Brody Jenner’s new reality show oddly homoerotic

Brody Jenner of MTV’s The Hills has landed his own reality show. It’s titled, are you ready? “Bromance.” A strange choice considering the premise of the show is for Brody to whittle down male contestants to join his entourage. (Sound familiar?) MTV has committed to only six episodes of the show that somehow manages to out-gay A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. Check out the details via The Hollywood Reporter:

Along the way, contestants will be whittled down via “Hot Tub Elimination Ceremonies” after which rejected “bros” will be asked to leave the bachelor pad dripping wet in a swimsuit, luggage in hand. Bringing to mind various dating reality shows, contestants also will have shots at a “group date” and “alone time” with Jenner in every episode.
” ‘Bromance’ takes a successful TV format and turns it on its head,” MTV senior vp series development Liz Gateley said. “Brody is the perfect fit for this concept; he is the type of guy everyone wants to hang out with.”

Brody’s “the type of guy everyone wants to hang out with?” Really? Because I don’t. Call me old-fashioned, but I’ve got this thing about not hot tubbing with other dudes. Except when I was with Brooke Hogan. Oh, no, it was just me and her. I mean, him. No, her! *sobs* I don’t even know anymore! Also, I think I saw “it” move…