Brooke Hogan is tan

December 22nd, 2005 // 54 Comments

Other than a brief and confusing time in sixth grade, I never wanted to see Hulk Hogan with boobs. But I think that’s what I’m seeing here. However, I’ve been told this is his daughter Brooke, and I’m almost lost for words. There’s just an explosion of horrible things going on in this photo. Apparently about eighteen years ago the Hulkster had sex with an oompa loompa.


  1. em-louise

    give the girl a break!! whats evey1 doing? all had enough of slagging of britney??!!! who is to say what beauty is? its the comments from u above that make us critisize ppl with celulite,being 2 thin,being to tanned ect….so what? its NORMAL!!!im a youg girl n feel these kind of things more irritaing than sum1 over tanned! beter than gettin cancer u fools!! so hey if thats what she likes! right gotta go now off 2 get umpa lumpafied! yes we no it makes sense,GO BROOKE!!!!

  2. WHAT

    Why is everyone slating her? What have you cretins ever done that is so great?

    Rather than take it out on people who are actually doing something with their lives, you idiots should go make something of yourselves.

    Or better yet, save the world of being polluted with your hate-ridden presence and just throw yourself under a bus, you Nazis

  3. Oh my god this has to be one of the most hilarious things I have EVER read!!!

  4. brookefan1

    Well i lov this girl. shes lik my idol! shes a beautiful, talented, an amazing vocalist, dancer, and pianist!! She’s lik perfect in everyway possible.

    I LOV U BROOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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