Here’s Brooke Hogan Naked in a Cage

August 12th, 2011 // 100 Comments

You may find this hard to believe, but apparently someone walked up to Brooke Hogan and said, “So, listen, I’ve got this old dog cage just lying around and want to take pictures of you naked in it for publicity,” and she said, “Sure!” From there it was a simple matter of finding the right squat and tuck angle, leaving the man-jaw in because everyone knows androgyny equals art-boners and voila! A masterpiece. I like to believe the artist called it, “My Lunch Break at PetSmart,” before selling it for $10,000 to a mysterious mustachioed blonde man. “Call me ‘Shirts Ripperson,’ brother,” he said through a grin rife with lust and opportunity.

Photo: Flynet, INFdaily, Splash News, WENN


  1. Ed G.


  2. DOucHe BaGELs

    All she’s missing is the bald mullet and the rip away yellow tank top.

  3. BigDaddy

    How nice! A picture for her dad on his birthday. I bet he can’t wait to get a piece of that.

  4. Brooke Hogan Nude Naked PETA
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m not sure this is what her dad meant when he said “cage match”.

  5. Brooke Hogan Nude Naked PETA
    Commented on this photo:

    There’s truly nothing in this world that brings a smile to a father’s face quite like sharing a moment with your daughter as she headlines the “Women in Cages” exhibit. Well done brother, well done.

  6. Brooke Hogan Nude Naked PETA
    Commented on this photo:

    first …. I dont care what any of you say … she is smokin hotttt

  7. Scott

    This was entered into the “moments of great photoshop” collection at the MOMA.

  8. Proper Roughing Techniques

    I’ll bet she’s a better swimmer than being a recording artist. But of course no one wants to wait around for the Olympics to start every four years and winter, summer games in two years. Everyone wants limelight now.

  9. Jack Ketch

    Gah …

  10. Deacon Jones

    uhhhh…personally, I wouldnt mind coming out one morning and finding that there, rather than my dog barking to get out.

    Gotta give it to the Hulkster, he’s jacked for his age. He’s probably shooting HGH, Sly style.

  11. Richard McBeef

    in b&w with a bunch of photoshop she doesn’t look too bad. Look at the color photos that follow and you’ll see the same fucking man she always was.

  12. TSW

    Like I don’t feel bad enough when I see those one-eyed shih tzus in the SPCA commercials with the sappy Sarah McLachlan music playing in the background. Now I’m supposed to adopt Brooke Hogan too? Can’t somebody else wash off her mange and her a good home?

  13. bealett

    I love these candid, spur of the moment, cell phone snaps.

  14. Brooke

    This could go on display next to James Franco’s air art gallery. I don’t think it would sell as well, though.

  15. kimmykimkim

    Aw! They didn’t even give her a mat or anything comfy! No chew toys to pass the time? Not even one of her daddy’s dirty shirts to curl up in and help her feel at home. They way people treat dogs these days is appalling.

  16. Shyt

    They photoshopped about 30 pounds and six inches off of her.

  17. Brooke Hogan Nude Naked PETA
    Double D
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    She just needs a bone.

  18. Brooke Hogan Nude Naked PETA
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    How did she even fit in that? She’s like the next Criss Angel. It’s a mind-bending feat of proportions and photoshop.

  19. Donald Trump

    Even Photoshop can’t help this beast look mildly sexy.

  20. Brooke Hogan Nude Naked PETA
    Commented on this photo:

    now cooooome on, she’s not so bad.
    she’ll make a great porn star

  21. WHAT

    now crating a dog is inhumane? hey PETA excels again, and the crate is too small for her, she a big bitch.

  22. Henry

    That’s one hell of an amazing photographer!

  23. Brooke Hogan Nude Naked PETA
    Commented on this photo:

    OMG! She always wear the same shoes!

  24. Colin

    Let him out of that ca– oh, it’s just a fat chick. Carry on.

  25. Brooke Hogan Nude Naked PETA
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    dad + her look-a-like in the back checkin out her ass. classy

  26. AC

    I think the world finally has me broke down enough I’d actually pay to see Blonde Sasquatch (Brooke) have beast-sex with Brunette Sasquatch (Khloe K.)? If you say I’m alone in this, you’re LYING.

  27. Hey Hick Fuck You!

    Dem feets is naaasssttttteeeee.

  28. Not hot enough

    Can’t we push her head down and close the top of the cage? My fantasy would be having a cattle prod with which to poke her with at that moment….

  29. Some Guy

    Call me crazy but she looks pretty doable in the gallery shots. Almost hot even.

    You just let her wear yellow tear-away lingere is all. Still – i’d absolute hit it. Y’all are crazy. If it’s good enough for the hulkster, it’s good enough for me.

  30. Brooke Hogan Nude Naked PETA
    Commented on this photo:

    she has man’s face

  31. This is what happens when you feed your dog non-organic food, full of hormones and antibiotics.

  32. Brooke Hogan Nude Naked PETA
    Cock Dr
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    What a weird skeevy bunch.

  33. Carrie

    I’d take her over LeAnn Rimes, the Jersey Shores “girls’, and the Kardashians any day.

  34. cass

    The creepy thing about this is that, even though it’s manface brooke hogan, it would actually be a pretty sexy picture-EXCEPT for her friggen feet. My god, it’s like some sore of jungle monster.

  35. SIN

    I’m so desperate and horny, I’ll take one for the team and fuck her.

  36. samechick

    “I like to believe the artist called it, “My Lunch Break at PetSmart,” before selling it for $10,000 to a mysterious mustachioed blonde man. “Call me ‘Shirts Ripperson,’ brother,” he said through a grin rife with lust and opportunity.”

    That is A+ comedy gold right there. Still laughing!

  37. Brooke Hogan Nude Naked PETA
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    I’d do her. In the butt.

  38. MisterSuccint

    If this had been a week ago, I would have watched Shark Week 24×7 to see it dropped overboard off South Africa.

  39. John Kerry

    Wow Meghan McCain looks good!

  40. Brooke Hogan Nude Naked PETA
    Commented on this photo:

    Yeah, I’ll still fuck it. Many times.

    • fred

      I don’t know people get on her case so much. She’s never really had the attitude that she’s either extremely talented or “all that”. Aside from a crazy ass family she’s a curvy young women with some skills. Let her ride the famous-for-being-famous train as long as people keep posting her pics.

  41. Brooke Hogan Nude Naked PETA
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    Too bad she inherited her dads face.

  42. jesse

    FINALLY i can jerk off to a dude without feeling gay. THANK YOU!!

  43. Brooke Hogan Nude Naked PETA
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    Looks like she’s had some plastic surgery. Chin not as prominent.

  44. She has Britney Spears’ hair and photoshop artist and Cameron Diaz’s nose and man body.

  45. Brooke Hogan Nude Naked PETA
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    What’s Hulk doing there? He’s supposed to be in London twatting bad dudes.

  46. Brooke Hogan Nude Naked PETA
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    Despite all the make-up, she is still just a man in a cage.

  47. Grand Dragon

    What’s scary is that cage is one of the ones her dad used to wrestle in on TV.

  48. MLVC

    Even in black and white, they can hide the penis…wonder if the Hulkster has invaded her crapper??

  49. Brooke Hogan Nude Naked PETA
    Commented on this photo:

    $10 seems a little steep for an animal that homely. Do you have any black labs with hip dysplasia on special?

  50. Jillia

    38 comments and no one’s said anything about her clear acrylic heels? The bottled bleach hair and spray tan? The clearance rack sparkly whore dress? Money can’t buy class? Anyone??

    I’m disappointed in all of you.

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