Brittany Murphy’s career officially F’d in the A

Brittany Murphy seemed to have it all at one point. Ashton Kuther, a sky-rocketing career and looks that only the previous two items could afford. Then Ashton curbed her and she pretty much went to shit. Her one last chance to maintain relevancy happened when Disney magically chose her to be the voice of an all new CGI Tinker Bell movie. Brittany would also be the face of the new Tink for the press as well. But then she decided to date Captain Illegal Simon Monjack who the Feds are trying to deport from the country. Disney likes their stars pure as the driven snow (Right, Lindsay!) and basically dumped Brittany Murphy on Friday – without bothering to tell her. Those folks are adorable. Hollywood Newsroom has the details:

Tinker Bell was a disaster. The story didn’t work, too many fart jokes and lesbian innuendoes. The CGI was subpar. Most importantly, Tinker Bell herself. The animation and Brit’s vocal work lacked the magic Lasseter expected with this iconic Disney character. And there was a major PR problem – Disney had publicly announced Brittany Murphy AS Tinker Bell. Press releases were sent, pictures taken. It was an embarrassment, the family-friendly company didn’t want to associate themselves with a rumored drug-addled washed-up actress — last known for marrying a shady old guy that looked like her dad.
Poor Brittany. We called three times to her representation for a response. The first comment was “what, huh?” and a hangup. The second reply was no comment. The three reply was a simple confirmation that Brittany Murphy is no longer associated with Disney or Tinker Bell.

Whoa whoa whoa. How can a movie have too many lesbian innuendos? They might as well call the movie “We Don’t Want an Oscar Bell.” Oh, Disney. How the mighty have fallen…

Thanks to Suki Jonze for even remembering who the hell Brittany Murphy is. I had to use Encyclopedia Brittanica.

Photos: Splash News