Brooke Hogan in a Bikini

May 3rd, 2010 // 125 Comments

I’m not even sure Brooke Hogan counts as a celebrity anymore, but here he is teaching surf lessons on Saturday because Nick lost the family fortune giving his best friends gaping head wounds. Even more surprising, is Brooke was on the same beach as Snooki yet the two didn’t immediately start fighting over who was going to get their picture taken. Unless I somehow missed the shots of Cha-Ka from Land of the Lost uppercutting a big-titted manatee. I wouldn’t put it past me.

Photos: Flynet

  1. It's Me Fuckers

    fuck me, she looks pretty good.

  2. mnsuperbee

    If you can’t tone it, tan it.

  3. mae

    I think she looks really good, very fit.

  4. josecuervo

    first bitches!!

  5. J_BiGGz@2

    111111111ssssttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!! & what a piece on that @$$!! =)

  6. pimp

    she has awesome tits…i want to eat her ass…

  7. truth

    the kind of chick you bring home kind of drunk to bang but walk her out the back door so your roomates don’t see her. we call that the hideaway.

  8. Koolio113

    nice JUGGS.

  9. Monday

    It is unfortunate about her ass.

  10. Deacon Jones


    Then you come back to crash in your bed and half her face is caked onto your pillow from all the makeup. We used to call that “clown face”

  11. Armando

    Y all the Brooke hate @ the Super? She’s a big girl, she’s cute, she’s got a nice rack, whats the problem?

  12. Anonymous

    Go away. You aren’t even close to being relevant.

  13. Asshole

    @7 & 10

    And then you realize you’re gay because you just hooked up with a dude.

    Just kidding, I’ve done worse.

  14. dude

    sex w/Brooke=bestiality.

  15. I’ve jerked off to Brooke Hogan more times that I can count and I usually like a little gayness when I take matters into my own hands.

    I’m not sure if that means that Brooke Hogan gets my dick hard because I am attracted to her as a woman or that it’s because I am attracted to her as a mannish woman?

    Either way I have nutted about six times today already and I’ve only been awake since 10am. Four of those were to these pictures of Brooke Hogan. One was to an old standby pic of Goatse and the other was to a photo of Barack Obama with his shirt off.



  16. Stephen

    Finally a real woman with real tits. Thank you.

  17. Crack Dealers of America

    She looks good when compared to Snookie the Wookie

  18. Randel

    Fish, where are the men, the hot hunky men.


  19. hmmm

    don’t care what anyone says – she has a great body. and the red sox hot…super hot!

    @16 – her tits look great, and she obviously has had a talented surgeon, but they are completely fake. its public knowledge.

  20. bugman

    Wow, she actually looks pretty good in these pics. Whodathunkit?

  21. die mitch you worthless shithill

    Brooke seems like a decent fellow

  22. Those look real to me, Fish.

  23. Urbanspaceman

    She looks just fine and the implants have settled in nicely, she went to a good surgeon.

  24. gueibor

    I don’t know if it’s just relief from Paulie D’s fucking visage lingering on the front page for the whole weekend, or the subsequent Snooki-horror when an update finally came…, but I’d hit this like there’s no tomorrow.
    With gusto and abandon.

    I’d probably have a look of utter confusion on my face throughout the proceedings, mind you, but I’d still hit it.
    That is, provided it doesn’t wrestle me to the ground first.
    And sits on my face.
    Which would still be one hell of an improvement over anything jerseyshore.

    (On a brutally honest note: I’ve dated manlier girls than this – and so have the rest of you guys.)

  25. wfwF

    wtf r yall smoking on in this chat!?!

  26. DaDuDe

    Who BrookE Hogan , YEAAAHhh’ , I’ F%#^’d her , Oh!!! :O

  27. Jenn

    Wow you can’t even write a completely unrelated post without mentioning the jersey shore hag. You must really want to bang her, considering you probably never get laid….don’t laugh cause you know it’s true.

  28. DaDuDe

    idk maybe

  29. Taz

    She got her banana tits fixed

  30. Tek

    Let me ask you something, BROTHER. What the fuck is going on, is this Beastly Monday at The Superficial? First Snooki and now The Hulkster? x_x

    @ 16 and 22. She admitted to Howard Stern that she has implants.

  31. FAKE








  32. GeorgeWBush

    @ J_BiGGz@
    urrr….what ass….unless u like a boney ass

  33. bigbadvoodoodaddy

    Her suit bottom must be a little g-string or something. Look at those shorts riding up in her business in pic #6. Loose the shorts I say!

  34. Cartman

    I’d hit it.

    I’ve certainly banged worse.

  35. That’s one gigantic pancake for a backside. Agreed?

  36. eateme

    she looks ok but after years of masturbating to hulk hogan, another hogan just ain’t the same.

  37. bop

    her breast implants look like they are sagging already…. they almost look real

  38. Mr. Nice Guy

    She look good. Her Tits are Real, Real NICE!

  39. typo

    typo “there he is” unless you’re saying brooke is a dude because her face kinda does look like one

  40. Bone

    @39 welcome to the site in case you’re not being sarcastic.

  41. Jon

    So why do you keep posting pictures of this Ke$ha girl anyway. She’s quite big.

  42. jlylec

    DAMN…don’t call it a come back…she’s been here for years! just covered in fat apparently.

  43. Rex Kramer-Danger Seeker

    Greenpeace keeps throwing wet blankets on it and tries to roll it back into the ocean.

  44. Okay, so she’s not the most petite female, or that facially attractive for that matter. But I don’t understand why all the hate? For her frame (which is rather large for a female), she has a very nice, fit physique. Her fake boobs look decent and you can tell she works out. Better than being a skinny girl who hasn’t hit the gym since PE in 5th grade…with flabby skinny and zero muscle mass. We call those…skinny fat girls. Now smile and go fuck yourselves. =)

  45. Dread not

    Wonder if Hulk is still hittin’ that?

  46. Rough Daddy

    Hulk would have to pry me off with a crow bar, even with the deflated rear…

  47. mfbinc

    her tits are awesome!!!! girls…those are the standard…..if you don’t have those, start saving!

  48. Jack Mehoff

    Those titays look yummy. I want to suck on her piss flaps.

  49. yowillie

    he needs a pearl necklace to complete the look.

  50. Jack Mehoff


    black people don’t surf.

    a black guy

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