Brooke Hogan in a bikini = Please, stop confusing my pants for the love of God

July 14th, 2008 // 58 Comments

Apparently, performing in lingerie wasn’t enough for Brooke Hogan. No, she had to continue her promotional tour of cleavage and get her bikini on today with Hulk’s girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel. You know, the one that looks just like Brooke but add 40 years. Anyway, I was almost mesmerized by these pics of Brooke pouring water down her silicone pillows until I came across this shot from behind. Now I know what prison looks like. I’ll be good!

Photos: Splash News

  1. Hto theJ

    I think she is beautiful.

  2. syn

    Why are you giving any attention to this no-talent-vapid-twit?

  3. Holyfuck

    She’s built like a defensive end. She needs to get over herself. SHe’s going nowhere fast.

  4. She has an ass only a father could love.

  5. jealousmuch

    wow looks like some people are jealous. is it because you hide your big fat asses behind a computer?

  6. It'sMe

    I think this girl is incredibly hot! That’s a body built for sex right there….

  7. joe

    I’d stick my dick in her

  8. I would bet big money that if this chic came out with a sex tape it would be very popular. Big chin or not. She has melons that sell, that is all that matters.

  9. Poppi

    Those tits are so fake. I hate that bitch. And here I am stuck with my saggy, droppy, deflated, lifeless sacks of fat. Wat2do???

  10. Poppi


  11. Ted from LA

    How would you like to be the poor bastard who follows this person around to take her picture? I’d blow my brains out before I’d take that job.

  12. jo smo

    Amazon woman – fake tits, softball player, jock type, no thanks.

  13. Bigheadmike

    I think anyone here would love to dip their wick. And I vote me first.

  14. The Incredible Hulk

    HULK SMASH (that tight little asshole)

  15. If you and these two women were the last women on earth, who would you fuck?

    A: Sarah Silverman


    B: Brooke Hogan

    My bet is you would say “C:My hand!” lol

  16. Bocephus H

    Gives new meaning to the term ‘Sweater Hogans’

  17. Lebron

    I’d let her rape me. All guys have that one hidden fantasy, why not explore it with this shemale? I’ve seen plenty of pictures, her dick must be fairly small – probably somewhere between white and asian. No biggie.

  18. Auntie Kryst

    The last time anyone saw these two they were wielding battle axes in World of Warcraft..

  19. HotDogger

    I’d let her castrate me with an old style paper cutter if she would wear my balls as earrings! She is SO FUCKING HOT!!!

  20. HotDogger

    I’d let her castrate me with an old style paper cutter if she would wear my balls as earrings! She is SO FUCKING HOT!!!

  21. Actually, these are probably the best pics I’ve ever seen of Brooke.

  22. The Fonz

    Shoot, I think she looks good. Nobody would give a rat’s ass if she wasn’t the Hulk’s daughter. In fact, not many people care anyway…

  23. Goddamn Cocksucking Jew Fag

    God damn cocksucking jew fag…oh I’m sorry, I thought this was the story about Sarah Silverman..

  24. bar room hero

    I once bopped a girl built like her, I would definitely do it again.

  25. She’s not so bad.

  26. Thats Nasty!

    Oh, it’s easy to say “I’d hit that” when you’re looking at a picture. But just imagine having here hot breath and deep voice whispering sweet nothings into your ear. Her breath, a mixture of Certs and jism.

    Then imagine you’re rolling around having some fun and her ‘scrote sticks to your leg.

    Then if she actually starts talking (about here “career”, family, brother, etc). someone would have to die!

    Yeah, some trannies look good in pictures but that doesn’t mean you should stick your body parts in them.

    The best thing I can says is that Brooke Hogan is not too hairy for a man.

  27. Sarah Silver,Gold,Platinum('s all good $)man's Vag

    I really hate Sarah Siverpreciousmetal. “Jesus is Magic” is a shit in the face of the Goyim vulgarity. She must feel great about being brave enough to say she would stangle the son of a bitch to all the so called Christians out there. Now is a Muslim had said that he would have been called a terrorist. What do you call her guys?

  28. Frito

    I’m not gay, but I’d totally F him!

  29. Mike

    I would like to douche her, then drink her douche water in a heart beat. In fact I would bathe in her douche water. I would even chili dog her.

  30. sharpeidude

    #7 – Be carefull she doesn’t flip you over and stick her 10 inch “python” in you first…….BROTHER!!!!!

  31. Nick

    #15 sophie, personally I’m very attracted to Sarah Silverman so for me its a no brainer. I would lick her p*ssy for hours and slam her good. She looks like she’d be into some kinky activities too.

  32. Jeff Halloran

    Heck, I think she’s killer hot. So yeah, she’s no petite, but I don’t think her face looks like a guy’s mug at all. Even if it did, I’d just throw a paper bag over it and there, problem solved.

  33. Dave

    My God! Such knockers!

  34. Que

    Que fine with me!

  35. Racer X

    I’d hit it with the bikini on.

  36. Kevin

    What a BUTTERFACE! Wait, no, her thighs need pilates. She’s a buttersoul!

  37. Kevin

    What a BUTTERFACE! Wait, no, her thighs need pilates. She’s a buttersoul!

  38. carrie

    I am just a bit curious..the magazine HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP reported her profile was found on the famous rich men seeking affairs site Mixed mingle . c o m last week and she was seeking her man there. wow!!

  39. God

    Let’s guess, what are those tits full of?


    Modelling clay?

    Mashed potatoes?


  40. Lulu

    Hey – #29 (Mike) – what does “chili dog her” mean???

  41. Cartman

    Brooke is a hot piece of ass.

    I’d be more than happy to mount the big healthy babe! :)

  42. Zukyia

    In pic 10 hulk’s gf doesn’t look all the bad…

  43. Stayinclean

    I’d hit it…. amazon and all…

  44. Where is the last pic?
    When she does a cannon ball and splashes all of the water out of the pool…

  45. ivan volkof

    #26…. that’s some funny shit…

    #40… it’s a chili dog… and you don’t want to know…

  46. I hope Hulk doesn’t get confused with her friend and accidentally on purpose fuck his daughter. Though I’m sure he’s been planning that “mistake” ever since her bought her those tits.

  47. Daddy Hogan

    Sometimes I get confused, which one am I fucking again?

  48. You’re as “DATED” as your father!!!!

  49. Lola

    I honestly think they’re both related. Either that or she uses the same plastic surgeon as the Hogans. The resemblance is just too much. I mean what are the chances that you meet a woman that looks EXACTLY like your ex-wife and daughter? Just weird shit. I think Brooke is really pretty though with a nice body. She just has an ugly face is all

  50. roop

    Nice juggs on her friend. Think I’m-a-gonna go out and get me a pair just like ‘em.

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