Brooke Hogan in car accident, dedicates it to Nick (Seriously)

May 26th, 2008 // 28 Comments

Brooke Hogan was involved in a car accident Sunday on the Bayside Bridge in Florida. TMZ has a copy of the police report while I have a danish:

According to the report, the other car collided with Brooke’s, pushing her into the left concrete barrier wall. Brooke’s car came to rest on the left shoulder, while the other car went back across the bridge and came to rest on the right shoulder. The report indicates that, according to witnesses, the other car was speeding. Florida Highway Patrol reps tell TMZ Brooke was not at fault.

Brooke then went straight home from the scene and, like any good East German shot-putter, blogged on her MySpace profile, according to TMZ. She thanked her brother Nick and the kid he put in a coma for reminding her to wear a seatbelt. Nice! But then she took it down. Aww. Brooke’s probably just embarrassed that her passenger isn’t a vegetable which makes me wish Congress would start cracking down on sibling rivalry. But after I pants my brother at his own wedding next week.

Photos: Splash News

  1. justifiable

    Amazing how she can’t make a connection between her brother’s speeding and guy who hit her. Where’s the thanks to the driver who caused the accident for continuing her brother’s good work, huh? God, these spoiled kids just have no manners at all these days.

  2. Sex Nuts & Retard Strong

    Good thing she has those fun bags, I mean, air bags, bolted to her chest in case of a car accident. Thank goodness for fake boobies. Ladies, get an implant: = save your life in a crash.

  3. bakinmycake

    perhaps she was stroking her incredible hulk…..

  4. grobpilot

    #4: Gay motherfucker

  5. morga


  6. RedNeck

    what a stupid redneck cunt…..the hogans are a fucking disgrace…..and brooke HOgan is beginning to look more and more like a tranny.

  7. Auntie Kryst

    It’s good to hear Brooke wasn’t hurt. Praise be to Odin..

  8. Quinn

    she looks pregnant
    over and out

  9. Do_FreeBird

    Muscles Hogan *was* in a car accident.

    Muscles Hogan *is* a train wreck.

  10. D

    So I guess her and her brother were both rear ended over the weekend… hi-ooo!

  11. Matthew

    She was protected by Our Lady of the Wait Is That A Penis.

  12. fygu

    Why is she so huge and old looking? I have never seen her wear clothes that look good on her. It goes to show that if you’re tall, you HAVE to be skinny or you just look disgusting.

  13. LDcallah

    All these pictures are of Linda Hogan… Brooke is just in the background. Linda is wearing the blue shirt…. Brookes in the white shirt with pink shorts.

  14. fygu

    #14 Yeah I know but still my comments are about Brooke in general.

  15. ToTellTheTruth

    So fucking what.

  16. Mel

    Now we know Brooke gets her ass from her mom….or lack thereof.

  17. bootlips

    She’s morphing into her Mother. Yikes.

  18. Navel Gazer

    I want to thank Robert Downey Jr. for my not using heroin after work (it was so stressful this morning!).

    I want to thank Britney Spears for my not holding kids in my lap when I drive.

    Double shout-out to Mel Gibson for my not dissing minorities while talking to the police. I have his photo on my dashboard in hopes that I can eventually quit drinking.

    Cisco Adler you schmoozer you! No more naked party pics at MY house, thank you very much!!

    Oh, and what’s-your-15-minutes, I will never date a politician again.

  19. mafme

    Umm… I think that the blue-shirtly clad IS her mother, right? I mean, “Right, that’s her mother?” not “Right, I think that?”

  20. Pam

    Can someone explain to me how the freak the parents get to their kid’s car accidents so fast?? I have three boys, at least six accidents between them all and I only had to get to the scene once, thank God! If this was a minor fender-bender with Brooke and her friend, how the heck did BOTH parents arrive on the scene (because I’m assuming they do not live together anymore?)??? I don’t get it! Do they follow her around?

  21. She looks JUST like her dad in picture 4, and while I don’t mind the bandana, I think the ‘stache is a bit much…


  22. bootlips

    It looks like a yard ape hit her. God, they really do look like monkeys.

  23. Erica

    I thought the chick in the Hollister shirt was Brooke. I was wrong.

  24. slider

    That doesn’t looks like Brooke at all…look at the face, she looks so much older..

  25. snarky

    I hate the entire hogan family; they are all a bunch of self centered loathsome creatures who just need to go away and not make another red cent from fame.

  26. kikysweety

    She’s a beautiful woman. She’ so gorgeous . I love her. I saw her profile with photos at JSeniorMatch. c om. I also found her blog there. May be she met some mature babies there.

  27. Please open thier eyes and take a look of what they are doing I feel no pity for any of them this is what money gets. they need to go to church read thier Bibles and know that what they are saying is terrible.

  28. jay blake

    comon terry..your whole world is turning to puke…get it all together..the world is laughing at you and yours bitch….buba

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