Brooke Hogan offered job with WWE

Seen here “performing” her “music,” Brooke Hogan has apparently been approached several times by Vince McMahon to join the WWE. The Sun reports:

“The WWE have told me that if I ever want to become a wrestler all I need to do is walk through the door and they’ll give me a job straight away. They are always like, ‘Hey Brooke when are you gonna put on some spandex and get in the ring?’
“But it’s just not my interest. I’m more of a girly girl.”
She added: “I would be good at it though, I would really kick ass at it — because I’m really strong and my dad’s trained me up since I was 12-years-old.”

I’m not exactly sure I’d be admitting this if I were Brooke. Chances are it’s not the compliment she thinks it is.

VINCE: Hey, Hulk, offered your boy a chance to get in the ring today.
HULK: Nick?
VINCE: No, the other one. Tall guy. Has your nose.
HULK: You mean, Brooke? My daughter?
VINCE: Daughter?! Oh… oh, shit. Listen, Hulk-
HULK: HA! Just yanking your chain. When does he start?

Photos: Splash News
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