Brody Jenner’s mom is hot

September 4th, 2008 // 94 Comments

These are shots of Brody Jenner’s mom actress Linda Thompson at the beach. Since we’ve been having a dialog about abortion these past couple of days I thought I’d show what a woman who should’ve had one looks like: HOT! I don’t know what kind of message that sends, but I’m pretty sure it involves Brody Jenner getting attacked by a wire hanger. (Hint: It does.)

Photos: Splash News

  1. She looks like ass.

    Post the pics of Bristol Palin drunk off her ass.

  2. thomas


  3. syn

    Wow. That’s just not funny. FAIL.

  4. Spanky

    I would like to nut up all over that. Definite MILF.

  5. Kim

    A leather handbag holding a clear plastic bag. HOT.

  6. lalaland

    Sorry, but no

  7. Mark

    she used to date Elvis Presley

  8. Mandy

    I wonder how much the Palin family is paying that redneck to pretend he’s going to marry Palin’s teen slut daughter after knocking her up. Or is the RNC footing the bill? Probably. In any case, the deal likely lasts only through the end of the first week in November.

    Family Values.

    Christian Values.


  9. Andrio

    “Stocks tumbled near midday Thursday, with the Dow sinking over 200 points, as sluggish retail sales and some dour readings on the labor market exacerbated worries about a deepening economic slowdown.”

    Think McCain will address this during his speech tonight? I mean, it comes at the end of an 8-year Republican presidency and 6-year Republican congressional majority. Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  10. Mandy is a vapid bitch

    Mandy –

    You are a vapid bitch. I guarantee you know jack shit about the actual issues and platforms. I also am willing to bet that you go to Diddy and the Daily Show for your news and political opinions. Shut the hell up and come back when you have something to add to the conversation.

    I’m an Obama supporter, but it is morons like you who help destroy a cause. I’d rather you weren’t on the team.

  11. Captain-Insano

    See post-preggos? It is possible to get your body back after putting on 175 LBS for no fucking reason whtsoever during pregnancy.

  12. Formula Uno

    Not bad for 67, but who airbrushes their abs before a day on the beach?

    Dont’ you ever get to relax in life?

  13. 10's on the spot

    Back on point, she looks like a social security slut trying to look like a teen. Too bad the gnarly hands / knees betray her.

  14. Mandy

    #10 – big tent, remember? Not like the Republicans. Personally, I’m not offended by you at all.

  15. Spanky

    @9 – I believe the Democrats have had control of the house and senate for the last couple of years. The reason why the market is down is becasue of the cost of fuel (which the democrats have not allowed addl oil drilling in the last few years). People are spending less becasue it costs twice as much to fill up their car just to get to work. Other energy sources are not going to help that (think we are several years off on a nuclear or wind powered car).
    Can’t really blame the oil companies either. They have not been able to build any new refineries to handle the demand becasue everyone wants cheap gas but nobody wants to build the capacity to handle it (blame the tree huggers for that one – Republican and democrat). If we had another trillion barrels of oil in supply right now, it would not make a bit of difference in the supply becasue we simply can’t refine any more gas than we currently are.

    Now back to the important matters at hand. I would tap Brody’s mom everydall all day and twice on Sunday.

  16. Miss Ongyny

    She must buy Astroglide by the gallon.

  17. FACE

    What is happening just above her knees? It looks like old saddle back leather.

  18. Brooke

    Woah woah…let’s get back to the issues here of Brody Jenner’s mom needing a better fitting bikini top so her tits don’t look like floss going through a hamburger bun from a side view.

  19. Shaun

    I love people like #15. Bush supporters spend the first 6 years of his presidency blaming Clinton for any and all problems, because of delayed effects of decisions made by the last administration. Now the Democrats have had control of Congress since January 2007 (less than 2 years) and time is suddenly moving with great haste – today’s problems are caused by yesterday’s decisions by the Democrats. We had no effective energy policy for the duration of Bush’s time in office. When oil prices were low we enjoyed it like there was no tomorrow, instead of planning for inevitable price spikes (which requires refusing to take an oil lobbyist’s phone call once in awhile). That’s a legitimate job for the federal government, not a hodge-podge of state laws. We’re in deep shit because Bush and the Republicans refused to acknowledge that in their faux anti-government stance (while pocketing contributions from the oil companies).

  20. star_bury

    Who’s the queen duck? Her or Jenna Jamison?

  21. havoc

    She was hot.

    But that was back during the fucking Bicentennial….


  22. earlsky

    that’s just gross…you can do better

  23. Tree Hugging Pagan

    Why don’t you right wing murdering earth destroying fools just leave this planet and go to Mars or elsewhere. Our world, which some of us who are not Judeo/Christian, is in peril and will take ages and ages to repair fully. Why don’t you stop breeding like roaches and using up the natural resources so other aspects of our global ecosytem may survive?

    Ahhhh your bible tells you to go forth and multiply and have dominion. Is 7billion enough? Is nonreplenishing destruction good stewardship?

    I would imagine you granchildren of damn dirty apes will say “Yes”.
    Good for you. Vote in your senile old Bush clone and his moron slut VP. What a joke that is not funny.

    Yeah I love trees and if you try to touch one of mine I will take the axe out of your hand …

  24. syn

    #10 & #14 -

    Wasn’t The Big Tent in Denver basically a way (read: a giant bribe) to keep bloggers in the pocket of the Obama campaign? Seriously, it was sponsored by the Daily Kos! That really tells you all you need to know.

  25. miggs

    Who cares about this old lady…

    Palin’s a strident bitch. She preached to the choir last night so they applauded. Over the next 2 months, after hearing sound bites of that fucking fingernails-on-the-blackboard voice when she’s in attack mode (so, always), most people will just want her to go away. Sure, it’s sexist, but everybody HATES a nasty nagging female voice – it always brings back your bad memories of mom. People will look around for other reasons to dislike her, but in truth it’ll be the voice.

  26. The Office Whore

    Jesus fish, What the fuck????? Are you hungover??
    I bet if you pulled her cheeks out, they’d stay that way..

  27. beauty

    I’m going to color the middle of my abdomen brown the next time I go to the beach too!!!

  28. Vince Lombardi

    The only way this broad is hot is by standing in a campfire, dude.

  29. Jesus Fish

    Whore, I’m pulling YOUR asscheeks out and swimming right up your ass…

  30. Vince Lombardi

    This is what Madonna would look like with the tiniest increase of body fat and a tan.

  31. Ted from LA

    Good one Fish. People never tire of those funny wire hanger abortion jokes.

  32. syn

    #25 –

    So far, I’m a Palin fan. That said, the voice is abysmal…made me crazy during her speech. They’ll get her a voice/accent coach ASAP.

  33. Harry

    Not to get all poltiical, but the big reason gas prices are high is because China and India are the new economic superpowers, thanks to GWB, and they need energy, and don’t care how much they have to pay to get it. And we can’t do a thing about it, because GWB decided to go to war in Iraq AND cut taxes for the rich, so we had to borrow through the ass money from China. There goes our leverage. So now we are all paying for the effects of GWB’s policies, which the Old Man and The Female Ted Nugent want to continue.

    BTW, I’ll bet this nobody looks like the Gorgon with those shades off.

  34. republican voter

    Hopefully with Palin reigniting conservatives, the only way women will be able to get abortions in 2009 will be in back alleys with wire hangers.

    No, seriously, that’s our actual position.

  35. Deacon Jones


    I swear I saw 20 chicks like this hot MILF in Belmar over the weekend, nothing beats them

    “Hi, what are you drinking”
    (smiles at friend) “Sex on the beach”
    “Wow, I thought I was upfront!”
    (they look at each other, laught some more, half hour later Im hitting it)

  36. Nancy

    I agree about Palin’s voice. I don’t know if they’ll have enough time to fix it, but between the pitch and the accent, she sounds like one of the moms from an animated movie or TV show. Seems like petty stuff, but when they talk to the fools who remain “undecided” until the last minute (as if they can’t tell the differences between McCain and Obama…gimme a break), they always seem to make their minds up based on completely superficial impressions. So if they can’t fix Palin’s voice, they better find a way to have her do regular photo ops that show off her body.

  37. Nancy

    example: Lois from Family Guy.

  38. Conscience_Phound

    Proof that with lipo and implants you dont have to actually work out.

  39. dude

    Crap fish, you serious? Or just trying to be controversial…

    Geriatric desperation is NOT HOT.

    The main pic looks like a wrinkled old leather handbag holding a clear plastic bag.

    Wire hanger abortion. HAR
    Fish reaches a new low.

  40. minniememe

    She even feels the need to expose not only her misshapen nipped/tucked bod but also the crap in that ugly-ass clear handbag

    She reminds me of an old 80′s song, “Warm Leatherette” Yeah, she’s hot coz her ass-crack is sweating

  41. cyelsm

    You people are so pathetic. instead of finding better fuel choses you are mad because Democratics do not want all of our beach destroyed by drilling. No wonder the Earth is in such bad shape. Maybe you should walk your lazy asses to work sometime and get some exercise you over weight f@ckheads.

  42. Moby Penis

    I’d partial-birth abort that bitche’s crotch parasites any time

  43. cyelsm

    This old douche bag needs a mirror in her house. Bruce is gone give it up.

  44. cyelsm

    This old douche bag needs a mirror in her house. Bruce is gone give it up.

  45. Spanky

    @19 – Never bashed Clinton. Besides getting a snarling in the White House while talking to the troops during Gulf Storm, I don’t have any problem with his presidency. He listened to his advisors at least.

    @35 – How was the suprime crisis the republicans fault. I saw that one coming several years ago when I lived in California. The real estate was so inflated and they would give loans to everyone becasue everyone just assumed the values would keep rising. How stupid do you have to be to #1 loan someone 100% of the home value w/ no down payment and how stupid do you have to be to sign a damn loan document that allows for a large increase in the variable rate a year down the line. I don’t think the damn banks or the individuals should have been bailed out. The banks should have been allowed to go under and the individuals that signed the rediculous loans should have to file bankruptcy. The lack of additional refineries is both a republican and democrat screw up.

    Personally I would not vote for McCain or Obama. But those are effectively our only choices and increasing the size of government even more than it already is under Obama and increasing taxes will only make things worse.

  46. Holy shit!!! I just won a free Nintendo Wii!!!!!

  47. Spanky

    @46 – How many porn sites did you have to respond to?

  48. Adonis

    This woman is a hag. She needs to dress her age because she is not fooling anyone. Older women are so unattractive when they refuse to admit that they’re not sixteen anymore.

  49. Deacon Jones

    Bush’s administration deregulated the market, this in turn allowed banks to get away with a SHITLOAD of backdoor deals, some of these being 100% loans, interest only loans, etc.
    On top of this, the banks were then allowed to sell these high risk loans as medium to fast growth mutual funds in which investors had no fucking idea what they were investing their money into.

    Shut the fuck up

  50. Spanky

    @49 – So we need government to hold our hand and regulate everything. Poor little consumer doesn’t know what they are doing so lets have government all their decisions for them. Anyone who got a 100% loan or interest only loan should lose their house becasue they are stupid. The banks and funds who purchased the bundled loans (who did know what they were getting into/buying) should have been allowed to go under. The got greedy and should pay the proce. The taxpayer should not have bailed them out (yes that is Bush’s fault). If the governement keeps bailing everyone out nobody will learn their hard lessons. I do feel for the individual investor who invested in the mutual funds that held this garbage but they got greedy also becasue everyone kept wanting to get that huge return every year. Anyone with an ounce of common sense has to know that nothing continues to rise forever.

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