Brittany Murphy died because she couldn’t be in Happy Feet 2?

January 21st, 2010 // 37 Comments

Brittany Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack appeared on The Today Show this morning where he addressed accusations that Brittany died of a drug overdose only to then point the blame at Hollywood for the stress of not casting her in Happy Feet 2. Really? That’s what’s he going with?

“Hollywood broke her heart. They have blood on their hands, and I hope they wash them with very hot water because of the way they treated Brittany Murphy while she was alive.”

Well, if anyone had any doubts that Simon Monjack is himself a drug addict, he just went on national television and said his wife died at 32 because she couldn’t be a singing penguin. I’m pretty sure his lawyer is banging his head against his desk right now promising himself he’ll never represent another man-walrus again.

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  1. The Georgeous One


  2. chupacabra

    let’s just call a spade a spade: she looked like ass, no matter how much makeup she put on to cover up her drug use, it just f’n shows. Look at those eyes – those CRAAAZY eyes. With the dark circle, and the bags from no sleep. It’s a wonder she made it this long. Also, ever note how rougher her voice was getting…

  3. gingerlounge


  4. JohnnyBGood

    Uh. That sounds consistent with hollyweird.

  5. Randal

    I am so sorry for your loss. The entertainment industry lost a very talented young star in Brittany Murphy. May her warm smile and the sparkle in her eyes always be remembered.

    You will always be missed, Brittany.


  6. Randal Is A Homo

    Hey Randal when you’re done you can suck my dick next … might even give you a reach around

  7. glace neuf

    why would her husband use her last name? weird

  8. gotmilk?

    so he’s admitting she killed herself in one way or another? or blaming hollywood for saying she overdosed? if the latter is true, hollywood didn’t break her heart because she was dead already. fucking loser.

  9. terri

    i cant feel sorry for any hollywood star that dies they are the ones that went to hollywood.they are the ones that took drugs.therefore they can only blame themselfs.people have to start taking responsiblity for their actions.they went to hollywood for selffish reasons.they went to hollywood for fame and wealth.

  10. You gotta be kidding me

    Get serious. Brittany murphy died because she was an overly highly strung actress who took the wrong meds, possibly supplied by her hubby. Her husband is an assh*le who can’t come to terms with his part in her death & wants to blame everyone but himself.

    Let’s stop giving this publicity. She was an OK actress who wasn’t a star yet and was not worthy of all the hand wringing & brow beating. Let’s move on.

  11. cc

    What @10 said.

    Seriously, this lardass shitbag looked like he just woke up after falling asleep on a couch after a late night poker game.

    If he’s had any respect for his wife he’d have at least tidied himself up once in a while for public appearances.

    Maybe she killed herself when she looked at the fucker in the shower one day.

  12. Fiona

    Ugh, what an idiot – like every Hollywood actor doesn’t have to ride the wave of rejection after rejection with the odd lucky part?

    No dude, if you look at your wife’s pupils I think you’ll find serious opiate abuse was the cause of her troubles.

    I’m not sayin it’s not sad but I think the guy’s out for publicity rather than honest intentions.

  13. Anon

    It’s BRITTANY not Britney lol.

  14. fuzzy Tingle Times(NS)

    Did anyone catch any of the college basketball games last night??

  15. Cletus

    @14 Yes. Your team lost. Eat it.

  16. KG

    Wasn’t her husband Tom Petty? They even had a kid together. What’s going on here?

  17. WYE

    She was such a doll. The world lost a beautiful soul. She was simply lovely and sweet and talented. May the Lord be with her.

  18. blah

    The one and only time Randal’s asshattery rings true. For anyone close to Brittany, or her work, her death was very sad news indeed. Initial toxicology ruled out controlled substance use, and time will tell if she died as a result of prescribed medications . Medications issued to her for clinically diagnosed ailments. People respond differently to medicines, take the time to listen to any of the million disclaimers following a television ad pitching new or current meds. Most, if not all talk about side effects up to, and including death.
    Or maybe next time you see an asthmatic taking a drag off his inhaler, snatch it away. That piece of shit needs to suck it up, learn how to breathe correctly like the rest of us, fucking loser.

  19. This is a joke right?Is this a reason to kill yourself?Come on now…

  20. Walrus

    As a some what walrussy bloke, I revere this man as unto a god. He scored LuAnne Platter!

  21. Scdo

    What a load of crap. Any professional actor / actress in ‘The Biz’ as long as her would have had many rejections & missed parts.

  22. R. U. Pickman

    Where’s she buried? Because I’d still hit that. Yes yes it’s a bit ghoulish but its true.

  23. Geoff

    This is the way I’d like to remember her:

  24. Seems like Monjack should avoid speaking.

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  26. Lauren

    Regardless of how or why she died, she is still a human being, and in death deserves some respect. We all make mistakes and we all mess up, that is the human condition, but she was still someones daughter, someones wife, someones friend and someone who should be treated with a little dignity..

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  28. Stefany

    OMG, laugh out loud funny. What a visual…

  29. FFF

    She died?

  30. This is very weird but believable.

  31. Joe Mahma

    Both of these people are on drugs.

    And why would Murphy, let alone any woman, hook up with THAT guy?!?!?

    Something stinks.


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