Brooke Hogan apologizes for signing affidavit alleging Hulk abused her mother

July 24th, 2008 // 37 Comments

Brooke Hogan really hates her mom. A months-old legal document leaked today that alleges Hulk was physically and verbally abusive to his wife Linda. Brooke signed the statement, but now regrets doing so after she “learned all the facts.” She says her mother pressured into signing the agreement, according to People:

Brooke’s rep says: “Brooke Bollea is distressed at the latest efforts by mother Linda to fracture the family. This time they let leak out an old document that Brooke signed filled with exaggerations and fabrications about father Terry’s behavior during the marriage. The months-old document was signed by Brooke at a time when she was upset with her father.”

Brooke is seriously grossed out by her mom’s 19-year-old boyfriend and the two are not on speaking terms. And to drive that home, Brooke then threw her mom under the bus:

“I love my mother, and hope to one day reconcile with her,” Brooke says. “But using kids as pawns in a divorce is awful. Every day my mother resorts to this kind of behavior makes it that much harder for us to ever have a relationship again.”

You know who I want to throw under a bus? The entire Hogan family. Also, I want the bus to constantly spray napalm, lemon juice and really pissed off wolverines. Just like the one I rode to school everyday until my parents realized, “Wait, school buses don’t play Iron Maiden and get driven by a guy in a bear costume.” Of course, by that time I was in college…


  1. 1st you renis pinkles

  2. Your fucking stupid fass ag and so is this post!!

  3. Your fucking stupid fass ag and so is this post!!

  4. sixpack

    ..enough about Brooke Hogan already. More Eva Mendes please or give me good news that Kate Winslet will be getting pounded in yet another feature film.

  5. It is like the entire saga of the Hogan’s lives have been written by the same retards who write the scripts for pro wrestling. Why does the media insist that kids of celebs are famous.

  6. ph7

    In other words, she remembered which side her bre4ad is buttered on.

    “Mom, I know Dad beat the shit out of you, but you haven’t paid a single bill of mine since the divorce.”

  7. Barak Obama

    Man this guy has some nice tits. Nothing is as stupid as posting twice Nicole. Nothing. Now, be a princess and get me a beer and open it with your nipples.

  8. rough daddy

    You know who wouldve been a great love match for Linda? that wrestler who took out his whole familly and himself recently…whats his face….

  9. kit kitten

    please god…can this spoiled,ugly tranny girl please develop a heroin addiction and OD already? oh yeah – and take her whole fucking family with her. thanks!

  10. How did she suddenly remember her dad did this to her mom? What a hater.

  11. How did she suddenly remember her dad did this to her mom? What a hater.

  12. havoc

    I think we can now all agree on the adverse effects of Peroxide.

    Just say no kids…….


  13. Kate

    I just don’t care what the media trys to bill us. With all the makeup, lighting, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist, photoshop expert, high tech cameras, professional photographers, carefully constructed poses, scanty clothing, 6 inch heels, near naked poses, this chick is NEVER and I mean NEVER pretty. There is no angle, no makeup, no photoshop artist, no special lighting that can make this chick pretty. When i see her all I can think is that she looks like a man in drag. There’s just nothing feminine about her, she’s so bulkish and manly, like she could be a line backer in football. And the douchyness of the family doesn’t help, everytime I see the guy with half his head missing, I hate them even more.

  14. Aerialgreen

    @7: hahaha, awesome! *high fives*

    Um, Brooke? a word please?, let’s be honest man, just tuck it and listen to what your heart is telling you: “Murphy, go to Eddie Murphy”.

  15. 1 MILF Hunter

    Talk about dysfunctional. Mom uses the kids in divorce hearings, Junior is in regular holding jail cells getting trips up his dirt road, Dad gropes his daughter’s friend, and Brooke looks like a hermaphrodite freak. Did Vince McMahon write this script?

  16. bootlips

    This is what happens when a Dad takes steroids while banging the wife.

  17. siren

    Why do you keep posting this bitches shit. She looks like a dude and is TALENTLES! My dog has more personality than this shim.

  18. Aerialgreen

    See kids, Brooke is the perfect example of what happens when a daddy is a misogynistic douche and really really wants his first child to be a boy….

    Uh, what about Nick? oh, I think he is the afterbirth from Brooke.

  19. I really can’t stand the Hogan family anymore. Brooke looks like a dude and her new show is the worst show ever on TV. Did they have any concept? They are just very annoying. And I am not surprised by any of these news, though I think they try their hardest to make new stories up about them self just to be in the news. and secretly they are still one happy family in the Hogan home coming up with their next story.

  20. aussie

    Looks like a typical florida slut to me.

  21. Jeniffer

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  22. evianobaby

    I first thought this was Venessa Feltz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Just mean

    I am in total agreement with #15. This girl is fugly! The family is creepy and classless. How they even got a television show that has lasted is beyond my wisdom. Would somebody please take this bitch out?

  24. Harry Ballzck

    The entire Bollea family has ~Tons~ of class …………..

    It’s all {{Low}} ….. but they’ve got class –
    I would expect to see them in a “Welcome To The Neighborhood” party ….
    With all their new neighbors gathering around for the ceremonial ….
    “Removing of the Hubcaps”
    - brother

  25. Harry Ballzck

    Then Brooke looked up from the ceremonies and smiled at me ………
    “Gosh – What a tooth”

  26. Rarla

    This is seriously the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. Bear costume? And the napalm, don’t forget the napalm! I think I just peed myself.

  27. Rarla

    This is seriously the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. Bear costume? And the napalm, don’t forget the napalm! I think I just peed myself.

  28. omnibacon

    I have nothing to say I just wanted to post twice like everyone else

  29. omnibacon

    I have nothing to say I just wanted to post twice like everyone else

  30. Gary B

    Whatever happened to that force we called Hulkamania?

  31. Deeds

    does anyone else think it looks like she’s wearing a bathing suit? you’re one classy lassy brooke!

  32. hmmmm

    I am honestly amazed this girl can spell her name, and you expect me to believe she was able to read the affidavit she signed her name on….right! I bet she thought someone wanted her autograph.

  33. John


  34. jdx

    God you guys are mean. I’m sure your all perfect right. Sheesh. I’d like to see what people would say about you.

  35. kristelle

    ja het zal wel zijn omdat de vader medicijnen gebruikte om groot te worden,daarom is brooke ook zo groot, dan zal linda wel vreemdgegaan zijn want nick is normaal geen dna test voor nodig….jammer dat ze zoooo groot is want echt lelijk vind ik haar niet hoor…netherlands

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