Brooke Hogan bikini pictures

July 9th, 2007 // 119 Comments

Brooke Hogan went to a Maui beach yesterday and showed off her body in a bikini. Which isn’t nearly as horrifying as that sounds. Although to actually be as horrifying as “Brooke Hogan in a bikini” sounds, bats would have to fly out of your monitor and claw your face.

NOTE: I have no idea if her boobs are new or not. I’ve made it a top priority in my life to spend as little time looking at Brooke Hogan’s chest as physically possible.


  1. Vicky from Uy

    EWWWWWWWWWWW !!!!!! you can see her pubic hair in the last pic !!!!!!

    go get wax or something .. thats nasty…

  2. "hating on"

    she’s a big girl. not as big as MandyMoo, and still, pretty fuckin big.


  4. Katie

    She might be thick by some peoples’ standards, but it is nice to see a girl who doesn’t feel it necessary to starve herself. She’s not fat, and she comfortable in her own skin, but MOST of all, looks healthy.

  5. Donkey

    I don’t see any pubes in any of these pics. All I see down there is a bald wet kitty.

  6. redsonja1313

    well for an average person on the beach in Maui she looks great. My vote is the boobs are fake, as the girls seem to be a little high on the chest. But once she was the clown make up off and is not wearing those god-awful chaps, she is certainly girls gone wild material

  7. Wendy

    This guy looks alot like Adam Levine from Maroon 5. He has been seen with every other up and coming hollywood skank, so why not her?

  8. Fat Girls

    “Hi, do you have those pants in a size ‘not fat, comfortable in own skin, and MOST of all healthy’? All I see here is small, medium and large.”

  9. SexyBeach

    I think she has a nice body. Her calves are a little big, but it’s better than looking at toothpicks.

    She has lost a lot of weight. I give her credit for that.

  10. miss oblivious

    Poor Brooke. Try as she might, she still looks like a dude w/ silicon implants & her lil’ buddy tucked in. Just check out that manly forehead! Some of the ‘roids must have been passed along when she got the hulk’s DNA. And yet she still thinks she’s a larger replica of Britney Spears 1999.

  11. mcasdfwuo e

    other then the fact that she’s really cold. I think she looks really pretty.

  12. Brookez body lookz ok,
    but that face haz got
    to go..zhe zhould let
    a zurgeon fix it…

    her body lookz alot
    better than zpearzbaglady..

  13. MexicanLust

    I don’t get the Brooke hate. She has a gorgeous body in these shots. Maybe she’s goofy other times, and her clothes may leave a little to be desired, but her figure’s hot.

  14. T

    WTF with the “she looks like a dude” comments?
    This girl is almost 6 foot tall and has a large frame, that doesn’t automatically make her “manly”…
    By the way, she doesn’t have an inch of cellulite on her body. She’s in awesome shape and looks very healthy. God, people!

  15. tintin

    She’s a solid lady, always will be. Better firm and solid than mushy like Britney – she looks soft and nasty like the Pillsbury doughboy.

  16. littlecat

    She’s SOOO hot O.O

  17. bruha

    You Guys are sick….. I love you guy’s

  18. RichPort

    She needs to get someone to frame these because this is the best she will ever look. Ever. Even a blind squirrel can find a nut I suppose. I would have it notarized by two public officials as well, because by next week we’ll never believe she looked this good in the first place. Now get her a face transplant.

    Don’t armpit incisions sting in salt water? Ouch!

  19. Hecubus

    Again with the huge fucking sunglasses. I don’t want to be reminded of a fat Elvis everytime I go to look at some dumb rich whore’s tits. Can we just settle it once and for all that they don’t look good ? Elvis made them look good because he was Elvis, you’re not Elvis, you’re a looong way from Elvis.

  20. del

    dunno what the author’s problem is. she looks good to me. she looks better than the average Jane on the beach out there! get out some?

  21. USAUSA

    Oh, she looks amazing! Tiny waist, great legs, toned body, pretty skin.

  22. Smoking Hot

    Wow, she’s thick. Put down the Hostess fruit-filled pies, Brooke! Remember your genetic heritage! She could tackle any of you guys posting here she’s so bulky. Hopefully she won’t look like a tranny when she’s 40.

  23. G Fresh

    She’s hot in a big girl, A.N.S. kind of way.

  24. Jen

    She looks hot. If I swung that way, I’d bang her. I wouldn’t mind a bod like that. It’d be a mismatch colour-wise tho lol

  25. Probably Too Old

    See, I told you that with a decent stylist she wouldn’t look so bad. This is as close to naked as she will be outside the house and she looks pretty good and it’s because she doesn’t have bad clothes drawing attention to her flaws. She’s beefier than most Americans can tolerate in their pretty girls, but when she’s not dressing like she’s someone’s idea of a bad joke, she looks nice.

  26. Brandie

    Brooke is freakin CUUUTE!! Her mom is the scary one! *shivers*

  27. roughdaddy

    holly smoke!!nice toes on pic #8!!! i dont care what yall say that girl is luscious…sorry hulkster

  28. kitty_kat

    What’s with all the “manly” comments? You don’t have to be a size two to look good in a bikini. She looks better in her swimwear than that Hayden whatsherface.

  29. choocher

    Talk about vu ja de. I was peaking on a roid cycle and thus brave enough to bang her in the injection room at Gold’s, after she was done with a heavy set of negatives on the squat rack. Long story short, I tried to slip it in her tailpipe, and she started going mental just like her dad back when he’d had enough of getting smacked around by Ric Flair. Eyes bulging, clawing at her receding hair line, the whole bit. I dropped to my knees to beg for mercy just like Rick Rude in Wrestlemania IX, but she just wagged her finger at me, face red and cheeks puffing. Clothes line, body slam, then the big leg drop to finish me off. I came to in traction.You sure are daddy’s girl, Brookester.

  30. lula mae

    yeah i’m thinking those are new. probably approved by linda hogan first. since hers are like triple Gs or something… ew. girl needs to stay out the tanning bed… she’s gonna fry just like her mother. gross.

  31. Christopher

    I dont get why people give this beauty so much grief. Dude, she’s totally hott.

  32. lastangelman

    My gawd, a well, well, well well? well ..well an example of female pulchtritude. Call the father, arrange the dowry, this one is the one, I will shield my eyes from all others (she is with sizable bank account and trust fund, yes?) let’s have sex with this one every nine months and keep her in maternity for twenty years (lotsa money, right, better be, or you’re off my christmas list and I’m wicca!)

  33. HeavenScent

    #31 you make be right…..kind of looks like Cameron Diaz wish a dash of Fergie….pretty blue tho. I’m not sure if she’s that big, but maybe more toned than Mandy MOORE of me to love….

  34. Dick Cheney

    There’s a vague but pervasive not-a-woman feeling you get from her. From a very technical point of view, sure, her body looks pretty good here. But somehow it’s not a woman’s body, despite the carefully engineered changes. You might go ahead & boink her, but you’d be petrified that you’d wake up in the middle of the night feeling her beard stubble rubbing against the side of your face while she bones you up the ass. Or you’d be hoping that would happen, since all straight guys do have that one secret gay fantasy.

  35. Cynthia

    Why ohh why did she get a bloody boob job?!
    And how the hell did daddy allow that? Maybe they covered it in an episode of Hogan Knows Nothing.

  36. frenchie

    This dude looks like ass! Why are his knees all bruised up!?

  37. nagger please

    She looks like Cameron Diaz on steroids.

  38. t-bone

    boobs are fake. 100% absolutely fake. just got a pair last season. they almost worked it into an episode of “hogan knows best” but she wanted to do it under the radar. they look like torpedoes

  39. MissPMS

    WHAT THE SHIT? That bitch is ugly as sin but from the neck down she’s fine. NOT fat. You assholes who say she’s fat are the same dumbasses who would fuck that bag of bones Allesandra Ambrosio. I guess you’re into digging up skeletons and fucking them too.

  40. blondamnation

    She just needs taste. And better genes.The reason she gets so much grief is that at age 16 she dressed like a street-walking STD-delivering hooker on VH1 while her proud parents looked on.

  41. 28inch

    She looks amazing here. Amazingly defined waist, nicely curved hips and an awesome tan. I agree with whoever said she looks better than Hayden Panettiere in her bikini, and Alessandra, at least in these pictures. That right there is a naturally good body (apart from the fake breasts), that has a nice shape without being starved into submission. She carries her weight nicely. I am much smaller than she is, but her body is still 10x better than mine in my opinion.

  42. jrzmommy


    She and Mandy Moore can hook up and form a duet to rival The Weather Girls.

  43. jus'stupid

    I can’t believe some of you. She is young, tan, in shape, and has real nice boobies. And a bit of ass to grab while you do her doggy style is just a plus. I like the slapping sound, not bone on bone crunching.

  44. bluehairchick

    Enough about Brooke. Did anyone notice the back hair on that dude in pic #5?
    Yowzah!! Get thee a wax yesterday!

  45. whitegold

    See, the thing is, most guys of an age that is legal to do her, at some point in their life, they all knew who Hulk Hogan was and they all have some crazy memory of him. Now how are you to bring yourself to hook up with this girl without constantly thinking of the Hulkster?! So basically, Brooke is left to pick her guys from little kids that have never heard of Hulk Hogan, or adults who actually enjoy thinking about Hulk Hogan while having sex. Either way, this doesn’t bode well for her romantic future.

  46. norton

    Whoa…. she has a nice bod.

  47. BladAsBritney

    Butter face

  48. H. Hogan

    When their daughters develop bodies this hot, all dads have the God-given right to be the first to fuck them.

  49. hey HulfzickmuterfuckinHogan:
    wreztlerz don’t like woman,
    everyone knowz that…they R all
    gay..and U can talk till doomzday..
    coz everyone knowz how gay they
    R grabbing each otherz azz,rubbing
    their dickz againzt each other…?

  50. Coco

    she’s such typical american trash – too much money, no style, no talent. plus, she is bloody beefy, although what else do you expect from a hogan.

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