Brooke Hogan embarrasses herself

June 25th, 2007 // 165 Comments

Brooke Hogan performed at the Kiss 95.1 radio show in Charlotte, North Carolina over the weekend looking like some sort of transsexual rodeo clown. How is her manager letting her show up to events like this? First of all she’s a dude. And then there’s the fact that she’s a dude. And also she’s a dude. So really, the only time she should ever be dressed like this is in private, standing in front of a mirror and crying.

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  1. bignosejew

    god what a dumb jew!

  2. 1MILFhunter


  3. HEY! that is an insult to all the Trannies i have EVER seen!!

  4. Missdior17

    Hulk sings?…badly?

  5. bignosejew

    oh yeah i got the first comment! be jealous! and wtf is that idiot wearing? i;m from the tampa area and she use to come in to the restaurant i worked at with her family- ill tell ya what she looks much manlier in person and she also said “she was gonna be bigger than britney spears” please…

  6. Jeff

    Brooke even lip-synched her banter between songs….very sad!

  7. Binky

    You’d think the Hulkster could afford to get her some jeans a little less worn out.

  8. didey23

    anyone who thinks she looks like a DUDE ought to get thier eyes checked…then get a life.

  9. is she still singing that one song///what about us??…or whatever. because i swear that song stopped playing on the radio months ago.

  10. Philo

    Those jeans!! MY EYES!!!

    I thought I knew what trashing looked like… Those jeans… oh my god.

    It doesn’t help that she does the exact same lip shape when she’s singing that Old Man Hulk does when he’s ‘hulking up’. Stuff of nightmares.

  11. Dom

    Um, question:
    When have denim rectangular thigh cut-outs been sexy?
    I mean come on, the least she could do was try a rhombus.

  12. George Clooney.

    HAHA what the hell? Nice jeans.

  13. jenkins

    Is this girl really only 19? She looks at least a decade older.

  14. aw man that’s just wrong! LOL! Poor Brookey! celeb drama

  15. daguz

    Those jeans are more like leftovers from a scene in the incredible hulk. They got it wrong by a generation or so… I can see her as a young’n going up to the (big green) hulk and saying ” are you my daddy?”

  16. Kingnitro

    If you think Brooke Hogan looks like a Dude, you haven’t been in Hollywierd that long! Walk down the Sunset strip and you’ll see gals who got beaten with an Uglystick!

  17. Shan

    She needs to stop trying so hard. I actually feel bad for her.

  18. I’ll be she shags like a minx.

  19. maeby

    ugg make it stop…

  20. Despite being like 10 years younger than Britney Spears, she has managed to capture what Brit will likely look like sometime in Spring 2009, after of wave of extreme Botox abuse and a rousing crystal meth habit.

  21. Danklin24

    Does he actually think this looks good?

    Yes, i said he.

  22. Danklin24

    Milf, not only do you make yourself look like an ass by saying first, but you werent first. Moron.

  23. my comment

    Cutout jeans as garter belt and stockings?

    Funniest thing I’ve seen all week.

  24. Danklin24

    #6 she already is bigger than Britney. In fact i bet she could bench press Britney AND Christina AND Jessica.

  25. ssdd

    Uh hey hillbilly ..they make chaps …all colors and all kinds of material.

  26. Danklin24

    # you must bring home some very scary women…i mean men.

  27. jrzmommy

    i wonder if she thinks “You got your Dad’s legs!” is a compliment?

  28. my comment

    She’s only 19? Is that in Water Buffalo years?

  29. Adam

    She has NO future! If her father was not a famous wrestler, she would be a waitress at Dairy Queen!

  30. I don’t think Dairy Queen has waitresses, dude.

  31. YouRang

    I guess Hulk Hogan’s children are trying to squander the family fortune as quickly as possible.

  32. bungoone

    i’m not sure, are those suppose to be chaps?

    and check out the camel toe in the last pic. ok maybe that’s not REALLY a camel toe, but it’s disguised as one!

    and the hulk can’t possible approve of this outfit.

  33. miss oblivious

    Its like Britney Spears as a man…who turns into a transexual. And you can tell Brooke is thinking “I’m just as hot as Brit was; I look so much like her and just as good. And this is something she would wear; God I look hot.” Good Lord thats some scary shit!! She’s trying to be all sexy; it looks like she’s about to take a dump in pic #9. I guess thats what happens when you grow up spoiled rich, surrounded by yes men. If she ever did have half a chance at fame (which I doubt),this sealed the deal that it won’t happen. The pants ALONE sealed the deal. What an idiot.

  34. boze

    beautiful camel toe in the last pic like i could make a sandwich with it

  35. wastdOne

    What an assclown!

  36. Wanky

    wow for someone that has a fat back, she has no ass at all! ooooooohhhhhhh yeahhhhh brothaaaaa!

  37. poor girl she actually can look pretty sometimes on the show but thanks to makeup teams. i never knew you could do that with she is starting to look more and more like her mother. YUCK!

  38. Foog

    What is really, really disturbing is if you look at the last picture, she has the daintiest little camel toe going. It’s like seeing a linebacker with a papercut where his junk should be.

  39. K-dizzle


  40. O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us, To see oursels as others see us — Robert Burns

    Her songs sound like somebody hit the record button before crashing a plate glass panel truck in to a chicken coop.

    She is a singer and her brother is a race car driver.

    Did you see the show where her brother pretended that he was a race car driver and kept crashing million dollar cars bout every twnety feet? Who knew so much non-talent could be in one family?

    anyone remember this? her first

  42. So Thankful I Don't Like Brook

    People like this are why many teenagers think that self confidence can be really bad.

  43. rly good singer

    Are those supposed to be cowboy chaps or something??? OMG, Brookeback Mountain.

  44. Mike-El

    Okay. In the interest of saying something nice, she does rocket onto the very short list of guys I’d go gay for.

  45. lambman

    She always seemed like a nice enough girl on “hogan knows best” but she’s not at all, even a little bit, sexy or talented. She should really stop trying, I don’t want to make fun of her just because she wasn’t born pretty, but she wasn’t so she shouldn’t try to be famous.

  46. star69

    She should do and stick do doing porn only.

  47. corey

    woof the girls a dog,someone please put this troll out of its misery because frankly im sick of looking at it, ugly talentless cunt! her dad’s hotter then her

  48. star69

    How to become famous in America:

    Have a famous/semi-famous dad, bleach your hair and wear silly amounts of makeup, wear hidious, over the top, revealing clother that even Cher wouldn’t wear cuz they’re so ridiculous, act like a dumb porn ho (easiest part since it comes naturally). Voila! You’re a famous no-talent America loves to hate.

  49. aprilmax

    YIKES!…truly frightening. Nice effing outfit.

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