Brody Jenner on Bromance

Brody Jenner isn’t afraid to get deep on his upcoming MTV reality show Bromance. The show features contestants competing in a frat house for a chance to become Brody’s new best friend. So, basically, think Paris Hilton’s BFF show but way less interesting – if that’s even possible. Anyway, here’s Brody talking about the show to E!’s Marc Malkin:

On dude’s crying:
“I did this whole sit-down with these guys, which we called Broprah. I was sitting around and would say, ‘OK, now tell me about…’ and then all of a sudden it got to be like, ‘Whoa!’ We’re uncovering some deep stuff. These big, grown guys are sitting around crying over being friends with a dude.”

On crying himself:
“We started to get into family things and everybody started crying. I’m sitting there and you know when everybody around you is crying, how do you not cry? It was hard not to. So there was one time I almost shed a tear.”

On the token gay guy leaving before the first elimination:
He explained to Jenner he was disappointed to find that Bromance was more Animal House than The Hills. “He was waxed and all ready to go,” Jenner says, “but he thought he was going to meet Lauren Conrad.”

On the hot tub eliminations:
“It’s kind of homoerotic and I love people saying that. I’m cool with my sexuality and the gender that I like and I have a beautiful girlfriend. That’s why I feel so comfortable with having these awkward guy moments.”

TOM CRUISE: Hey, that’s my line!
KATIE HOLMES: What’s your line, honey?
TOM: Uh, nothing. Listen, I gotta get me one of these reality shows, so I need you to be a peach and never go in the hot tub room again.
KATIE: Will you let me use the phone?
TOM: Ha ha ha ha! No. Now give me a hand off this stool. Why’d we buy them so freakin’ high?
KATIE: That’s the chair to Suri’s playhouse.
TOM: You’re a playhouse. But, seriously, I’m getting vertigo over here…

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