And Now A Poem By Brooke Hogan

~If You Knew My Father~
By Brooke Bollea

If you knew the dad I knew,
you’d know his tender heart.

He’d never want to hurt his fans,
or family from the start.

If you knew my father,
you would know how hard he fought…

and the way it brought a smile to people light, medium and dark.

And we’ll stop right there. That was Brooke Hogan using the power of poetry to defend her father Hulk Hogan from accusations of racism after he was caught on tape saying he doesn’t want her fucking black guys and literally using the exact words “I am a racist.” Which apparently is “just not what it seems,” according to Maya Angelou with a buttchin. Then again, at least she’s not stupid enough to blame “Jew programming.” Unless that’s the next poem.

If you knew the dad I knew,
you’d know he’s now a victim of the Jew.

Jesus Christ, it already rhymes.

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