Brooke Hogan has the power of flight

February 25th, 2008 // 148 Comments

It’s official: Brooke Hogan’s implants are indeed full of helium. While I’m not sure if that’s healthy, here’s hoping she gets caught in a jet stream and lands in my front yard. Though judging by her size, I should start working out. I’ve never bedded an Amazon warrior before. Even that time I got one of those chicks from American Gladiators drunk. Unless you consider sex being tossed out the bedroom window like a shotput, then, yes, we totally did it. Twice, actually, if you count her first attempt when I ricocheted off the ceiling fan.


  1. quinton

    Brooke looks like an airbrushed dolphin.

  2. Penis

    Penis! Big, hairy, penis. She is a man. Thread closed.

  3. BrookeIsBiggerThanAnOcean

    That fucking Kate-Hudson-looking fugly face could kill even a 16 year old quarterback’s hard-on.

    And WTF are those things below her waist? Inverted bowling pins or human legs?

  4. honest and infected

    i’d tap on that .
    And then do paris as well

    And shes doesnt have anythign in her pants, its a white spot printed part of her bikini

  5. singringba-bing!

    I wonder what would happen if she climbed on to a counter and jumped down!

  6. T. Bollea

    Lemme tell ya somethin brothers, when Fishamaniacs spend their waking hours tappin hateful messages with their shrimpy little digits, instead o’ hangin and bangin,blastin their pythons, sayin their prayers and eatin their vitamins, well that only means the Iron Sheik has won.
    May the wheels of Fishamania roll all over each and everyone of youse, dudes.

  7. billa

    omfg shes totally freakin hot!

    i declare that anyone who says otherwise is a raging pedo/homo who eats orphans for breakfast and nuns for dinner!

  8. Scoop

    She’s heaps thick in dem jeans in the thighs hey?

    I think the boob job balances her body out, even if they do look 110% faux.

  9. Jenny

    Um I think she looks fine, you guys are all crazy. Not all women are going to be 90 pounds with DD’s.

  10. 43

    Do not confuse jewish withe zionist

  11. keats

    She is pretty. I got a brother who said he saw you on a celebrity and millionaire dating site called Seekamillionaire.c om. Is that you?

  12. Charlie Wong

    Is it just me or does she look like she has a penis.

  13. morkostorcko

    I would fuck the hell out of this chick over and over.

  14. Male Commenter @TheSuperficial

    That’s awful! She’s so big and fat! Grosssssssssss!

    I’m going to have to look at a picture of my favorite 11-year-old boy, just to be able to have erections again. There we go….ahhhhhhh…..

  15. FFF

    First off, that’s not a penis. It’s very puffy pussy lips possibly with a bushy landing strip. And second, her very sexy feet make up for it!

  16. Jeremiah

    You are all a bunch of pathetic losers. She is hot, just because she can probably kick your scawny un muscled asses, you feel the need to bash her.

    He is attractive, she has a killer body, and I would fuck that all night long.

    #Male Commenter — FAT??? I don’t know where the fuck you are from queer boy, but that aint fat.

  17. nope

    you must like big strong arms to hold you at night, this man here would be perfect for you. I declare you are large strapping man lover.


    You are being sarcastic. You are really going to have to look at your favorite picture of Hulk Hogan, China Doll, or some other large, tall, block shaped person. or big man tranny if you like the implants.

  18. jerry

    68- u are right.
    where I come from it is called being a 195 pounds, but with weight distributed amongst a six foot frame not fat looking.

    basically a healthy young man who has gained the freshman 15.

  19. Looks like she may have a litter peener in that bikini …

  20. havoc

    Put a blond mustache on that and you have daddy……

  21. Chauncey Gardner

    I’m totally going to print that first photo out tonight and splatter my goo on it.

  22. Gerald_Tarrant

    #39 – Jimbotroll, it’s called shrinkage, she was in the cold ocean. Of course you’d know that if you had a dick.

    #49 – jp, I’m not afraid of 6ft tall women, I’m just disgusted by 6ft tall men who try to foist themselves off on America as 6ft tall women. Elle Macpherson, I would drill into that like Dubya looking for oil in Alaska.

    #55 – honest and infected, colored fabric doesn’t throw a shadow, bulges from dicks do.

  23. Goddamn it, fags, if you decide to fuck somebody you’ve got to commit. If you like Brooke’s boobs, then deal with whatever you find when you take her pants off. Don’t pretend you’re too proud to suck. When I decide to fuck a guy, he gets it all – oral, anal, ass-to-mouth, facial, whatever. The time to say “no” is in the bar, not in the bedroom. Anything less is pure cunty bullshit.

  24. Scott Fornauf

    In phto #4 (hands at side of bikini bottom).
    Is that a bulge in her pants??

  25. RCA

    I believe she has a penis. Either that or the BIGGEST Vajay-Day EVER!

  26. @75 You are pretty wild FRIST troll. Do you swallow too??

  27. theres a whole load of bush going on there, its mount Bushmore inside that bikini…..btw Hulk is excellent brother!

  28. Gerald_Tarrant

    Hulk is a douche bag. He was the King of the Bacchus parade for Mardi Gras. He didn’t even acknowledge the 3′x8′ sign I hung from my stand that said “Hulk, have Nick make me some vegetables”

  29. Racer X

    I’d hit it so hard her music would sound good.

    //don’t care

  30. Mbizzle

    Brooke Hogan is gorgeous and her daddy rocks!

  31. I don’t know, Jimbo, that troll was a little funny, but kinda gross.

    Then I remembered that I don’t give a shit and went back to teaching blind alcoholics how to order margaritas in sign language..

  32. Grunion

    Pretty sure I saw her last night during the linebacker workouts at the NFL scouting combine.

  33. crazypants

    yeah that’s a lotta woman – big strong boobs ass thighs – keep ya warm on a cold night. that’s a fun ride there. if you’re not man enough for the job at least be a gentleman about it and acknowledge that she’s pretty and well worth a lay.

  34. Wahoo

    She appears to have her parasitic twins ass where her chin should be…

  35. RCA

    OK, I’ve hated on her. Now let me say this…if that bulge is the result of HGH induced labia, given the size of her ass and thighs and the fact that I am quite girthy…I’d have to have at it. You gott a admit fellas – she looks like she could really put the old smackdown on a penis- and I’d be game…

    I’d beat it up like King Kong Bundy!!!

  36. tikosdad

    You’re all crazy she’s smokin!

  37. dude

    C’mon, that has GOT to be a penis in pic 4.

  38. those nails scream trasharrific

  39. those nails scream trasharrific

  40. derek

    shes got a fuckin bulge! i knew she was a he

  41. erin

    She is just a really large chick. She is fairly proportionate and looks to be in really good shape, but she definitly wouldn’t ever be described as feminine.

  42. EuroNeckPain

    Her fake boobs when she jumps look ridiculous.

  43. Elk

    61. Jenny:
    “Um I think she looks fine, you guys are all crazy. Not all women are going to be 90 pounds with DD’s.”

    Her weight isn’t the problem I have with her. It would be what’s in pic #4 that’s the problem.

  44. nana

    so she WANTS to look like her mother…?

  45. da shizzle

    i don’t think it’s fair of you insecure tiny little balding men to be hating on brooke. she obviously works out really hard and is in excellent shape for her body type. not every girl can be a coke whore, you know.

  46. Sexy lady! She has posted many hot pictures at the millionaire site Very hot, top 10.

  47. Bnes

    nice ball

  48. Bnes

    bold & the beautiful not really

  49. Toolboy

    Moose Knuckle! Don’t get me wrong, I definitely would…She’s flying around like a giant transvestite tinkerbell…Don’t get me wrong, I love trannies and tinkerbells, and giants for that matter. What was the giant on Lord of the Rings, Haggard. I love him. Shouldn’t have taken E so early in the day…I love everything. Office meeting in 20 minutes, I’m fucked.

  50. tony

    i would definately hit that pussy her new tits are deff a pluss : 0000

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