Brooke Hogan in a bikini

April 20th, 2009 // 196 Comments

Here’s Brooke Hogan and her boyfriend Stack$ on the set of her new music video yesterday, and obviously, Brooke’s people have realized the only way to get any exposure is to make her roll around in a bikini and/or show as much breast as humanly possible. Normally, I’d applaud this thought process except I’m kind of wishing they went for something a little more subtle. Like a bear costume.

EDIT: Added two more rows of pics. No need to thank me.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Minty

    @37 …I didn’t say she was fat. learn to read

  2. Enormous fake tits
    No ass to speak of at all
    Stupid blonde beeotch

  3. Phat Money Bob

    Good to see the banjo player from “Deliverance” has hooked up with Brooke.

  4. Mr. Jones

    I would love to see her wrestle three of these little bald guys at once. My money would be on the Brookster.

  5. doogleberg

    So she’s dating the guy responsible for the delicious potato chips that come in a can?

    Makes sense to me…

  6. EuroNeckPain

    Don’t know her. Can’t figure out whether she is 30 or 50. Have to look it up on the Internet.

  7. EuroNeckPain

    Don’t know her. Can’t figure out whether she is 30 or 50. Have to look it up on the Internet.

  8. EuroNeckPain

    Wha-at ??? She is only 20 ?
    You mean the scrawny little Tunisian next to her is NOT the beach waiter, but her BOYFRIEND ?

  9. Whatev

    She isn’t fat…she is just tall with a bigger bone structure….so does a girl have to be 5’0″ and 100 pounds to be considered attractive? I just don’t understand how a person can look at Brooke and say she is manly and fat just because she is tall with a larger bone structure…she is toned and doesn’t have any fat rolls or anything for goodness sake! I think that men make such rude comments because they are insecure and the only type of woman that can make them feel like any bit of a man is one that is 5’0″ and 100 pounds……it’s so funny how men get so intimidated by a real woman!

  10. STINK

    She reminds me of an R.Crumb drawing. Not completely sure why…

  11. Remo

    Raptor toe

  12. not brooke

    hey# 37,i am # 16. i am actually 5’11″ and not a kate moss type or even close. i even said i get it that she’s big but no need 2 run around flaunting unflattering clothing or pics of urself. i’m glad we r not all shaped alike. but that’s also why they make different types of clothing etc. she isn’t hideous 2 me but why let ur belly hang out if it aint cute? there r ways to look hot w/o flashing ur man flesh is all i’m saying and again i’m 5’11″ and 155 myself so….i don’t try and pretend like i’m 5’3 and 100lbs.

  13. not brooke

    hey # 59 r u saying that a person who is 5′ and 100lbs isn’t a “real” woman, ur an idiot. i’m almost 6′ tall and i’m pretty sure that height and weight etc aren’t the determining factor in whether or not someone is a “real” woman what a stupid term…5′ or 6′, 100lbs or 350lbs. vagina/and all the other parts are what make a “real” woman or shit mayb i’ve been lied 2. u must b 1 of those huge b%#%#es too or u wudn’t refer 2 “real” women in that way.

  14. HateStupidPeople

    #63 needs a hug, and maybe a spelling lesson…..”wudn’t” isn’t a word! IDIOT!

  15. HateStupidPeople

    #63 needs a hug, and maybe a spelling lesson…..”wudn’t”….HAHA ok IDIOT!

  16. Pamm

    she really looks allot like her mother!

  17. not brooke

    WOW! thanks #64 UR intellect is astonishing! if u H8 stupid people UR whole family must miss u desperately! but really thanX 4 clearing that up 4 me. next maybe we can get in2 proper use of CAPITAL letters, didn’t know this was a F$#^@&g spelling bee.

  18. mikeock

    I must have missed the official announcement that it’s cool for 20 year old girls to look like 45 year old Miami housewives after their 5th plastic surgery.

  19. Kitty says

    #60 Is it because she looks a lot like an R Crumb female character??? Only she has no ass.

  20. friendlyfires

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I’d frunk that. Repeatedly. She’d crush me to death between her legs but I’ve had multiple lifetime bowel obstruction disorder, so she’d actually be doing me a favor. As long as I’m not reincarnated as something coming out of Britney Spears’ shaved clam

  21. consumist

    She’s going to be a big lass when she grows up, rilly biiiig. Festively plump.

  22. Turd Ferguson

    @59: That’s where I’ve seen that guy before! I was wondering what was wrong with his noggin.
    Now I’m going to sit back and try and figure out if he’s wearing pants or shorts.

  23. Turd Ferguson

    Jeebus H. Christo! I meant #53.
    I wish these fuckers here at work would leave the Turd alone so he can play on the internet(s) without getting distracted!

  24. lola

    She is pretty, not REALLY pretty, but you have to admit she looks good here. Considering that Hulk is her father, she looks feminine enough. She would have been hot in the 50′s (before all of the photo shopped pictures of childlike women’s faces and the tall lanky bodies). That doesn’t mean I think models are not “real women” either.

    Petite women, tall women, strong women, curvy (not fat) women, and delicate woman: we are all normal and all beautiful. Why does the media try to fit us into one mold?

  25. not brooke

    props to# 74! ( uh oh did i just use slang look out the “i don’t get typing abbreviation or slang police r out there!”) still can’t believe u think i WUD b using that as a legit word.

  26. Jeremy

    You people are crazy. Forget her weird family and stupid antics, this girl is hot. Beautiful body and all over tan. If you wouldnt hit that, then you are gay. Period.

  27. George Best

    as pretty as she is, if you look at that first picture, it looks like she is trying to strike that Bigfoot pose made famous in the 70s(by her dad?) on that video. Im sure its just a coincidence.

  28. Todd

    Let me know when she finds her ass. It is flat and disgusting!

  29. Is it legal to date a pothead whale?

  30. Ralph

    She has ugly legs, and her boyfriend, if that’s what you can call him, is a pip squeak. Even I feel like throwing sand in his face.

  31. Sea World

    To The Above,

    Stop saying that her boyfriend looks like a dolphin or a whale, they are cute. Her boyfriend is some type of fungus thing or something.

  32. She is orange. Very very orange. When will white people learn that it’s better to be natural than to be orange??

  33. ThatOne

    LOL at the mini klansmen who hate her more because the dude appears to be black. Dont you all have another teabag fest to attend?

  34. Geh…her and Heidi should get together and make one really stupid piece of shit video so I don’t have to vomit twice in the same day..

  35. CaptainMorgan

    Well, I hate to say this…but I’d rather do this than Tori Spelling. I know it will turn blue, purple then black…and burn the whole time.

  36. i will tag that ass all nite looonnngg and suck dick to.

  37. Lain

    Her implants settled very well. A++++++

  38. Darth


  39. _me


    6 freaking rows of pics of this Behemoth!

    Good god man!

  40. fred

    But seriously folks, never mind who she is, this is kinda what a womans body used to look like before all the toothpicks came along. This is a full figure. Now that’s a body! Not a 10 but a dam fine body.

  41. fred

    LOL does he have a “$” tattoo? what a wannabe geek.

  42. Downtown

    She’s dating Weeman from Jackass?

  43. Venom

    Her tits look great in the white dress.
    Anyone who says they would not f*ck her is a liar.
    She just needs some ass implants and she is good to go.

  44. Rebel

    Total, complete butter face. Other than that I wouldn’t call her fat – she has a nice bod for being so tall and broad – though a booty would be nice.

  45. augustino

    ENOUGH WITH THIS UGLY, BIG-BEAKED BITCH ALREADY..PLEASE!!! Same goes for her hideously orange and ugly paedophillic family!

  46. SlowMonkey

    Rosie O’Donnel is hot for that. Yep, the tree sap is running.

  47. Demise


  48. Rachell

    She looks like bigfoot in the first picture.

  49. sushi

    Why does anyone care about this nasty fuckpig?

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