade videos of their daughters changing.
    Whatever it is they’re on the same, fucking, creepy page.

  19. Danielle

    Brooke Hoagie looks like that little Lamisil monster. And who knew they made lingerie for men? This has Donatella Versace written all over it.

  20. kenny

    if Brooke ever breast feeds, you know the Hulkster would be getting in on that action. He’s a fucking sick bastard.

  21. miggs

    “Brooke Knows Best” brought to you by Lane Bryant.

  22. me

    Would have been super hot if Brook was replaced with an actual female.

  23. Oh my god. I just watched the video.

  24. Everything appeared to be going well in this video until Bigfoot showed up.
    Chicdude strikes again…..

  25. de-xenu

    im straight but i think i would be more turned on by RuPaul. I think i would be more turned on by (dare i say it) Kelly Clarkson. WOw that is bad. What record studio thinks this is a good idea?

  26. jay

    I saw an episode of the Hogans and they were in the Florida keys and some transexual sat on Hulk’s lap cuz they went to a transexual club to see the show. That reminds me of this video.

  27. twzzlrgirl

    Let’s add Miley Cyrus’ dad to the list of young celebrity father perverts. Those photo shoots of him and his daughter were gross too.

    All I can say is EWWWW. How can you watch your daughter writhe around on stage in underwear and not be mortified? I don’t get it.

  28. HulkSucks

    #27, it’s because the Hulk is a money grubbing whore. He’ll even pimp out his own daughter to make a buck. I mean he wanted to make a reality show out of the fact that his son Nick pretty much killed a guy. You can’t get lower than that.

  29. .



  30. sharpeidude

    Wa….was that her cock that slipped out @ 2:09???

    Hahhahahahahaha, I made you look!

  31. Britney's Nappy Weave

    Girlfriend apparently doesn’t own a full length mirror.

  32. charm


  33. me

    @27. Oh don’t pretend you and your dad didn’t have that quickie in the bathroom when mom went out to grab some VIT D fortified milk…….oh wait that was me. Fuck.

  34. bigcups

    my eyes, my eyes! does she really not realize that she is fat, cant sing or dance and looks 45+??

  35. IFeelDirty

    I watched as much of that horror show as I could stomach.

    I’m sure the Hulkster got a chubby AND a happy ending from that routine.

    Sure honey, dress like a whore and gyrate on a stage. That’ll be fun! I’ll bring my girlfriend and an extra pair of undies!

    I would have thought her voice was deeper…what with the penis and all…

  36. frito

    Who would actually go to a Brooke Hogan concert? If a someone invited me to her show, I would ask “really. Oh your serious, I thought you were joking. Um. … So you want to pay money for tickets and go watch her sing. Oh, you heard she was going to wear lingerie. Um… and you still want to go. Did you win the tickets on the radio or something? No, you paid actual money for them. I see. I don’t think we can be friends. I thought I knew you, but now I discover the truth. Get away from me and never contact me again. Not even text messages. Oh they are giving away free drinks? OK, I’ll go.”

  37. schadenfreudelicious

    “hey big pooper”……

  38. Gbunny

    Wow she’s doing a great job whoreing herself.i thought for a second i was at the strip bar but the entertainment there is better.

  39. Sam

    I could easily imagine that ass taking a big greasy dump.

  40. emily

    I think this just destroyed all cabaret and fosse for me. also, i think i did see her penis. she just tucked it in.

  41. Poppi

    Those panties are too small- her back fat is spilling out of them. At least someone had the good sense to stick her in a corsetto, then our precious eyeballs will be spared from seeing her gut fat flopping about She really is built like a linebacker, no matter how much trashy lingerie and fake tit jobs mommy and daddy fund for her.

  42. Kim Lardassian

    Why do “celebrity” children always think they can be a celeb too – she may have been doing karaoke for all the talent that she has. Unfortunately she does look like a man too, maybe if she wore less trannyish clothes she could alter that (a bit).

  43. sameshitdifferentyear

    I heard it was a triple x performance.
    And that of course means

  44. Moi

    She’s FAT? how original….

    I’m not going into the fat/not fat stupid debate, don’t you have anything else to say? I thought She sang well…but the whole thing is embarrassing. Embarrassing for women (and I’m one).

  45. kit kitten

    would anyone actually pay to see this skank “sing” and gyrate her fat ass around? seriously?

  46. Eddie

    the show & the girls looked pretty good until that fat ass tranny brooke–i mean BUTCH Hogan showed up. She ruined my chubby for me….went limp as a wet noodle when she came into camera view.

  47. twzzlrgirl

    #28 — you’re right. Hulk Hogan is the lowest of the low. He is a disgusting excuse for a human being.

    #33 — lol. I was going to say, “I know that wasn’t be,” but it was me…i mean you….i mean, oh fuck it. Now I’m confused :(


  48. God


    Bird shot?

    Frozen wasabi?

    Honest, I don’t have a clue. It’s probably whatever Daddy’s boobs are filled with.

  49. dave

    she is always very hot, no matter here or on ……Mixed ming l e . c o m………. i read many news about her, also her hot pics and videos.

  50. justifiable

    I swear she’s been famous for over seventeen minutes already. Somebody call time, dammit!

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