Brody Jenner says he’s not really all that gay

December 26th, 2008 // 20 Comments

Apparently, when you star on a reality TV series that has you cruising for male companionship and you look like you spend more time than RuPaul in front of the mirror before leaving the house, certain misperceptions can develop among the general public. (The world can be so cruel.) Brody Jenner knows this (but, to be fair, he knws pretty much everything). So in an effort to cut off any rumors at the pass before his reality series Bromance (which is not suspiciously titled at all, so stop saying that) hits the air, the Brod-meister decided to set things straighter than a lumberjack with a 12-pack of Labatt’s swirling around in his unquestionably heterosexual belly. Which probably made him late for his eyebrow-sculpting appointment, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made in the name of the truth.

Well, who couldn’t be convinced by that? Because if there’s anything in the world that will convince a person that you’re not gay, it’s going out of your way to produce a video in which you adamantly insist that you’re not a homosexual. In fact, it would do Senator Larry Craig good to log onto for surefire tips on persuading the world that he’s heterosexual. They have free wi-fi at most airports, right?

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  1. Brody


  2. Daniel

    If you’re not gay don’t even mention it. It just make you look more of a douche, as if he need anymore help….

  3. Brody Love Cock

    What’s with the gloves? Insecure with your little hands….smell like cabbage?

  4. Bush4President

    I heard this guy sucked Tila Tequila cock. maybe that’s y u hv 2 try to defend yourself…Hint wink nod nod…suck suck slurp slurp…

  5. Why is he making love to that man then?

  6. lisa

    why is he wearing gloves with a t-shirt? should we infer something from this?

  7. Ummm...yeah...

    Ummm…yeah, riiight…..
    This pussy is so gay, it’s laughable.

  8. Hah

    he’s gay.

  9. Scrodo

    These ads that try to look like stories are lame and lick balls.


    You made a typo. “knws”


  11. gorgehu1

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  12. yeah yeah yeah hes gay, he a homo what ever, bitches would step on your neck to get to him,,,thats all that counts,,,

  13. liz

    he says he’s not gay, but I look at his gloves and I think the opposite.

  14. Danklin24

    Holy shit, this new Fish is defending this guy. This site is offically gayer than Perez Hilton’s site. Im done.

  15. pascale

    What is he in the 8th grade? Who the fuck cares whether you’re gay or not?

  16. TCLTC (and so does Brody Jenner)

    Come on out of that closet anytime, Tinkerbelle. I mean Brody.

    So, other than being a flaming, limp wrist fairy…what the fuck is he famous for? Who’s he trying to fool? He’s famous for being a faggot!

  17. HE WANNA FUCK ON STAGE, folks?

  18. J. Jonah Hexas Texas

    Brody Jenner and his new show is gayer than two guys fucking in a hottub in the lead float of a gay pride parade.

  19. travis davis

    brody is gay and so are his buddies esp that frankie the big fag. he’s worst than a whining wife.

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