Brooke Hogan Wore a Bikini, Isn’t Banging Her Dad, You Guys

August 15th, 2011 // 42 Comments

Last week, Brooke Hogan unveiled her nude photo for PETA in front of The Hulk which of course brought on the inevitable jokes about all the Greco-Roman man-on-man sex they have. Anyway, Brooke would like us stop pointing that out. People reports:

“Im SO sick of people saying me and my dad are in some perverted relationship,” she Tweeted on Saturday morning, days after revealing the photo in Miami. “Go home and do your own thing! Stop picking on me!”

Except what’s hilarious is that in the same article, People slipped in this quote which is supposed to show a loving father humorously shielding his daughter, but does almost the exact opposite in this context:

“When Hulk saw the racy photo of his daughter, he posed in front of her picture hiding her private parts with his hands,” the source says.

“You guys, my dad and I don’t have sex! He just reflexively reaches for my naked parts whenever he sees them. Or sometimes when I’m in a locked bathroom taking a shower and the door accidentally kicks itself in, but God, why does everyone have to twist things to make them all perverted?!”

Photo: INFdaily, Pacific Coast News


  1. DogBoy

    still nowhere as nasty as people make her out to be. could be a fun date.

    • Name

      If you like a girl that looks like Hulkamania ran wild on her genes. The Mom is uglier than the Hulkster by far.

  2. Vivian

    I don’t know who’s more obsessed with incest, this site or the public opinion. ew
    Oh and we’re all going to hell for coming here, see you there.

  3. Deacon Jones

    Cause baby toniiiiight,
    The DJ got us falling in love agaiiiiin!!!!

    (somebody get this fucking song out of my head)

    • Carrie

      Never gonna give you up!
      Never gonna let you down!
      Never gonna run around and desert you!
      Never gonna make you cry!
      Never gonna saaaayyyy goodbye!
      Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you!

      I got rick-rolled on Facebook at 8am, thought I’d pass it along.

    • kimmykimkim

      So dance dance like its the last last night of your life life gon’ getchoo right…damn it Deacon! Damn it!

  4. jaded

    That’s not Brooke, that’s her new mommy.

  5. TomFrank

    “Go home and do your own thing! Stop picking on me!” says the woman who milks her family-based and otherwise undeserved celebrity for all that it’s worth.

  6. wb

    That’s one fine looking 70 year old woman.

  7. Richard McBeef

    why would anyone think such a thing?

  8. Brooke Hogan Bikini
    The Brown Streak
    Commented on this photo:

    mmmm…look at those 12 inch pythons…

  9. Hulk Hogan

    She’s my twenty-something baby, she turns me on I’d like to make her do a nasty On the White House Lawn. Smother my daughter in chocolate syrup and boogie ’til the cows come home..!

  10. God is Black

    I agree with Brooke Hogan that incest is sick period! But its hard to contradict the evidence;,
    when your Dad loves to let little Hulk out to breath every time you make a video? Who the fuck what’s a dad like that?

  11. Anonymous

    I thought we were done hearing about this no-talent.

  12. Brooke Hogan

    I am not having sex with my dad, you guys… though sometimes he puts on this rubber pig snout and pretends he’s looking for truffles. Now where ARE those truffles, Daddy, I mean Mr. Pig? How do you suppose they got in there? Can you root them out with your big piggy penis? Oh, please hurry, Mr. Pig…

  13. Venom

    Brooke is seriously not bad and I really don’t understand why people make nasty comments about her.
    She is very nice and nice to people all the time and does not act like a spoiled little bitch like Paris Hilton for example. Her brother is a douche, but that is him, not her.

    I think she is pretty good looking and has a nice body…

  14. Pippy Longcockings

    Damn, Kate Hudson really beefed up!

  15. rican

    Sure she looks very doable now, but she’s a couple of cheeseburgers and a mustache away from turning into her dad.

  16. If she’s so “sick” of people making comments about a perverted relationship between her father and her, maybe they should stop:
    1. rubbing suntan lotion on his daughters ass
    2. pulling his dick out while she’s dancing
    3. putting his hands on her nude body photos

    I mean…seriously, where would people EVER get this idea?

  17. Mike D.

    This is the best I’ve ever seen her look. She should wear sunglasses all the time – definitely distracts you from how she inherited her father’s face.

  18. Anon

    Hulk might not be banging Brooke but I bet he makes his lookalike girfriend call him daddy when they are doing it. And that he has “artistic” photos of Brooke in his room with lotion and tissues handy.

  19. catapostrophe

    This “sentence” needs some fixes:

    “Or sometimes when I’m a locked bathroom taking a shower and the door accidentally kicks itself in, but God, why does everyone have to twist things to make them all perverted?!”

  20. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I will not let little things like “facts” and “reality” spoil my fun.

  21. Jack Ketch

    Don’t you just love people who do weird/skanky/controversial stuff to garner publicity and attention … and then complain about the publicity and attention ?? The whole Hogan family is fucked up … not sure actually who is worse, the Hogans or the Kardasians ?? Let’s take a poll …

    …nuf said?

  23. PoorMaryKelly

    She never has been an attractive girl but geez when did she start looking like Chloe Sevigny? That’s unfortunate.

  24. kz

    Her fake rack came out really nice.

  25. Brooke Hogan Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Whatcha goona do Brooke, when Hulkamania fills your butt with goo?

  26. dontkillthemessenger

    It’s not our faults pictures of her dad greasing her ass were published. And when I’m not picturing that frightening mess, I would definitely hit that.

  27. jason p.

    Everyone just doesn’t know how to just mind their own business and stop saying thing that r not true! BROOKE HOGAN IS SOOO HOTTT!!!!!!! :o. :P

  28. Brooke Hogan Bikini
    Kim Jong Kadashian
    Commented on this photo:

    She gets my Roddy Pipe all rowdy

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