Brody Jenner & Joe Francis: When Assclowns Collide

Brody Jenner and Joe Francis got their respective panties in a bunch Wednesday night while clubbing at MyHouse. The altercation started when Joe ran into Brody’s girlfriend and apparently didn’t have the courtesy to ask to see her boobs. What a dick. Page Six reports:

“Brody was with his girl friend [Playboy Playmate Jayde Nicole] when Joe came over. He accidentally bumped into Jayde, prompting Brody and his posse to get heated at Joe,” said a witness. Another source said, “Joe was escorted out by security. Meanwhile, Doug Reinhardt and Paris Hilton were sitting right there and just kept making out.” Francis told Page Six, “There was no physical contact, but if you’re Brody Jenner and dating an ugly piece of trash . . . you should expect these types of altercations.”

You know what’s the most amazing/only remotely interesting part of this story? Paris Hilton was making out in the general vicinity – and nobody died. Somebody needs to get her back to the CIA lab she was birthed in because this little malfunction just completely botched Operation: Natural Selection. I mean, Joe Francis AND Brody Jenner in the same spot. C’mon!

Photos: Splash News