Brooke Hogan knows how to take wholesome photos

April 28th, 2008 // 85 Comments

Unlike Miley Cyrus, Brooke Hogan isn’t afraid to show off what her daddy gave her. And by what her daddy gave her I, of course, mean her chin – Holy shit, she’s turning her head! EVERYBODY, INTO THE WATER!


  1. bebestylee

    First! hahaha….

  2. boobeeeeee

    haha SECOND!!

  3. Bob

    I don’t understand how such a big girl can have no ass whatsoever.

  4. It's me Fuckers

    WTF is it with all of the Scientology adds on this site?! Is Tom on the inside of the Superfish? Have they taken over? BTW…

  5. It's me Fuckers

    5 Scientology ads on the page. The fuckers ARE taking over… *shifty eyes*

  6. They White Urkle

    For such a man sized woman, she seems surprisingly do able.

  7. tylor

    her chin really doesn’t look THAT big in these pictures.

  8. Veroonica

    Ten out of ten penises agree: Brooke Hogan must be euthanized. Seriously though. Now that the parentsare separated, does that meant Dad can’t spank Brooke with his penis anymore? Is it Nick’s job now?

  9. ehem

    well shes got a flat ass

  10. Huggies

    Anybody else reminded of a lil kid with a wet diaper droopin off her ass?

    She needs 2 get an ass 2 hold her suit on.

  11. Haildamagewatch

    There’s a fat girl waiting to bust out of that body, much like KK.

  12. Auntie Kryst

    Meh, she looks ok here. The douchebag with the matching swim trunks and sunglasses is pretty funny though. Rawk on playa..

  13. tired

    You morons need to learn how to spell! Idiots!

  14. Lydia Montague

    Holy fingernails.

    But there’s a Jolly Roger on her boob! Which totally makes up for everything else that is wrong in these pictures. I mean, right?

  15. i'm awesome

    OK, I know we are supposed to talk shit in our posts, but really, even if she is large and in charge, and has a flat ass, she has NO cellulite. Jealous much? I am. It’s hard to say anything bad about her butt, I mean, it’s not like it looks like a garbage bag full of cottage cheese like someone we know.

  16. They White Urkle

    Can someone please tell me WTF “Meh” is supposed to mean? Is that white peoples version of ebonics?

  17. Bill Clinton

    I would fuck the taste outta her mouth.

  18. toolboy

    Who is she baby sitting in these photos?
    Jolly Roger on her boob? I was looking all through the photos for that piece of candy and then realized “Skull and Crossbones” is a Jolly Roger. She would have been more attractive with a piece of candy on her tit though……

  19. jesse


    I agree. She’s pretty “big boned” if you will. She has nice hips, nice legs.. but then when you go lookin for the ass, there’s nothing there. Total Decepticon.

  20. tila tequila

    i’d do her.

    she’s really not a big girl…she’s above average and prob looks better in person.

  21. Bigheadmike

    She looks great….. Again better than 85 percent of the women out there.

  22. stinky

    UGH this so Eric and Donna, why do the skinny little dorks always like the tall, thick, manly girls? Oh yeah it’s to help nature, really it is the only hope that two “rejects” or “deformed abnormies” have of produceing a “normal” sized non gender bending freak baby. Also men with this little testosterone gravitate towards manly testosterone factories like Brooke to compensate for what they do not have themselves. They always wished for muscly arms, but they take comfort in hers, they always wished they could carry a girl older than 2 but they fingd joy in being carried by their shemale lover, they always wanted to shave and grow a beard, but they live vicariously through their heshe lover as they watch her shave her manface every morning. You see little people love is about completing each other, it’s about complemting one another and it’s about the desperate finding the desperater and settling because this the best they can do. Ah l’amour, isn’t it wonderful.

    Girly man to many girl: YOU COMPLETE ME.

    That was until he saw how much bigger her penise was.

  23. JohnnE

    Shes a pretty girl, I think a sugeon gave her those tits though, not her daddy, although he probably paid for them and picked them out.

  24. Smitty

    She should donate some of the poundage from her ass and give it to anorexia nervosa boy.

  25. tks

    How can you have scientology ads??????

  26. lola

    she is actually pretty strong and slender looking and pretty in real life. i guarantee she is better shape than most of you!

  27. Lydia Montague

    #18 — hmm… a Jolly Rancher on her boob would at least present a valid excuse to lick on her, not that I need one. Because, as #15 pointed out, there isn’t even a hint of cellulite in these pics! It’s like a miracle…

    **Note: Ok, I’ve done a google search and I don’t see any Jolly Rancher bikinis. This is a tragedy. Someone make it happen. Watermelon only!**

  28. Sid

    She has such a flat ass that her wrestling tights keep falling down. I mean, swimsuit.

  29. Well, let’s see. I still have money left over from my tax returns, so…yeah! Guess I’ll buy a scientology..

  30. Sapphire

    NO woman should be wider than her man. Big no-no. Even her arms are the same size as his.

  31. so2315


  32. Sapphire

    So you think her tits are fake? They kinda hang there. Fake tits can hang like that? I’d ask for a different surgeon. If you’re gonna get fakes you might as well get ones that point to attention.

  33. Trover

    Geeze, Fish, Show some respect to the eyes of your reader’s already. I am tired of seeing ugly, cracked out, chicks who even frighten the lesbo’s.

  34. Tom

    This chick looks too manly and scary to be hot. Seriously, she looks like she’d be happier giving you a suplex then a blowjob.

  35. Why Not Having Cellulite Might Not Be A Good Thing

    Usually, when a Caucasian woman is that size, she’s bound to have cellulite. That is unfortunately a biological curse that cannot be escaped. So, the only explanation that I can think of why she does not is that she might be a man.

  36. kingnoony

    what the fuck is a “penise”….?

  37. Gravy

    Twenty years old and already has a saggy ass. She’s nasty.

  38. Ang

    She DOES have cellulite. It’s all packed into one region. Which looks exactly like a penis.

  39. Danklin24

    I’d actually nail her in these pictures. But its hilarious that guy needs to stand on the pool steps to be taller than her. He looks 12 next to her.

  40. I hate you


  41. Yucky

    OMG! Look at the ghost laying out behind her in the 3rd picture. Even more disgusting than she is………

  42. buckwild

    STFU 44, that pale skin is beautiful.

    On a side note, I’d fuck Hogan till her asshole no longer shut.

  43. brian

    What a disgusting, no talent skank. Just get a tranny operation and go away.

  44. tweeet

    lol let’s hide in the water and use straws to breathe.

  45. tweeet

    shit you’re right #44. CASPER???

  46. sharpeidude

    I’ll bet she’s jucier than a freshwater clam!

  47. Mama Pinkus

    No indentation between her back and butt. WTF! That looks, er, ODD. :O

  48. amy

    i have this bathing suit! it was $40 at victoria’s secret. you think cause she’s rich she’d be able to afford something more expensive…

  49. LL

    She rocks her body perfectly. She’s a good size, not fat, but not skinny. And she’s in great shape, better than most of you I’m sure who dare to call her fat.

  50. LL

    And WTF #49?

    OMGOMG she totally needs to buying expensive shit because she’s totally famous and totally has money I totally have that bathing suite omgomg.

    Fuck off, kid.

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