Brittany Murphy’s husband is awesome at looking innocent

Brittany Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack did an incredible job not looking guilty as fuck yesterday by telling Cedars-Sinai medical staff that he didn’t want an autopsy for his late wife despite the fact a treasure trove of prescription meds were found at the scene. TMZ reports:

Sources say various prescriptions were found in the home — written for Brittany Murphy, husband Simon Monjack, and Brittany’s mom. One source says, “There were a lot … a lot of prescriptions in the house.”
Law enforcement sources tell us Murphy collapsed in the bathroom and somehow ended up in the shower … there was, we’re told, a significant amount of vomit in the immediate area.
We’re also told authorities did not find illegal drugs in the house, but Murphy was definitely taking various prescription meds.

Talk about some brass balls. “Hey, could you be a doll and not perform an autopsy on my wife who just mysteriously died at 32? Thanks.” Seriously, I’m surprised Simon Monjack didn’t just walk in with a flamethrower and ask to see the body. Then again, that’d probably look less suspicious.

Photos: Splash News, WENN