Brooke Hogan in a bikini

April 20th, 2009 // 196 Comments

Here’s Brooke Hogan and her boyfriend Stack$ on the set of her new music video yesterday, and obviously, Brooke’s people have realized the only way to get any exposure is to make her roll around in a bikini and/or show as much breast as humanly possible. Normally, I’d applaud this thought process except I’m kind of wishing they went for something a little more subtle. Like a bear costume.

EDIT: Added two more rows of pics. No need to thank me.

Photos: Splash News

  1. sushi

    Why does anyone care about this nasty fuckpig?

  2. sushi

    Why does anyone care about this nasty fuckpig?

  3. Doink the Clown

    I’m just wondering here…

    Do you think that after Brooke pulls out and spunks gargantua juice on the dude’s back, she yells “YEEEAHHHHH…….BROTHER!!!!”


  4. obviously sushi your ass cares otherwise why bother to make a fucking comment.

  5. Ms. Timberlake


  6. Nads

    I dont know who I hate readig and seeing more of….

    Heidi and Spencer


    Brooke in a Bikini…..

    OR maybe I should hang myself…

  7. nikki

    and for the others making stupid ass comments about her looks………. i’m guesting the majority of you all are men who’s only date IS THEIR HANDS IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, GET THE LOTION READY FAGS.

  8. tom cruise

    what’s wrong with you fags?

    i would motorboat those till she snaps my dick between them

  9. Aliyah66891

    I would feel bad for making fun of her, if she didn’t dress so inappropriately for her body type, I mean her boobs are falling out and that doesn’t look attractive to anyone but people with fetishes. I have to say she’s taken a lot from her dad, I mean she’s really fit, you don’t see any pics of her with cellulite and such, but seeing from the color of her skin she’s gonna be wrinkled and fugly when she gets old, just like.. her mom.
    Kudos for being healthy
    EW for not wearing enough clothes

  10. Binky: Well ok – Over a hundred comments on a Brooke Hogan thread ? Like – I’ve just been waterboarded 183 times…
    and not sure what to comment here….on a Brooke Hogan thread….Houston ? …Any problems ?….Problemos ?? Did I lose it at about # 97? It wasn’t an inside job ? Houston ? Where’s Jacques Cousteau when you need him. I could use some SCUBA ™

    Jane Harmon (202) 225 8220 : It wasn’t the Jews. Let’s make things clear – it wasn’t AIPAC. I have no idea why this Brooke Hogan thread went over a hundred.
    And I have no idea why those ‘Urban Moving Systems’ guys kept dancing on 9/11.
    It was probably bed bugs.

  11. PS

    Weak day dude. Get some real posts up here.

  12. humpinfrog

    I am Thor! Hear me roarrrrr…….Hey! I have boobs?

  13. Dentyne

    I wonder if this girl has fornicated yet?

  14. .....

    awwwwww all you little men are being bitter :(

    just stick with the midget chicks and you’ll feel big and strong

  15. dude

    methinks the unusual busyness on her today is secretly a lot of guys myself included were strangely drawn to a couple of these pics. that ass in 17 and 20 did it for me suddenly i wana hit that effing amazon too. omfg did i really just think that out loud??

  16. sin

    This girl need plastic surgury on her face NOW!! She already looks like her mom does now. Get rid of that face and put a womans face there and she would be a knockout.

  17. humpinfrog

    115#. I feel your need. Right up to the point his/her penius hit my ass. Then I must ask the pretty blond to backup.No, Hulkamania, tonight, baby!

  18. Aryan Nation

    As you can clearly see, blonds are fairer.

  19. So 111-118.
    Gr8 points all. You all seem like real intellectual.
    But what whee twying to say here exactwee ?
    Inside job ?

  20. brookeisaman

    OMG, if you want to see what a LOSER this Stack$ is, just look at his “self-edited” Wikipedia page! LMAO

  21. Don’t let this thirtynine (39)year old fool ya!!

  22. ET phone home

    last couple rows=beached whale. although she deosn’t look absolutely horrible by any means i just like to make fun

  23. Womb Raider

    Her ass is as flat as his head.

  24. Goliano

    Add some ass on the next Edit.

  25. de

    i cant believe she’s only two years older than me…her face is so old looking
    bad genes

  26. Brooke looks gr8.
    But I’m think’in – Brooke – maybe tell dad type thing – SSSSSSHHHHHHH – we now need a little bit of “Black-Ops” as they say in the industry.(The CIA, NSA and Pentagon didn’t quite figure it out yet..)
    look Brooke -maybe tell Dad to get together Sly, The Rock, John-Claude VD, Steve Segal, Jackie Chan – and well WTF – Bruce Willis, Shaq, Mel Gibson, and Eddie Murphy from Beverly Hills Cop – and a few others for a ‘Black Ops’ – type operation.
    You know. Justice – American style.(FINALLY) That type of thing.
    (I was going to say more -but I’d probably be arrested .)

  27. Confused

    Why does “as much breast as humanly possible” link to a picture where you can hardly see her breasts at all?

  28. Samuel

    I have to say, that’s pretty much a perfect bodytype (fake boobs or not). I have like a perverted fetish over a pair of big round thighs, JUST like hers! I just think it’s sexy as hell.

  29. Fati

    I think she is hot. So she is not a stick-figure, but she is toned and built, and I don’t see too much muscle either. I’d definitely go lesbian with her.

  30. Orange always goes well with blue.
    But an orange person is just weird.

    Love her abs, though.

  31. Binky: SWell. Ok.
    Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Dov at the Pentagon, That mench writing for the NYT, Let alone Cheney, Rove, Scooter, Rumsfeld, and that new guy Rahm Emanuel.
    This is your perceived ‘Brain Trust.’ over the last years America !!Give it Up ! LET”S HERE IT !!! Look what they’ve done! ! !!!
    (Well ok – apparently the ‘real world’ has been a bit disappointed at their existence USA )

    (By the way – Torture’s illegal Obama – maybe look it up in a book.). (Try looking under ‘T’ and then maybe ‘wing it ‘ from there)


    Cliff Notes : So America – to get any type of credibility in the real world put those people listed above at ‘A ‘ in the Octagon. With Chuck Liddell, Tito, GSP, Spider , Marco Cro Copp and Brock Lesner- and then maybe throw in the Dean of Mean, Keith Jardine…
    Ok Bernake and few Fed Bankers as well.
    (One at a time of course-that type of thing)
    (Then repeat – like 183 times a month)
    Apres ? – ‘Respect’ America – as they say in the industry.

  32. Shit – I forgot Larry Summers,
    He’s gotta go at least 5 rounds – 183 times a month with Lesner.

    You gotta get some respect back USA. Go 4 it !!

  33. janie118

    she looks like a nice curvy woman to me..I think some man tired of skeletons would go crazy for her

  34. She’ll crush the life out of Stacks like a delicate tissue paper. Maybe she should date some wrestlers. These guys she’s with look like she should sit them on her lap and read stories to them.

    @ 4 – That is FUCKING K-FED CLASSIC. Looks like it’s already deleted though. Sometimes you can find some bizarre Wiki stuff cached on Google.

    @128 – Say hello to Robert Crumb I guess.

  35. Darth


  36. Joost

    Who’s the smurf?

  37. sin

    Damn, that fugly face. She has a great body but her moms 50 year old face. YUCK!! Brooke needs work on her face pronto. Get rid of the huge chin and just tweak the nose. Plus.,. STAY THE FUCK OUT OF THE SUN!! She will be Leather Face in a few years if she doesn’t get out of the sun.
    If she insist on being tan, go the spray tan way. Save your skin from cancer.

  38. steph

    What’s that little brown thing she’s with?

  39. Melissa

    That douche actually has a dollar sign tattoo on his fuckin arm…. seems like he’s right up there with the Gotti retards.

  40. Melissa

    I will give her this though, pic 10 is pretty damn hot.

  41. Pilatunes

    Melissa @139…oh man why did you have to bring those guys up? Just when I had forgotten they existed.

    Anyway, hopefully she has fractionally more brains than Anna Nicole Smith. Of course, a compost heap does, so that’s not hard.

  42. mikeock

    She’s just one blue vest away from looking like every other WalMart greeter in the country.

  43. Mr Jones

    Okay, I just figured it out – that little brown thing she’s with is that micro-midget in the latest “Island of Dr. Moreau”. The one with Marlon Brando.

  44. none

    she looks like cameron diaz in the face, and that aint a good thing.

  45. Aaron

    Wow, sweet “boyfriend”. I didn’t know troglodytes still existed.

  46. AGD

    please post soon to move these pics from the top of the site. Ugh.

  47. WHAT THE? is she feeling ugly? why is she dating a dude with an Oval shape head…

  48. Nick

    Brooke is really THICK and not in a good way.

    Very man like.

    Zero sex appeal.

  49. spo

    the term “full figured” comes to mind. She needs to hit that pole again.

  50. John


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