Brooke Hogan bikini pictures

July 9th, 2007 // 119 Comments

Brooke Hogan went to a Maui beach yesterday and showed off her body in a bikini. Which isn’t nearly as horrifying as that sounds. Although to actually be as horrifying as “Brooke Hogan in a bikini” sounds, bats would have to fly out of your monitor and claw your face.

NOTE: I have no idea if her boobs are new or not. I’ve made it a top priority in my life to spend as little time looking at Brooke Hogan’s chest as physically possible.


  1. Coco

    ps. her boobs just look like massively over developed pecs. i’d ask her surgeon for a refund…

  2. J

    Fuck, I can’t stop looking at these pics lol Geez I would rape, maim, pillage and kill for her body – even though it’d come with about 10 extra pounds. It’s flawless! Curvy waist, flat tummy, nice thighs, nice tan, nice tits… fuck, this is like my 80th time coming back and clicking on these pics. And not just here, but like on Hollywoodtuna and others too. Fuck…

  3. J

    She has some jacked-up teeth though.

  4. Cracka

    I think Aerosmith hit it on the head…


  5. Jimbo

    She’s pretty hot. I’d suck her cock.

  6. theblender101

    holy shit, brooke hulk hogan is a fucking cow jesus christ. and hwy the fuck is she wearing short that are so small they dont zipper up

  7. Hulla

    She’s too tanned. Say hello to skin-cancer.

  8. Quit fuckin’ with my daughter brother!!!!!!

  9. Johnny Chicago

    Link to the pix, and SUPERFICIAL is not responsible for this posting – screw the lawyers:


  10. venus

    too bad legalese bullpoop made it impossible for the rest of us to see the pics now. *sigh* i guess i’ll just have to close my eyes & try to imagine…ok, now..does brooke hogan have blond hair & a goatee/beard & incredibly big horse teeth? cos that’s the image that pops in my head.

  11. kathy

    @52…this bitch is way bigger than Mandy Moore. get your eyes examined.

  12. iheartpandas

    what the hell? she looks perfectly fine! and not just that but shes HEALTHY. you know, not anorexic or border eating disorder? people hating are just used to fake looking girls who dont eat like lindsay lohan and nicole richie. sure, brooke hogan is a horrible dresser, but at least she’s got someplace to put her clothes on! shes not fat

  13. Dev

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying she looks perfectly fine. She isn’t fat but she isn’t skinny, she’s just kind of solid. But she doesn’t look that bad for a solid built blond, especially considering the gene pool she came from.

    She just better pray Hogan never pulls a Benoit..

  14. La Burladora

    So, her weight seems to fluctuate. She isn’t that fat, even when she looks her heaviest. My problem with this chick is her ugly butter-face. How do men find her attractive? Is it the blond hair? Just goes to show how much a woman’s hair color can make a difference because she s fugly, fugly!!

  15. lick my balls baby

    Her bod rocks, her face sucks, she’s butta baby.

  16. Joel

    All the dudes with fat mothers like girls like this.—–

    duuuude, that is what i was thinking, my girlfriend is skinny, just like i like em. dudes that like this chick/tranny are desperate, shes got too much hulkamaniac in her for me.

  17. Matthew Espinoza

    dunno what the author’s problem is. she looks good to me. she looks better than the average Jane on the beach out there! get out some?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Then I guess you must have never been 2 South Beach or Malibu, or Sand Harbor
    if you like the mountains. The dog puts the HOG in Hogan. She a cow.

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