Brody Jenner is, like, totally supportive

You’re nothing in this world without good friends. Just ask my stuffed animal collection. Or Brody Jenner. Who’s wicked-psyched for his Hills castmate Whitney Port and her new show, and he wants her and the rest of the world to know it. Even though it sort of makes her his competition. Which would traditionally call for a knife fight. Regular Mother Teresa, that guy. But less wimpy. Man, it would be so cool to be Brody Jenner’s friend. He’d probably let you scratch your back with his beard stubble when it itches. That would be awesome. Or at least marginally better than drinking a milkshake laced with the ebola virus. I’m pretty certain. Check out Brody’s shout-out to Whitney Port. It’ll fill you with a warm glow like nothing else can this holiday season. Or at least it won’t bum you out as much as that time you accidentally licked gravy from between a homeless guy’s toes. It would probably be a good idea to drop him a line at and let him know what a pillar of graciousness he is. The world owes him that much.

Photos: WENN