Brody Jenner can’t live without his mommy

October 30th, 2007 // 38 Comments

Brody Jenner is the unemployed 25-year-old son of Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner. He also occassionally pops up on MTV’s The Hills as a love interest for Lauren Conrad. While some of his co-stars have assistants, Brody has his mom, according to Page Six:

“Brody’s mom RSVP’s for him to parties,” said our source. “She called on his behalf for the L.A. Confidential Hypnotiq Halloween party Tuesday night.”

I would comment on Brody Jenner’s lameness, but, knowing what I know about The Hills, I’m 90% positive that he doesn’t even exist. In fact, I’m convinced the only person on The Hills that isn’t a fictional character is Heidi Montag. Not because she has giant boobs but, you know, because she has giant boobs.

NOTE: It’s scientifically impossible to talk about The Hills and not include pictures of Heidi Montag in a bikini. I hear there’s some people at NASA working on it, but as of yet no dice.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. Riotboy

    First or something.

  2. PunkA

    no new photos of her? And who is Brody Jenner, anyway?? Or should we just call him BJ??? Cuz that is what he is. A prick ready to be blown.

  3. Juicy Coochy

    I’ll pay 50 bucks if some paparazzo will toss an M&M in her mouth next time she opens it like that. WTF–is she yodeling?

  4. T

    Sick of the same pics over and over again of this skinny pale useless skank.

  5. Moobs

    Really pathetic people must watch this show. I’ve never even heard of it, thankfully.

  6. william

    i love these photos of heidi. i’ve never watched the show and probably couldn’t stand to have a conversation with miss montag but i do love the photos.

  7. Her figure is well balanced – not giant boobs. Just balanced along with the entire figure

    Soft of like the classic Miss Universe and Miss World Winners

  8. PunkA

    I like her body, no doubt. I sure she takes it from all over. But can’t Fish find anything new of her? This is like the 5th post with these same pictures. That is pretty sad and lazy.

  9. Moobs

    Her face is mostly butter…

    *continues looking down*

  10. Vince Lombardi

    This woman has never EVER been in daylight prior to the photoshoot.

  11. Scott Kucharski

    does he live with her parents too?

    btw, heidi is hott.

  12. jeanna

    she looks SO BLAND. otherwise i would be like everyone else and say, HOTT!!

    but she’s too pale that washes her whole body out.
    plus i dont think her horse teeth, bolted on tits and beady eyes can be changed for the good.

  13. scooby

    she looks great in pic 5-7, otherwise she’s a horse-face with a killer body.

  14. Digi

    narrow minded people find breast implants hot

  15. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Jesus, Fish, what the fuck? The same shitty bikini pictures of this stupid-ass twatnik. You can’t even show pictures of the people you’re talking about anymore. This site is getting fucking lame.

  16. I <3 Heidi.

    I <4 Heidi’s boobs.

  17. Oh, look! She’s carrying 3 lifesaving devices! And all three are made of plastic! Bo-ing!

  18. ugh

    They look like any other set of implants

  19. kitty_kat

    The same pictures? Haven’t these been on the site like five times already? I agree- that is pretty lame and lazy.

  20. Binky

    Binky: Are they real ?
    Public at LARGE : Binky – you are such a cheap, superficial, commie moron.
    Binky : Oh. Ok. ( We’ll take that one as a ‘No’)

  21. loachcrulch

    so that makes kim kardashian his step sister? whaaaa?

  22. SomebodiZBakinBrowniZ

    Really bad boob job on Heidi; if her nipples were placed any higher, they would be on her cheeks. Spencer looks like one of those ventriloquist’s dummies; creepy! Team Lauren all the way!

  23. Kathleen

    Seriously? These pictures again?

  24. Blondamnation

    My God, make it stop. Superfish, I know you watch the Hills. You waste more time on that show than any other frickin show on TV.
    Admit it, then we can all move on…

  25. Mr Semprini

    Can you find some pictures of Heidi in a more normal setting? I dunno, like tied to a bed, or tied to a tree or at least saran wrapped with a pair of big-girl panties stuffed in her mouth.

    Yeah, that.

  26. She’s a good lay.

  27. alisons

    I finally figured out what bothers me about her…she’s got dead eyes. There is seriously no life behind them. She must have sold her soul to the devil or slept with everyone in Hollywood to become a ‘star.’

  28. Doomhammer

    Its a nice little shaved monkey she is sporting there. Looks like someone has some curtains….

  29. Pilatunes

    She’s doing her part to keep the Brazilians employed.

    I dunno, she looks pretty good here, but in other pics not quite so much.

    But what the fuck is that, some Pam Anderson/Baywatch homage?

    Time for obscurity Heidi.

  30. Dick Richards

    I have to say again, Montag looks just retarded. She’s been stuffed in front of the camera but has no idea how to look sexy. Or, hell, even act alive. Look at that gaping maw. Jesus, Heidi, tone the mouth down, precious. Heide, sweet-ums? You’re not all bad. You may be completely stupid looking and have no brain-life, but.. If you were in a snuff movie, I’d watch you “act”. Even if you were in an interracial gangbang, I’d. Well. I wouldn’t be caught dead watching black people engaged in any type of sex; Heids, you ever in white porno. I’m there!

  31. Jesse

    Was she on Bay Watch or something? Plus, where did her ass go?

  32. Nikky Raney

    brody is hot :]
    and i love love love montag! i have hated lc since laguna.

  33. abc

    Brody Jenner’s dad is Bruce Jenner?? The same Bruce Jenner that’s Kim Kardashian’s step dad. Wow. Hollywood is so small.

  34. HollwoodIsBig

    Hollywood is big enough for Kim Kardashian’s butt. I know cuz I’ve seen it there. It really does fit. By the way, why are you showing pictures of this girl and the piece is written on a guy. It’s so stupid. Why not just post pictures of Heidi and post a headline like “North Korea Nukes New York”. Why not just takes these pictures into the bathroom and worship them properly.

  35. makes me feel hoT!!! whoaoaaw!

  36. amy



    Does anyone know? I’m being serious. They look amazing. Thanks.

  37. Erica

    The Life Gard Coach supposibley called a coach for the traineis… but it looks like they called (Hooker-R-Us) this girl is trashy!

    (HOE HOE) merry christmas.

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