Brooke Hogan knows how to take wholesome photos

April 28th, 2008 // 85 Comments

Unlike Miley Cyrus, Brooke Hogan isn’t afraid to show off what her daddy gave her. And by what her daddy gave her I, of course, mean her chin – Holy shit, she’s turning her head! EVERYBODY, INTO THE WATER!


  1. Well, ok. Chin chin.
    But some people still get Brooke’s dad mixed up with another classic wrestler Mr. Jesse Ventura. What do you think Cliff ? Analyst to analist – what is the best way to identify these two ol’ canvas thumpers’?
    Cliff Notes : Well… 9/11 was an inside job. That should sort ‘em out quickly for the Smackdown crowd.
    Binky : Oh right. Good point. And Ventura had a talk show banned from cable news TV and the Hulkster has his own ‘ REALITY’ TV show.
    Cliff Notes : (You spelled the second ‘analyst’ wrong )
    Binky : …

  2. Christine

    Thank you Miley for forcing me to throw away my daughters DVDs and anything containing you. The bra photo was bad enough now this? I don’t want my daughter looking up to this horrible trash.

    Disney should drop her NOW!

  3. jc

    she looks hot!
    brook’s gotta banging body, beautiful toned legs, stomach.
    I think she’s beautiful.

  4. Swiss

    ^ #48..

  5. I think she should become a WWE diva, join the family biz.

    moretoluv. com

  6. So. #52 Christine. Me think you confuse Hogies with Millie Vanilli.
    You can’t get songs from sandwich. (Especially hogie sandwiches from 7/11.) (Ha Ha. Knee Ya Ha Ha make little joke there)
    So ? #52-#55 – 7/11 ? Inside job ?
    Frank from 16th floor : Knee. NINE/11 was an inside job. You’re off topic.
    Knee Ya Ha Ha : Oh. Right. Sorry. Same question.
    Double the points ! Go !

  7. You too #56 .
    And let’s all hope Richard Gage and ‘Mean Gene’ can organize some sort of unification title.
    (Maybe even a cage match)
    Cliff Notes : That sounds a bit too one sided,Knee. Reality vs Reality TV ? WTF ?
    GenerationWTF : Make it the octagon !

  8. Fat bitches suck

    Her ass is so flat my walls are jealous !

  9. Well now we know why she got the boob job…To distract from the noass?

  10. NIng_ning


  11. NIng_ning


  12. #60. Good point. etc. # 61 -62 etc….
    So ‘Frank’ from 16th floor, come over and we eat a bit of popcorn.
    We see Geno Simmons getting a face on your site #60 ….whatever….
    Then ‘Frank’, from 16th floor say – I wonder if Gene will ‘rock & roll’ all night for 9/11 Truth.
    (Me not sure what ‘Frank’ mean either)
    So we google Mr. ‘Gene Simmons’ to find out ‘something’ and…suddenly, before we check google list, or his bio, Cliff Notes shows up at door without a pizza and says :
    Cliff Notes : Very Unlikely.

  13. edgar suit

    she looks ready to recieve MY hulk…….if ya know what I mean

  14. What do you mean here Edgar #64 ?
    Exactwee ? .
    Inside job ?

  15. edgar suit

    well if I have to spell it out…F U

  16. Barrack Obama

    That baby? She got it going ON!

    You could smack that bitches bumper AND get her to strangle you real good. She’s built like a brick shithouse. Bitch could benchpress a school bus.

    She’s like a man with an axe-wound instead of a penis.

    TOO HOT.

  17. michy

    who is the guy with her?

  18. jwalker(black)

    shes a fatty, with a bad boob job…lose 20 lbs and get a face plant and maybe she could be considered “hot”…until then, shes a ugly heffer

  19. Yoko Mokulo

    You’re a bunch of pencil-necked girlie men. I’m no fan of her or her father, but there’s nothing wrong with her. I would lick her soul.

  20. karli

    lets face it … shes not ugly but she has DEFINITELY inherited some very man like features, which if i was a guy would somewhat scare me a little lol

  21. deacon jones

    Dude, fuck her, look at this fucking tool she’s with!
    Hahaha, he looks like a hybrid of AIDS patient meets gay disco guy from 70′s

  22. FACE

    I would bag her asshole good

  23. sharpeidude

    A man and his horse went to the pool one day…..

  24. Thinkforyourself

    A woman can’t get a break on these sites. They are either too fat or too skinny. Obviously, many of the commentors cannot think for themselves and go along with anything posted here. Grow up you silly little children, there is nothing physically wrong with this woman. She looks fine.

  25. Jackson

    She obviously maintains her weight and looks good unlike overweight Kim Kardaskank. You would never ever see fat Kim Kardaskank walking around in a binkin exposing her huge loose butt. We only see Kim covering her huge loose but when wearing a swim suit.

  26. Armand

    I do her. And then I do her some more

  27. hannah

    what the fuck, she doesnt have a big chin at all and i really dont get how she is thick and manly. youre screwed up if you think so

  28. tallytastic

    holy crap.

    i am worried for this mans wellbeing.

    brooke is going to get hungry and eat him for a snack.

  29. kt

    does anyone know where these pictures are being taken? i live near the hogans and would like to be particularly creepy seeing this with my own eyes

  30. Benjamin Linus

    That’s Heidi Montag in the background with another dude.

  31. lola

    I like that Brook has a bit of muscle. Women have many different body types and her father is Hulk Hogan after all! Pictures can really exaggerate that as well

  32. erik

    Ok she has a big honker like her dad and a terrible shape, she’s nasty!

  33. TK

    Society has really gone downhill if we are calling her fat.You motherfuckers have never seen fat if you consider her fat.Of course most of the women that post the negative things are probably fat themselves,eating snake cakes and calling other people names to feel good about themselves.

  34. Fatso

    There there now kids she looks good. You fags don’t know shit, you’re just jealous because she’s got the muscles and you don’t =)
    Really though. I’d be more than happy to be with her. It’s the stepfather I’d be worried about..

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