Brooke Hogan has the power of flight

February 25th, 2008 // 148 Comments

It’s official: Brooke Hogan’s implants are indeed full of helium. While I’m not sure if that’s healthy, here’s hoping she gets caught in a jet stream and lands in my front yard. Though judging by her size, I should start working out. I’ve never bedded an Amazon warrior before. Even that time I got one of those chicks from American Gladiators drunk. Unless you consider sex being tossed out the bedroom window like a shotput, then, yes, we totally did it. Twice, actually, if you count her first attempt when I ricocheted off the ceiling fan.


  1. wierdo

    your all freaks. she looks better than alot of chicks!

  2. jay-dee

    i had these board shorts like 4 years ago. what a douche… go get some new ones if you are going to be hanging out with celebrities.

  3. George W. Bush

    The bulge in pic 4 is too high to be a dick. Trust me, I’ve seen enough men in women’s swimsuits to know.

  4. kate

    Has anybody hear about Pop Fiction. This show on E! Its going to be on air March 9th at 10:30 et/pt. If anybody knows about it let me know. Also ive seen these. This show is going to be good. It has to be its so secretive. Ive been hearing crazy rumors about it too!! Heres the link



  5. Deyvid

    There’s always gonna be haters and snarky comments… that’s fine, and usually funny, but damn give the girl a break

    I’ve seen Brooke look like a drag-queen (excessive make-up), but every pic I’ve seen of Brooke is a “I’d so hit that”. She’s damn sexy. She’s a big girl, but she’s not fat. She’s fit and toned. She’s got a killer bod that I’d love to have fun with. I’d hate it if she got too skinny like the skin-and-bones skeleton bitches. I want some curves and meat on that bod. I’d rather count muscle groups instead of ribs and vertebrae.

    Keep postin the brooke pics! I can’t wait for the Brooke nip-slip and upskirts!

  6. ryjrdtw

    uhhhhhh you people are crazy. who cares if shes tall… you short boys are just sad cause you only get to date midgets..which is probably why all of you little ones like hayden.. shes shorter than you
    she looks really good.. better than ever… how the hell is she too tan she barely even has one

  7. kitty_kat

    I’m really puzzled at all the negative comments. You know, you don’t have to have your ribs popping out to look good in a bikini. Looking good in a bikini is about being toned and having a proportionate figure – both of which is a check mark for Brooke Hogan.

  8. Harry Ballzack


    ENJOY !!!

  9. Elk

    108. ryjrdtw
    “uhhhhhh you people are crazy. who cares if shes tall…”

    Nobody. Most of us are freaked out by what we see in pic #4 and the rest ragging on her about her weight.

  10. sarani;P

    wao pos es relinda jaja k beiiaaa

  11. M@RiVeLLe

    i see a small penis…or large bushy clit…imma go for small penis.

  12. Oh please. Brooke looks like every other +15lber that would rather get a boob job then actually work out to get a nice body. All of you people commenting that she looks toned and powerful, have no idea what you are talking about. That is fat, not muscle. She doesn’t look horrible, she just looks average…

  13. Oh, I am so surprised that she had not removed her profile from this Herpes site: god bless.

  14. Rick Da Ruler

    OMG…I “wish” that I had the problem w/the way this NORDIC GODDESS looks in her damn bikini that some either apparently BLIND and/or JEALOUS MF’s in here commenting on her do…But then again, I suppose if you don’t have the necessary equipment or are insecure for some other reason you probably should run away & hide your all-day shrinkage…

  15. ellen

    exciting photo. i also saw her photo put on the site called, really! is she want to find a rich man?

  16. ellen

    exciting photo. i also saw her photo put on the site called, really! is she want to find a rich man?

  17. clitclat

    Brooke is neither ugly nor fat, maybe fake, but not ugly or fat.
    She could not only be the wet dreams of the wanksters that infiltrate this site, but, as stated above, kick some pussy ass.

  18. linzi

    what im seeing might be an illusion.. but i see a little “poke” where if she were infact FEMALE….the “poke” shouldn’t be there!!! wtf..

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  20. bigDICKlicker

    you girls are completly right.. i totaly agree.. still a bunch of cunts tho

  21. kiki

    i think she looks really gud i dont know what evryone is talking about i think she has better figure than most of the people that are cominiting about her haters haters haters….

  22. Kristen

    You are all SO mean! I hope you all look perfect because if not I would love to see what people would say about your pictures! Get a job.

  23. 28inch

    she has a perfect body and she doesnt look like a man at all. if hulk wasnt her dad nobody would say that. if she was any thinner you’d be saying she looks like a 12 year old boy, if she didnt have the muscles you’d be calling her fat. the comments on here are so predictable these days, if any of you were lucky enough to even speak to a girl who looks anything like this you’d probably cream your spongebob squarepants XXXL boxershorts there and then

  24. She's Lovely

    Brooke looks wonderful… ???Man??? WTF! She looks toned, fit, and healthy! Sorry, not everyone is a waif. She’s still slimmer than the average American woman. And for those of you who think that she’s fat – you’re freaking nuts. You need to look in the mirror.

    The only negative comment that I do agree with is that she would be smart to cut back on the sunbathing. She has a very dark tan, and if she continues that way, she’ll end up a “leather bag” in 20 years.

  25. hiswifeofcourse

    America Loves she has huge ones? You would still cop a feel if given the chance. She just wants to be famous ok..jeez! lmao

  26. leny


  27. Val

    Some of you people are twisted. Some of us regular women happen to have “fat” pussies too, it’s just the way we are made. We don’t have penises, and we’re not on steroids. Get educated before you make some lame-ass, ignorant comment on a woman’s anatomy. Brooke happens to be in damn good shape. No, she’s not a size 2, but who cares? She’s healthy, and that’s what matters. Who wants to cuddle up to “twig” anyway?
    Just my observation.

  28. Brooke's Shaft

    sorrry Terry, but does your daughter like it in the ass? that is quite special!

  29. Pwoah! i think she is absolutely stunning!!!!

  30. debisis

    wow. why are guys so jealous of girls who are popular regardless of the reason…when males get jealous of women the first thing they do is exaggerate the woman’s image. she’s great looking and the mod, the douche that he is, who is obviously unattractive souly based on this site, knows it.

    You know you’d die to go and have shag with her. Too bad she wouldn’t with you, aye?

    get rrrrrl

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  32. dc

    I would bone the f**k out of her. anyone who thinks she is ugly and has a penis is a homosexual!

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  42. Wonder Girl! Maybe she has an invisible plane.

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