Brooke Hogan is a classy lady

October 2nd, 2008 // 99 Comments

Brooke Hogan attended the Bejeweled show last night at Funkshion Fashion Week in Miami, and someone should tell her she’s not at Buckingham Palace. No need to get fancy. That said, I think it’s time we all acknowledge the truth about Brooke Hogan: She’s a centaur. Feels good to say that out loud, doesn’t it?

Photos: WENN

  1. we


  2. Holyfuck

    Not even one bit hot.

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  5. simplicity


  6. lol I was going to give this broad a positive review till i saw pic 3&4…shes a one nighter though….Besides who wants to be at the receiving end of a leg drop by Hulkamania!

  7. Nice hooker attire. I bet she makes her daddy proud. I know she makes ME proud to be of the same gender..

  8. Ted from LA

    It takes a lot of BALLS to dress like that.

  9. It looks as if his breasts are ashamed and trying to escape the horror that is Mr. Hogan’s skanky pie-hole.

  10. mamadough

    hit “post” once we, you dumb piece of shit!

    given the option (and if i had a penis), i’d rather fuck a old wet leather purse. it would at least know how to give me correct change afterward.

  11. Ahem, how silly of me, I meant CHOPPEDUpSomeDogCuntAndAteIt. Off to sulk in a corner now.

  12. the typical male Superficial commenter

    That body, that voice…sometimes she seems like a chick, other times she seems not just like a man, but like a powerful ass-kicking man…enough to send a shiver down your skin, all the way to your sudden erection.


  13. Deacon Jones

    Wow. I dont think Ive ever seen implants head south that fast, whew

  14. veggi

    I heard that some guy looked at her and a sinkhole opened up on his forehead.

    Wait, did that story involve Brooke or Nick?

  15. She looks like a hot Cameron Diaz

    #9 Ted is wishing she had balls so he could play with them like he does his younger relatives and neighbors.

  16. e

    Why is her bra yanked down like that? Aren’t bras supposed to SUPPORT the boobs, not squish them down? FAIL.

  17. Lisa

    Brooke should avoid standing next to biological females (2nd picture) as it exaggerates her manliness.

  18. I find her very manly. Very manly indeed…manlier than my man…hmmmmm…..

  19. mike

    so, manlier than your double-headed dildo?

  20. havoc

    Damn, Hulk’s ex-wife is looking pretty good….




  21. joe

    Classy or not, I’d nail her like Jesus on the Cross.

  22. Dick Bush


  23. Geezus! She’s so steroidal and big-boned it’s a wonder she can even fit through doors. It’s like make up on a huge man! FAT, horrible, repulsive, FAT!

  24. Geezus! She’s so steroidal and big-boned it’s a wonder she can even fit through doors. It’s like make up on a huge man! FAT, horrible, repulsive, FAT!

  25. Fuck off Mike…you are just jealous you don’t have a man..

  26. Sambo

    Poor worthless no talent man in drag face looking bimbo.

  27. titsonsnack

    How is she fatter than me and skinnier than me at the same time?

  28. TS

    Damn, is it drink time yet? FRIST it’s been a rough week. You down for a round of shots early?

  29. Throw a brown paper bag over her head, and i’d definitely do her.

  30. mike

    Frist you’re just crabby because last night your daughter refused to ride the other head.

  31. Yougottabeshittingme

    #1,2, and 4. You are a fucking retard. Take it easy.

    On another note, why the hell is walking around with her sweater totally unbuttoned and her bra showing? Real nice. You would think with a mug like that she would want to do as little as possibel to garner more criticism.

    This chick is flat out hiddeous.

  32. @31 What is wrong mike? did your goat bite again when she was licking the peanut butter off your balls??

  33. TS, already drinkin…

    Mike, you are one sick sonofabitch, to bring my daughter into this. Obviously you don’t have kids, at least I hope to God you don’t and probably you would have to adopt, being queer and all..

  34. Hey Jimbo, what’s up??

  35. #28, I totally get what you mean :)

  36. She’s a very thick and hearty “woman”

  37. mike

    I’m just sayin, when the two of you are alone at night (so, most nights), if she’s sore from the previous night, give her a little break, she’s not nearly as loose as you are…yet.

  38. Mike, stay right where you are. I am coming to shove a broken wine bottle up your ass and spin it, then I’m going to put toothpicks in your eyes, and set you on fire, but only from the waist down.

  39. mike

    “Mike, stay right where you are. I am coming”

    That part I recognize.

  40. Sam

    Frist – I believe that’s now called the “Travis Barker Special”.

  41. dragon43078

    Eh.. What the hell. I have done worse…often.

  42. Holy shit! In pics 4 & 5 her boobs are halfway down her his/her chest. More proof that it’s a man. A man that someone decided to put make up on, and sew shitty implants right below his stomach. What a behemoth.

  43. Morgan

    HAHAHA oh my god, she IS a centaur. It’s uncanny.

  44. Morgan

    HAHAHA oh my god, she IS a centaur. It’s uncanny.

  45. Morgan

    HAHAHA oh my god, she IS a centaur. It’s uncanny.

  46. Binky

    Frist – what the h is Pandora ? Link says we can’t it here in Canuckistan. Is it something like automatic weapons ?

  47. Celery

    I like Mike.

  48. I think it is break time

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