Brooke Hogan is ashamed of her stomach

April 13th, 2007 // 106 Comments

Brooke Hogan was spotted in her sports bra on Lincoln Road in Miami. I’ve never seen somebody sucking in so hard before in my entire life. Which is completely unnecessary since nobody is expecting her to be skinny or feminine. She’s Hulk Hogan’s daughter. As long as she doesn’t weigh 300lbs and grow a beard she’ll be considered a success.

brooke-hogan-sucking-in-work-out-02-thumb.jpg brooke-hogan-sucking-in-work-out-03-thumb.jpg brooke-hogan-sucking-in-work-out-04-thumb.jpg brooke-hogan-sucking-in-work-out-05-thumb.jpg


  1. MelodyD

    She looks fine. She seems down to earth. It would be great to see Brooke kick Paris or Jessica Simpson’s ass…body slam those biatches.

  2. Sean

    Brooke fat-hog-an is spot on fugly.

  3. comment

    Uh she really isn’t fat. If you watch the show, she’s a pretty normal weight and even looks pretty good at times. It annoys me that girls bash her about her weight and everything, and they’re probably the same size or bigger…

  4. vanessa

    um.. idk what half of you people are talking about she’s not fat and she isn’t a stick like a victoria secret model but shes athletic looking. whats wrong with her stomach? looks flat and toned if you ask me so lets see your stomach whoever posted this because after we see pictures of you then you can judge brooke, k? but i guess you have a life considering you probably looked for hours for those pictures of her just to attempt to make fun of her, but clearly didnt work get a life thanks.

  5. She looks like she’s straining to be able to suck it in that much. It seems like a much better plan for her to take that shirt off her waist and throw it on than to walk around looking like that…

  6. I like…so beautiful and sexy,good!

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