Brooke Hogan keeps the bikini alive… Yay?

September 15th, 2008 // 94 Comments

Brooke Hogan went for a swim in Miami yesterday with her gay roommate and Brooke Knows Best co-star Glenn Packard. Fortunately, Glenn’s used to being attacked from behind, but I bet every once in a while he has to make sure he’s not accidentally giving a manatee a piggyback ride: “Brooke, is that you? It feels like your chin on my shoulder –” ARF ARF! “Fuck, another sea lion. Brooke! Where are you? Oh, crap, she’s beached. I better get up there before they try to harvest her blubber again. She hates that.”


  1. ye


  2. Classmate

    I fucking love this site.

  3. Lola

    Gorilla bitch….
    Hogan’s Hoe
    Fuck the fag and the Orc riding it’s back

  4. Keithypoo

    Brooke isn’t looking to shabby these days. Of course, they say that if you want to know what a woman will look like when she’s older, just look at her mom, and honestly, I don’t know how much I’d enjoy banging a haggard piece of leather with a masculine jaw line. I mean, maybe if I was born in the south……

  5. Jo Smo

    Amazon women.

  6. At least I have enough fashion sense to wear the top that matches the bottoms, but to each their own..

    She looks big-boned

  7. laney

    Dude. Her Dad is 6 foot 7! She can’t help it. I think she looks pretty good. At least she’s not a stupid asshole like sarah palin, or maybe she is but she’s not running for office. what a shitball sarah palin is.

  8. Sam

    She’s the best possible outcome for a surprise drunken encounter with a transsexual.

  9. She looks big something!!

  10. Jay

    Looks too much like her dad, I just threw-up in my mouth.

  11. I think a cavity search is in order here for pic # 4!

  12. superstar

    I think she looks slim. She’s not anorexic looking or obese looking.

  13. havoc

    Brooke should fight Khloe Kardashian in a Sasquatch Caged Death Match.


  14. Fred

    She seems nice enough and not nearly as spoiled and annoying as the trio of Armenian sluts. I’d suck her cock.

  15. #11 your mom’s a cavity search..

  16. devilsrain

    She probably doesnt read these boards but I bet that fag does. Hey fag, pass this message on to Brooke for me, Hows Nick doing?

  17. Yeah, Rough Daddy has had a thing for the butt today..

  18. space captain

    id brown bag that shit.. for realz

  19. Joe C

    Man I love having the phrase “hogan” blocked with AdBlock. That means I simply get gray squares instead of pictures of this sack of shit or any of the wastes of oxygen she calls a family. Yay AdBlock Plus.

  20. Jimbo=creep, lurking in the background behind his monitor,,,anticipating my next comment…

  21. Frist youre worn out, im sure youve heard that line quite frequently…

  22. #20 your mom’s lurking in the background behind your monitor with chloroform on a rag..

  23. Truthinator

    oh shutup, you know you’d fuck her

  24. frist you are more vile than a scat act!

  25. @21 you are a closet case virgin. I am sure you have heard that more than once.

  26. jimbo? werent you selling your ass on the streets over the weekend? with frist in tow?

  27. julie

    to all the shit talkers – go play in traffic, you’re not so tough without your keyboard. i’d love to see some of the people who call brooke ugly, fat or anything negative.

  28. @27 No, that was your mom and dad. Your mom gave me a BJ or $5 bucks.

  29. Jimbo&Frist =glutton for punishment!

  30. Rough daddy takes it in the ass

  31. HH

    Look at the apehangers on her!!

  32. nina

    I like the guy. i need his number! he is HOOOOOT!!!!
    I hope she doesn’t mind.

  33. john

    does anyone know how much she can bench?

  34. minniememe

    two words: paper bag

    in less important news, rough daddy’s only a virgin with chicks.

  35. Why are there two rough daddies? Or do you have split personality disorder?

    Jimbo, let’s find Veggie, it’s happy hour..

  36. Hell Yeah. I am going to Wild Wings tonight to watch the game!!!!

  37. LoL

    i am with you! he is hot!

  38. qtpie

    I think she looks good…. I’d LOOOVE 2 c how fat’n ugly all u assholes r!

  39. qtpie

    I think she looks good…. I’d LOOOVE 2 c how fat’n ugly all u assholes r!

  40. melissa

    i really like to see what all u people look like in person because i bet my life on it that u guys all need a life supply of paper bags or sittin on your fat ass esting your potato chips lookin at this site!!!

  41. alisa

    she looks soooo good………………….. and shed never give any of you fags the time of day

  42. 10pound

    That chick looks like a shit I took this morning. Damn you Taco Bell.

  43. HorribleJudgment

    She’s looking big boned and steroidal. Two things that don’t bode well for her. And all the lame-o’s who are sticking up her are likely chicks who have their own “fattie” problems going on if you know what I mean. And that’s weird ’cause some are calling her hot? Eh, I won’t go there. Anywho, she used to look better. She used to look really good, actually, so she might get back there who knows. I’m harsh, I know, but look at my name, it’s what I do.

  44. samsam

    I don’t dig her. But at least she’s human enough to not wear gobs and gobs of makeup at the beach like some of these bikini bimbos.

  45. slut

    When did Hulk grow tits?
    Oh crap…..that’s Brooke

  46. jlylec

    you stupid fat faggots are all sitting in front of your computers, dicks in hand, trying to say she’s ugly and you wouldn’t fuck her? i’d have to bet you’d fuck just about anything…and she’s looking pretty good…those tits are great anyway.

  47. Ferdinand Narcos

    Much better than Ghetto Bait Kardashian,or Lindsey”I Only Look Fifty” Lohan…

  48. Binky :I don’t think we get this ‘Hogan’ show up here in Canada. (Thank God)
    Binky: Oh! Is Brooke a good guy or a bad guy? (Faking interest -WWE related)
    Binky : Oh, by the way, I’m still having a few problems with free fall collapse speed through undamaged steel structure. (Inside Job)

  49. Ted from LA

    How in the hell does she get her nuts and 8 inch dick in that skimpy bottom?

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