Brooke Hogan is ashamed of her stomach

April 13th, 2007 // 106 Comments

Brooke Hogan was spotted in her sports bra on Lincoln Road in Miami. I’ve never seen somebody sucking in so hard before in my entire life. Which is completely unnecessary since nobody is expecting her to be skinny or feminine. She’s Hulk Hogan’s daughter. As long as she doesn’t weigh 300lbs and grow a beard she’ll be considered a success.

brooke-hogan-sucking-in-work-out-02-thumb.jpg brooke-hogan-sucking-in-work-out-03-thumb.jpg brooke-hogan-sucking-in-work-out-04-thumb.jpg brooke-hogan-sucking-in-work-out-05-thumb.jpg


  1. raoulduke357

    She’s got a chin like a snow plow in that last one.

  2. jazzdrummer420

    “Ohhh, let me go out in my sports bra no one will notice me…” fast forward to photogs and her with this shot…
    Dear God, can’t something of value come out today…

  3. Danner

    She’s not that bad.

  4. She’s sooooooooo the next paris.

  5. schack

    she’s what, 20? people, tanning will destroy your skin!

  6. Has she seen the stomachs of Courtney Love and Tara Reid yet?

  7. Kate

    GOOD GOD, she actually looks better without her makeup, as in younger than 40 and not so much like a tranny. Seriously, I’m relieved to see her looking like a human…now if the Hogans would just get her on that Intervention show for her tanning addiction…

  8. Lowlands

    What was she doing on Lincoln Road, looking for a shiny penny?

  9. schack

    holly madison is THE barbie doll woman.

  10. imran karim

    maybe she just stands funny

  11. thefonz888

    too bad she cant suck in her face and fix that

  12. veggi

    Wait just a gosh durn minute. If she’s the hulks daughter, shouldn’t she be green?

  13. tits_on_snack

    As weird as this is, I think this is actually the best I’ve ever seen her look.

  14. MissDior17

    She’s actually my age, just a few months older. I’ll be 19 in december. She looks fucking five years older than me though. Maybe it’s just me because someone once asked me if I was 15.

  15. val

    She looks like she feels odd.
    Plus, she’s 18, not 20

  16. sevenandaswitchblade

    Brooke isn’t constrained by her looks like so many of her vapid musical contemporaries like JoJo or Hillary Duff. She really has a lot to say about important subjects that need to be preserved for future generations. Hendrix, Joplin, Lennon, Morrison…all base novices compared to the nightingale and artistic luminary that is Brooke Hogan. I only hope that she die young as this will surely cement her place in the annals of human history. God Speed on your parole Mark David Chapman.

  17. whitegold

    The Hulkster is gonna kick everyone’s ass for insulting his little princess.

    #5 thinks she’s 20, #7 thinks she looks 40, #15 thinks she’s 18 and #14 is 18 but looks 15. That’s exciting.

  18. shanonorato

    she should be more ashamed of her face

  19. iamsosmrt

    I am not going to say anything mean about this girl because she could kick my ass but in that case to save myself I would just kick her in the balls.

  20. Nooken

    I trust she just came from a workout, a sports bra is not really going out wear even in Miami I presume.

    Also… is her cell phone even open in the last picture? If you’re going to stage a shot to “look busy and important” open the phone.

  21. FRIST!!!

    Ashlee Simpson???

  22. I’ve already nailed her.

    She’s a good lay.

  23. Don’t even pretend that you wouldn’t give her the time of day! She’d make you cry.

  24. YouAreUnreasonable

    she does the sucking in so bad, I think she should practise because she will have to do that more often in the future

  25. Jimbo

    FRIST – How long before it is my turn?

    Veggi – See I am here

  26. Charm

    too tan, too blonde.

  27. YouAreUnreasonable

    i have seen her before on hogan knows best, she is nice looking but everybody has bad moments. i was too bad in my first comment

  28. NoSHIT?

    Should she be like, famous or something?
    #24, you’re right.

  29. schack

    you can’t be too tan, too rich, too thin or too blonde.

    don’t forget that, my friends.

  30. She looks fine. Her body is great and it’s nice to see people without layers of makeup.

    Still amazes me to see people spend money on tans though. Why would you want to look unhealthy?


  31. wedgeone

    WELL YOU KNOW BROTHER … like I was sayin’ to my Dad the Hulkster the other day, “WHAT DO YA’ THINK OF MY 12 INCH PYTHONS?” And my Dad the Hulkster said “BROOKSTER, you got HULKAMANIA running through your veins. All you need to do to hulk up is SAY YOUR PRAYERS, EAT YOUR VITAMINS, and flex your pythons like this:

    {cue the first photo}


  32. There's a Surprise Inside

    I guess they do make battery acid strong enough to remove the layers of black eye shadow she wears.

  33. Conky

    What happened to her? She used to be so very cute and now she is starting to look like dear old dad.

    I’d still bone her but she’s no Alessandra, that’s for sure.

  34. Morgan

    She should be ashamed of her musical talent.

  35. Shanipie

    Awww this is just sad.

    BTW her hair is way to bleached, it looks like shit

  36. woodhorse

    “Hurry up and take your pictures. I have to pee really bad.”

  37. Courtney

    Dude, how come there is never any posts about the Gallagher brothers on here?

  38. diarrhea riot

    She looks like that because she’s got one of her Dad’s neon banana-hammocks crammed up her ass.

  39. Nikk The Templar


    She’s ADORABLE without all that make up!!!

    All she need to do is lay off the Mystic tanning and she’ll be OK.

  40. freakflag

    God help me, I’d do her. (From behind, of course.) Don’t ask me why because I can’t quantify it, I just would…and I’d like it.

  41. farty mcshitface

    yeh, if this doesn’t convince girls that tanning is the most unhealthy thing you can do to your skin– nothing will. i agree with those who think she looks 40. i’d guess 44 with some plastic surgery if i didn’t know who she was.

  42. Sho'Nuff

    In the words of Austin Powers, “She’s a MAN, man!”

  43. KatieKat

    That’s not Brooke Hogan.

  44. FRIST!!!

    Jimbo- Oh… not too long I’m kind of a whore

  45. Jimbo

    I’m there!!!!

  46. FRIST!!!

    heh heh

  47. Jnicole28

    im almost 20 and people still ask me if im 14…

  48. Jimbo

    Don’t tease me!!! it is Friday and I am ready to jump just about anything

  49. kamihi

    well her stomach is fine (beeyotch), she should be ashamed of that horrible hair though its an overbleached haystack and yep looks older than 20, way to keep outta that sun.

  50. man! Brooke Hogan is somehow like the girlfriend i NEVER had. i mean, look at that sexy body, those lucious lips, that great tan, that perfectly shaped waist…it’s like she’s the girl of my dreams.

    *********IN OTHER WORDS:
    I’d do her. AAALLLLLL night long. all morning too.

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