Brooke Hogan offered job with WWE

August 4th, 2009 // 50 Comments

Seen here “performing” her “music,” Brooke Hogan has apparently been approached several times by Vince McMahon to join the WWE. The Sun reports:

“The WWE have told me that if I ever want to become a wrestler all I need to do is walk through the door and they’ll give me a job straight away. They are always like, ‘Hey Brooke when are you gonna put on some spandex and get in the ring?’
“But it’s just not my interest. I’m more of a girly girl.”
She added: “I would be good at it though, I would really kick ass at it — because I’m really strong and my dad’s trained me up since I was 12-years-old.”

I’m not exactly sure I’d be admitting this if I were Brooke. Chances are it’s not the compliment she thinks it is.

VINCE: Hey, Hulk, offered your boy a chance to get in the ring today.
HULK: Nick?
VINCE: No, the other one. Tall guy. Has your nose.
HULK: You mean, Brooke? My daughter?
VINCE: Daughter?! Oh… oh, shit. Listen, Hulk-
HULK: HA! Just yanking your chain. When does he start?

Photos: Splash News

  1. She tucks her dick up so good! You can barely see it! ====|) –

  2. She tuckes her dick up so well; you can barely see it! B===|) —

  3. BTW, FIRST, bitches!

  4. Perfect

    This is the PERFECT job for you Brooke! Those stick women on WWF are going to be peeing thier leotards!

  5. Puked N Mouth

    She should take the deal. Lord knows this “singing” career is not going to pay the bills. It’s either wrestling or a sex tape, and I don’t care to see either.

    @3 DCLeisurist – It’s you sir that is the bitch you cocksucker.

  6. JJ

    Anyone else thinks she looks midget-ish in the picture??

  7. Dabilitating Constipation

    Calling this not even trying looking tranny a dude never gets old

  8. Blondie

    JJ- Brooke is no midget. She could whup yer ass son!

  9. Jeff


  10. Amy

    I can’t believe she isn’t giving this option a serious thought…it would seriously be the only thing she could succeed at. We all know her singing sucks, her acting sucks, and her body isn’t femine enough to garner any serious support.

  11. Upinya

    Tranny. HE’s tucked and taped. Gross!!!!!!

  12. DeviousJinx

    I am soooo scared of what would happen if I click on “View Full Size” *shudder*

  13. Tony

    I think she should take the job offer. I mean shit her music isn’t good and her show is a bust so welcome to the WWE lol. and btw people I would totally bang Brooke. I think it’s crazy how so many people call her a man and say she’s ugly. That’d be great sex that’s all I’m sayin.

  14. She is cute

    Why do you have to be haters? She is a big/little rich girl and you are not! She should work for the WWE. She would CLEAN the hell UP.

  15. Sport

    The scary part of this story is that she is a ‘singer’ – didnt know that.
    Frightening. (Yeah, yeah the pictures, too…)

  16. She’s win every match by default if she started with a song… of course, the WWE would be out of business two weeks later, so everyone wins…

  17. vincent mac the 3rd

    dancing? it looks like she’s posing for her action figure. Her special move will be bashing your face in with her chin.

  18. vincent mac the 3rd

    dancing? it looks like she’s posing for her action figure. Her special move will be bashing your face in with her chin.

  19. Joe Fonebone

    Odds-on at some stage s/he gets done for hubbie-beating. Loving the Humungous pose!

  20. Venom

    Makes sense, really. She needs to quit being in denial and realise that her music “career” FAILED as soon as it started. And with her being Hulk’s son… I mean daughter, Vince will be quick to make her a main eventer in the womens division… thus making more money and having more fame than she does now.

    It’s a no-brainer. I’m actually surprised it’s taken this long for her to even talk about wrestling as an option.

  21. Lloyd Johnson

    I can see it now.

    “Brooke I’m gonna teach you how to do a choke slam.”
    “Nick come here and stand in front of your sister!”

  22. pasteve

    The wrestling thing was inevitable, I was just shocked when I read “Brooke Hogan Offered a Job.”

    By the way Fish I will boycott this site unless you cover the crime against humanity that is the exclusion of Screech and Mr. Belding from the Saved by the Bell reunion. Of course in exchange for that I would accept a posting of Elizabeth Berkley in a bikini featuring nipple slip, camel toe, side boob, and ass shots.

  23. Venom

    Honestly this is where she belongs.

  24. Skeps

    You know I’m surprised superfish didn’t make a bigger deal outa this. this job offer confirms everything he’s said about her since day 1, its like a goddamn prophecy. I just expected more ,”I FUCKING KNEW IT” to the post

  25. Wow, she is nearly as sexy as Puked n Mouth @5. Did you puke after sucking Brook’s big wang? Nom nom.. slurp it up!

  26. yes!

    I never understood why this Vince character was so wealthy. This idea is pure gold. She could even sing the National Anthem and give a pile driver at the same time.

  27. Nanotyrannus

    She looks more like she wants to be the flower girl at a pathetic geek Klingon wedding.

    “Kor Mach Dacch Liicck Tuch tuch roch!” (“Check out my Klingon wang!”)

  28. Hulk

    @13 Tony – So you are saying you take it in the ass? I’m sure Brooke can help you with that. I heard its huge.

  29. blahblah

    it looks like shes about to give a handjob, not be handed a job.

  30. Sheena

    Girly girl?!? GIRLY GIRL????? Crazy bitch.

    Sorry Brooke, but girls don’t have testicles and shoulders wide enough to carry an ox cart. Go with the rasslin’.

  31. Dr.

    You can see her black underwear through the tights. Ha!

    Bet she’d be strong with the legs.

  32. uh

    Putting up her pic the same day as Christina Hendricks is just very mean to poor Brooke.

  33. Heck Yes BH

    I think Brooke would be perfect for the WWE. I mean hello she has the DNA to be a great wrestler. I love WWE and would love to see her on there.

    I think she is cute. I have been told I look like her and I could be her stunt double but I have NEVER had any guy complain or make comments of me looking like a guy or being a trany. Guys like me! Dont know why guys wouldnt like her!

  34. Tanzarian

    I hear she mates with men, then eats them.

  35. Dread not

    Jesus Christ! You could start a master race with the genetics that Brooke has!

  36. She should do it! With those fake tits and that hair on top of her naturally MASSIVE frame, it would be perfect! It’s not like she can sing anyway.

  37. Vandal

    I would let her punch fuck out of my bollocks all day.

  38. Damn! babygirl looks like she can use my ballz as a speed bag in that red outfit…

  39. Sounds profitable.

  40. bmose

    Not even with Hulk’s millions and the support of the Bubba Army could she make it as a singer. What she needed to do was surround herself with negroes and sing about chocolate milk on her bumps.

  41. ashley

    She’s lovely and hot! –

  42. Lloyd Johnson

    ” I think she is cute. I have been told I look like her and I could be her stunt double but I have NEVER had any guy complain or make comments of me looking like a guy or being a trany. Guys like me! Dont know why guys wouldnt like her!”

    They were AFRAID of you.

  43. robert

    Her singing sucks ass. She should take the wrestling deal — it’s about the only stage she could be on where people would be mildly curious/interested.

  44. robert

    is brooke hogan taking wardrobe tips from lady gaga? eek, what the hell is she wearing?

  45. Perhaps she looks like that because of all the training…


  46. Frenchy

    Oh, come on. She’s cute…and I’m not just saying that because I’m surprised Hulk Hogan’s daughter isn’t 6’5″ and 270 pounds of muscle.

  47. TNAGuy

    The biggest woman’s wrestler in WWE is Beth Phoenix, who is 5’6 and maybe a 3 at best on the manliness scale and she looks way bigger than the other girls, who all look like Maxim models. Brooke is 5’11 and at John Wayne levels of manliness, she could be the woman’s champion for years.

  48. mbizzle

    i love her show and her singing isn’t bad at all. i would however, like to see her kick some butt showing off some of her dads moves!

  49. I think he should offer a job. I mean, her music and her show is not good dirt, a welcome to the WWE’s bust. And btw i would totally bomb blast Brooke. So I think it’s crazy how many people call him a man that he is ugly. All I am saying that that would be great sex.

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