Brooke Hogan is tan

December 22nd, 2005 // 54 Comments

Other than a brief and confusing time in sixth grade, I never wanted to see Hulk Hogan with boobs. But I think that’s what I’m seeing here. However, I’ve been told this is his daughter Brooke, and I’m almost lost for words. There’s just an explosion of horrible things going on in this photo. Apparently about eighteen years ago the Hulkster had sex with an oompa loompa.


  1. ElFurbe

    Honestly. Who decided that the George Hamilton look was the new look of tanning? Blah blah blah skin cancer, whatever. You want a tan? It comes with skin cancer. End of story. Cause that orange stuff? Not a tan. It’s a bad paint job. Maaco could put a better coat of orange on you. And they’d clear coat it and give you a warranty. Try to get THAT from your mystic tan man.

  2. sedation

    i heard somewhere that she is only 17, but she looks like a Golden Girl with too much plastic surgery. No offense to Sofia, Dorothy, Rose and Blanche.

  3. Binky

    I don’t follow the show, but apparently the guy in the shades is the new champ – the ‘Blind Assassin’ or something. It looks the steriods ban is hitting the WWE pretty hard and it’s going through a lot of retooling. But after taking a look at Brooke – it’s time they ‘roid tested the ladies circuit as well.

  4. Ryan Smith

    I think she’s hot….

  5. MortyFishbein

    What the fuck is this dude above me talking about? She’s got a white face and an orange body.

    When was looking like a Mushroom from Super Mario Brothers a “hot” look?

  6. Tha-Flash

    What the fuck is this dude above me talking about? She doesn’t even look like a mushroom, I’d love to know what mushrooms you’re eating.

    The guy next to her looks like a right NOOB!

  7. hmm….she kinda looks like a more manly, less diseased paris hilton

  8. Master Shake

    I don’t like the look of it. Doompa-dee-doo.

  9. MissMarie

    The guy next to her is her brother, it looks like she got all of Hulk’s genes.

    The muscles and the penis.

  10. xd

    The whole family (mom, daughter and dad):

  11. xd

    I love her outfit here, I have no idea who the guy next to her is:

  12. suzy

    she’s tall like her dad, but she looks like her mother.. and yea she’s like 18 years old now.. and her brother is 16 i think

  13. Regurgitating Gordon Wood

    since when did she start dating nick carter and why did his head gain so much weight?

  14. JerseyGirl

    The Hulk is like Joe Simpson – they both like to pimp out their daughters.

  15. Now this is a celebutante that serves NO PURPOSE. Nonewhatsoever, aside from riding daddy’s coattails via his last name.

    I’m going to go hide now. She’s bigger than I am and will probably shove a size 12 clear stripper heel up my ass….

  16. ki

    Yeesh. And I thought Sarah Jessica Parker and Ashlee Simpson set the bar for mannish unattractiveness. This lantern-jawed bitch just threw down and showed Parker and Simpson who’s who in the Overtan Tranny Department.

  17. ThatsHot

    Jumpin’ Jehosepaht! That bitch is positivly radioactive. Shield your eyes everyone!Avert your gazes! JUST LOOK AWAY! Have any of you seen the show Hogan Knows Best? It’s sooo sad! That girl needs her ass beat. Throughout the whole show, she parades around like she’s so sweet and wholesome, but behind her parent’s backs she’s total skank. The whole family’s fuckin deluded. Fortunaly, the brother is the only one who hasn’t beaten into submission and thrown into a tanning booth. What he doesn’t know is the rest of the fam is plotting on how to get him down to Mystic Tan as we speak……

  18. reeeeka

    i swore that was nick what’s his face from the backstreet boys *laughs really hard*

    i hate when celebs do the fake tan…it looks STUPID. Orange isn’t a tan colour…sorry people.

  19. quibbles_quaint

    That guy looks like the chubby Backstreet Boy to me. What’s his name? You know, the one that dated Paris Hilton.

  20. quibbles_quaint

    That guy looks like the chubby Backstreet Boy to me. What’s his name? You know, the one that dated Paris Hilton.

  21. Leslie

    Wow… she is excessively unattractive.

    And that smirk on her face is VERY irritating.


  23. Mary45

    Too much make-up, too much mystic (or whatever). Thanks for the other links. The whole damn family is frightening!

  24. ~S.Starr~

    Except for the fake orange tan…I think she is absolutely beautiful. She has gorgeous eyes. And she has a voluptuous figure…not like all of the anorexic stic figures in the industry right now.

  25. supertwink

    Excessively unattractive? Come on people. Excessively tan, yes, but unattractive, no. Someone is excessively exaggerating.

  26. JerseyGirl

    I love the episode when the 22 year-old guy wants to date Hulk’s 16 year-old daughter. You know what he wanted!

  27. canadian1983ca

    Check out the first 2 pics that were posted in the feedback…. she really needs to learn how to smile, I don’t know if it’s plastic surgery or just plain ol’ stupidity, but her smile is revolting.

    Check out these pics for what I mean

  28. derekd

    (Austin Powers voice)THAT’S A MAN BABY!!!

  29. ~S.Starr~

    I think it is safe to say the girl hasnt had any plastic surgery… the wide eyes usually happens when when you have to wait too long for the flash…or from the flash itself. I look like that is some pictures too…

  30. curiousone

    it’s more like she needs a new makeup artist, or actually learn how to do her makeup. it’s very unattractive and unnatural.

  31. celebritywhore

    she really does need to get a handle on the her-head-is-a-different-color-than-her-body thing, but other than that she’s sort of pretty.

  32. SpiderMomma

    Did she get makeup tips from Courtney Love? Why the heck does Hulk let his daughter dress like a skank?

  33. chibanii

    she’s ORANGE! friggin ORANGE!!! How the hell do people let themselves leave the house with leathery ORANGE skin.

    Yay, let’s all look like Donatella Versace, she’s so gorgeous.

    Idiots. IDIOTS I TELL YOU.

  34. chibanii

    + she has a nice face, but the unfortunate karma of having her DAD’S BODY.

  35. Nurse Kellie

    I think she has the same body type as her mother. She isn’t a petite person either. Not that is a bad thing. At least you know she isn’t gagging after every meal. Without all the makeup she looks a lot better.

  36. suzy

    check out her official site

  37. bubbles18

    Check out her belly button in the first pic

  38. HollyJ

    It’s a fat ugly man pretending to be a female! =0

    Honey, it’s so already DONE in Vegas…

  39. reeeeka

    canadian1983ca…i’d say her smile was taken from her mother lmfao…look at that picture of her and her parents..her mother has the same crazy smile.

    The only thing that scares me about her is how her eyes go all crazy when she smiles …she always looks high lmfao.

  40. Luigi Novi

    I saw her on that show, and she’s obviously attractive. She just doesn’t look good in these photographs because of things like the picture quality, bad makeup, overly intense facial expression, etc. She does definitely NOT look like a man or anything. You guys would all do her, and you know it. :-)

  41. slinkhard

    ‘Why the heck does Hulk let his daughter dress like a skank?’

    Because she’s an adult?

  42. SpiderMomma

    Is she 18? Nevermind then, bring on the skank clothes!

  43. nikki

    she is a very very large girl. her second problem is that her parents are both still hungry for the limelight. only the boy seems semi-normal.

  44. Mom and Dad are pimping her out, of course they’re going to allow her to look like a two bit ho…

  45. azcoyote

    Dude, she looks like a freak to me…

    Her head will split apart soon and an alien will emerge… I mean, look at how far those eyes are apart!

  46. puppycleaver

    Ok, I just laughed my ass off and woke up the baby, dick! Cant I surf in peace at 4 in the morning?

  47. Tania

    She’s almost a bigger waste of space than Paris Hilton. Almost.

  48. MissS

    yeh i agree…she is orange..but who cares shes one person in the world, she is stunning and her brother is gorgeous but in there own way so who cares…people cant look great everyday of their life…i bet most of the people who have commented wouldnt like poeple commenting like this about them…so next time your gonna talk about something talk about something in the slightest thing important like 3rd world children starving – trying to help them or something!

  49. sarakai

    MissS, if your worried about the starving 3rd world children then you’re on the wrong website. This is a website about making fun of people when they do stupid things, for example painting yourself orange. She looks like a drag queen, case closed.

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