Brooke Hogan is ashamed of her stomach

April 13th, 2007 // 106 Comments

Brooke Hogan was spotted in her sports bra on Lincoln Road in Miami. I’ve never seen somebody sucking in so hard before in my entire life. Which is completely unnecessary since nobody is expecting her to be skinny or feminine. She’s Hulk Hogan’s daughter. As long as she doesn’t weigh 300lbs and grow a beard she’ll be considered a success.

brooke-hogan-sucking-in-work-out-02-thumb.jpg brooke-hogan-sucking-in-work-out-03-thumb.jpg brooke-hogan-sucking-in-work-out-04-thumb.jpg brooke-hogan-sucking-in-work-out-05-thumb.jpg


  1. wedgeone

    #48 – Even Paris? Or LiLo? Or DamYELL & her ground scraping twatwaffle?

  2. FRIST!!!

    I’m not just “anything”!!! Mom says I’m special.

  3. elle

    Nick Carter got a sex change??

  4. 1MILFhunter

    #31 – I think Brooke would take Hulk 2 out of 3 falls, BROTHER!!

  5. veggi

    FRIST, you dirty birdy….

    and btw, I’ve been gone for 2 hours and it’s still as elle said, nick carter??? blah blah. See ya’ll tomorrow.

  6. anothershityear

    she’s twice the man Joe Fransissy is, i’ll bet she wouldn’t pay a penny over 225 for a Pellegrino in jail

    she should beat Nick Carter to a pulp
    it’d boost her streetcred

  7. chaunceygardner

    She’s very sturdily constructed, which, in a strange way, is kind of sexy. I mean, you’re not going to break her if you get rough.

    I think I still need to see her helming a huge combine harvester in the nude before deciding if she’s hot, though.

    As for her stomach, or any other woman’s, they ALL look MUCH better after being freshly blasted by some dude’s doogan – preferably MY doogan.

  8. MrsHoilman

    #20 That’s probably a SideKick that does not “flip” open to talk

  9. Carsten5577

    Fat pig, oik oik…

  10. Lowlands

    She doesn’t have the beauty from her father (cough,cough).

  11. Jimbo

    Yes I know how special you are, that is why I want you!!!

  12. anothershityear

    #57 yes she’s very teutonic, whatever the fuck i mean by that

    btw thanks for being-there, and by that i mean, at post fifty-seven of course……

  13. She just needs to be snagged by the What Not To Wear folks and get something done with that Sun-inned hair disaster.

  14. no1justminda

    she has no talent! keep sucking it in til you implode girl!

  15. no1justminda

    “…now if the Hogans would just get her on that Intervention show for her tanning addiction…”

    The Hulkster has quite the addiction too, good luck with that.

  16. freak_show

    that’s a man, don’t care what any one says.

  17. anotheruselesscomment

    Ugh…we need to get a royal rumble between her and Xena. If little Hulkette is lucky enough to get her face disfigured, then she’ll look a lot better than she does now…way too manly.

  18. wedgeone

    #67 – She’ll need implants before any wrestling org will consider her. Big cans & tiny waistlines are mandatory wrestling attire these days, at least for women.

  19. Manistoned

    saw Brooke in a gym locker room. Packing about 7 inches I would say.

  20. teetee

    She looks just like her daddy.

  21. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Wow is that chin hereditary or store-bought?? Her body is great–not too thin, not too chunky, nice tone.
    The only deep penetrating she needs is of the hair conditioning variety.

  22. woodhorse

    She’s apple-pie cute in the phone pic – looks better without all the heavy makeup. Her hair is really bad – looks like my cat when there’s a lot of static in the air.

  23. anotheruselesscomment

    yeah….# 70…I don’t think i could do her because i’d be thinking about her ugly, deep-fried-looking old man….can’t get nastier than that…probably can, but for now, no.

  24. Her face is ehhh… Not bad though.

  25. crazyotto

    please people,lets not make her a celebrity

  26. schwab1

    Thats not even Brooke Hogan!

  27. Looks like Woodhorse wants to do her again and again…

  28. Conky

    She makes a much better celebrity than Courtney Love.

    At least one I would rather put my penis into. Thanks.

  29. Don'tCallMeShirley

    I’d be embarrassed if I looked like Terry Bradshaw and Beatrice Arthur’s love child too.

    Yeah, right. That’s not even possible. How would that work when they both have a penis?

  30. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    43 & 76–How the fuck is this not Brooke?!

    This IS Brooke. Without facepaint. It’ll be okay, I promise your world will keep spinning.

  31. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    79–GOLD!!! lmao

  32. BarbadoSlim

    That’s what? 225lbs of pure tranny?

  33. Lowlands

    To be honest i’m quite strong myself.I think i make a good chance to take this girl in a iron grip inside the ring.Her father will probably jump from the upperrobes on my back in an attempt to set his daughter free.While having his footprints on my back i think i’ve to ask the referend for a coffeebreak.

  34. woodhorse

    #77 no, but I’d stand in line for Lowlands….. (takes ticket #3)

  35. frenchie

    Where’s his neck?

  36. BarbadoSlim

    As the Hulkster would say:

    You’d need Pink’s dick to hit that, brother.

  37. thestraightshooter

    At last, a Hogan worth laying down for.

  38. sjb16

    Wow, I never realized how flat-chested she is! She’s about 5’10″ and looks to be about 160-170 but she’s flat as a washboard. If only her chest was on her stomach. But seriously this is kinda ridiculous. I’m 5’9″ myself and 160 lbs. but at least I’ve got boobs to show for it. There’s nothing wrong with her face or her stomach, it’s the boobies I tell ya.

  39. belle

    She would look fine if she wasn’t trying to suck in her soul.

  40. JD

    Looks bettet than most of these where she heaps on the makeup.

  41. Truthseeker013

    Yummy tummy. Got no probs with her. Agreeing in totis with #90.

  42. kini

    She looks so different w/o 25 layers of makeup! Hey guys, in all fairness about her size…she’s no Charlotte Church!

  43. BarbadoSlim

    @92…I know where you are coming from, but I’m compelled by the forum’s mission statement and rules to call her a raging ‘roided up bulldyke with possible ties to Al-Quaeda.

  44. crazyotto

    I wonder who would win in a “cage” match between Brooke Hogan and China Doll……..hmmmmmm

  45. crazyotto

    or Brooke and Britney…… that’ll sell tickets

  46. kacsing

    She looks WAY better than Britney! Now as long as she doesn’t show us her cootch, start kissing other woman’s body parts and drinking like wicked dried up pop wanna be, she’ll be, well, boring. I give her a month!

  47. kacsing

    Sorry, I’m confused. What does this girl do? I thought she wrestled like the old man.

  48. whodatiz

    screw the tan… are you all missing the fact that she’s like 300 lbs? look at those whale fin arms!

  49. She is ugggglleeeyyyy, but brittney is worse, coz she thinks we want to see her old snatch,puck.

  50. licklick

    And if you don’t think she’s lovely she’ll know your block off.


    Do it again.

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