Brooke Hogan bikini pictures

July 9th, 2007 // 119 Comments

Brooke Hogan went to a Maui beach yesterday and showed off her body in a bikini. Which isn’t nearly as horrifying as that sounds. Although to actually be as horrifying as “Brooke Hogan in a bikini” sounds, bats would have to fly out of your monitor and claw your face.

NOTE: I have no idea if her boobs are new or not. I’ve made it a top priority in my life to spend as little time looking at Brooke Hogan’s chest as physically possible.


  1. ph7

    FRIST bitch!

  2. Amy

    Mmm, manly.

  3. Nice to see The Hulkster has toned down a little

  4. Sierra

    ..AUGH. my eyes :(

  5. You people are nuts.

    I likes a girl with a little meat on her bones……I don’t want to break her in half the first night.

    Looks tasty to me.

  6. Do I detect a hint of “cooter cleavage”…a little camel toe, some beavage?

    Nice pix!

  7. Chauncey Gardner

    This chick is fucking hot when she’s not singing and/or dressed like a rodeo clown. I would totally do her.

  8. Brooke!!! Finally shedding some of the manlyness..once that god awful blonde hair of hers starts to look healthy and she dies it another color..she might be one step closer to normalness.

  9. Brooke!!! Finally shedding some off the manlyness..once that god awful blonde hair of hers starts to look healthy and she dies it another color..she might be one step closer to normalness.

  10. Jay

    Seriously, she has a nice body. I’m sick of people only considering women who don’t get monthly periods due to low body weight hot. I don’t know about you guys, but I find a properly working fertile body attractive.

  11. ugh shes nasty.

    shes not bad with a bag over her head.. but man, what dude could have sex with her without thinking shes gonna bust out like “HULKAMANIA!!”

  12. blasted double post.. i swear i get a little mouse happy…

    ..i just love to double click things ;)

  13. Stephanie

    Brooke is looking good! She picked a good bikini for her body, I think.


    You’re kidding me right?

    There’s nothing wrong with that girls body she looks great.

    The only ppl who would knock her are fat ugly bitches and jealous queers.

  15. Chauncey Gardner

    I bet she’s a hellcat in bed, too.

  16. HoboChic

    I call bullshit too. She looks fine. Quit pandering to the easy insult you think your readers will appreciate, Superfish. Shame on your laziness.

  17. Sierra

    It’s not her body that’s terrible, it’s her face. It looks like a mixture of that Ashley Tisdale chick and…well, Hulk Hogan.

  18. Ambrse311

    She got “new” girls!

  19. Kamihi

    She has a fine body, but her face – well a bron paper bag would do it I suppose.

  20. Shooter

    She can’t sing, but there is nothing wrong with that bod.

  21. Michi

    She looks great actually, in my opinion. People just have to get it out of their heads that every girl in Hollywood has a stick-thin/tiny body type. Brooke just doesn’t, and there are many others that don’t either. Just like in the rest of the world! It’s nice to see Brooke working a bikini that makes the most of what she has.

  22. fat

    Fucking beached whale, jesus christ what the fuck is up with all the fat people pictures. Just change the name of the site to “fatfuckingpeople. com”

  23. Danklin24

    Someone got a present from daddy on her chest….i mean the boob job you sick bastards.
    She definitely doesnt look as manly here. Chop off her head and replace it with Kristen Bell’s and we’d go at it all night.

  24. Danklin24

    #6 Yes bikinis do quite often form to the shape of the cooch and give a cameltoe appearance. Good detective work, genius.

  25. ATX

    I absolutely love Brazilian Tranny Hookers! They are a hoot, brother!

  26. Conky

    She looks good without clothes. She should pursue this look.


  27. brandon

    what the hell are you guys on? this girl is smokin

  28. wanky

    wow in the last pic you can really see her pussy and nipples! yay!

  29. Bella

    Her body is perfect! You guys should all just STFU.

  30. Blow Me Hard Bitch


  31. Alayney

    Looks just like Cameron Diaz! Don’t you think?!

  32. LL

    Eh, i think she looks pretty good. Better than I would have thought. She’s still kinda frightening from the neck up, but from the neck down (excluding her kinda funky-looking feet), she looks alright. She’s not teeny tiny, big deal.

  33. you are so nice girl, why did you get those implants? whyyyyyy?

  34. Chauncey Gardner

    It’s amazing that the more someone looks like a real woman, the more people say she looks like a man.

    Paradoxically, the women that people think all other women should resemble actually look like little boys with boob jobs.

    I totally want this WOMAN. Just keep her in bikinis and out of the clown gear.


    Wow…. in that top picture, she looks like Britney Spears.

    Well, if Britney Spears had lost 75 pounds.

  36. wifeosquishy

    Those are not breasts. They are giant chemical balls. Tasty chemical balls that is….

  37. Sure, she’s mostly plastic now, and the rest is leftover steroids from Daddy Dearest…

    …but at least it’s not Paris

  38. Jillblondie

    Cut off her head and she looks great! I think she’s got a nice body….butter face tho.

  39. Zelda

    Usually I think she looks awful.
    I hate to say that she actually looks…hot, here.

    I think her maniliness has more to do with a more masculine face as it appears when emphasised by tranny-levels of lipstick and blush.
    I realise here that her body isn’t so big–it just appears that way because her clothes are usually 2 sizes too small.

  40. Vanessa

    notice she bought some BOOBS

  41. Chauncey Gardner


    Are you into headless bodies?

  42. Denitsa

    oooh, she looks healthy, just give her a break.

  43. bluejeanbaby

    she actually looks pretty good. she’s not a waif but she is tanned and toned. better than i’ve ever seen her.

  44. Why is Hulk Hogan wearing a two piece?

  45. Aubree

    Is that Cameron Diaz?

    She’s athletic, a build that is much more attractive those other tanned skeletons. She looks fine, other than those sunglasses.

  46. lickmybutt

    awww how sweet… she takes after daddy in the looks department.

  47. ph7

    All the dudes with fat mothers like girls like this.

  48. HankTheDwarf


  49. Donkey

    They’re doing amazing things with transgender-surgery these days.

  50. TDubb

    I think she looks great. I don’t understand why everyone’s hating on her.

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