Britney’s Hair Looked Like This

July 21st, 2010 // 103 Comments

Full Disclosure: I don’t so much look at Britney Spears photos as I cover my eyes and pray to God I’m posting pics of her and not that time I paid migrant workers to give me a Brazilian conceived you in a knife fight. Which explains how I completely missed this shot of her this morning until a bunch of you wrote in telling me her hair lost another battle with the mixin’ bowl. Except, for me, the real story is the fact her belly button looks exactly like a tiny mouth talking beneath her shirt. “Britney. Psst. Britney. Put another Frap in me and I swear to you, this day, we will get those gumballs you like later. I know a guy.”

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  1. Jenn

    First motherfuckers!

  2. Anna

    SMH. Stress will do that to your hair…and drugs. Cant forget the drugs.

  3. This is the way Brit Brit sez FU to father, paps & everyone.
    Tour is over – she’s on vacation!

  4. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:

    I have never seen anything so disturbing in my life. How did someone let her go out in public looking like that. Its unbelievable.

  5. Jill

    She cut it all off at Disneyland in March in another melt down…did Fish cover that?

  6. californiabitches

    fuckingg awesome(: she’s definitely gotten ahold of her old self, dontcha think? aha

  7. Dear sweet child fire all of your employees, every single one. Your staff is a dime a dozen. There are so many many people that would be much much better for you to have around you. Your staff hates you, not one of them remotely likes you. Hire outside of hollywood if you have to but find decent human beings not the type you have with you now.


    • Cock Dr

      It’s not that easy.
      No “decent” people can be found who will work with this woman for more than 15 minutes. How many assistants, drivers, bodyguards & stylists has she gone thru?

  8. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:


  9. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m a hairdresser and I STILL can’t figure out what’s happening on that woman’s head… Or in it, for that matter.

    • Lady Moppet

      Just looks like a cheap, bad weave to me and the hair on top was supposed to be layered over that spot where her natural hair is probably thin. Looks like some of her weave came out and she didn’t bother hiding it.

      • Miskita

        Lol, a VERY VERY VERY cheap HORRIBLE fusion job!!! Geez, you would think someone with this kind of money could afford some quality extensions!!

        :o !!

    • missylafay

      How can you be a hair dresser and not know whats going on here?Its pretty obvious that she leaves her extensions in a lot longer than the recommended time therefor her hair begins to dread an mat up.A few pieces were pulled/fell out so thats where the “bald spot” comes from.
      Most celebrities hair is like this underneath their extensions,people think celebs have the best hair and what not when really its extremely damaged,matted,short,balding ect.,its such an illusion.

  10. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:

    this is a side effect of anti-depressant drugs

    • prettypantz

      LOL, no it isn’t, you idiot.
      This is a side effect of repeatedly having crappy extensions glued/fused into your ratty hair and not bothering to cover it up b/c you’re too lazy/insane and you clearly don’t have anyone around you who cares enough to honestly advise you that you awful.

  11. Ty Pennington

    She is such a fucking mess. Why has she let herself go so much? It’s like she does not even care that she is fat, balding, saggy tittied, cellulite-filled, and all around hideous. She used to be hot, now she is just an embarrassment. Fuck off and die you pathetic trainwreck. You are of no use to this world.

  12. zoomzoom

    I usually have a lot of sympathy for the woman but come on! most people can roll out of bed looking better than that!!

  13. Fati87

    Ahem.. I don’t know what this even is.. It looks like a bunch of wild dogs chewed off a chunk out of her head.. How does this happen?

  14. living in a tree house

    I used to live in LA and all the hairdressers were terrible, but this is just criminal. She needs to fire that hairdresser ASAP, and they should have their license taken away. Also, the hairdresser should be shot and made to give Britney her money back.

    The only hairdressers worth going to are the Mexican ones in LA. All Britney needs to do to fix this fiasco, is go to the Yellow Pages and find a salon and stylist with the most Mexican sounding last name. If that still doesn’t work, what the Hell, she can afford to fly to Mexico every six to eight weeks and have her hair done right. There is no excuse for this mess on her head!!!!

  15. dolly

    It looks like someone rubbed Nair into her hair because they wanted to see how it worked?

  16. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:

    Time to shave it all off again.

  17. zoey

    yuck, i like the old banner girl way better.

    • Fati87

      you are just jealous cause you know she is one of the readers just like you. what’s the matter, you one of those FISH didn’t even pick for voting? Or you too ugly to even participate?

    • Yeah, you are just jealous because you are fat and ugly. As are a lot of the people on this site who bash obviously gorgeous women.

      • Sugar

        You can’t really see enough of her face to know if she’s “obviously gorgeous.” I reserve that term for supermodels.

  18. RasputinsLiver


    Bitch is a total Suthuhn fried double-wide country-ghetto ignit hillbilly.

    The perfect example of a Wal-Mart shopper.

    Bitch is so country-ghetto even the country and ghetto folks are insulted by her.


  19. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:

    It honestly looks like she’s starting to bald. o.O

  20. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:

    This girl needs to get rid of her extensions and get a hairpiece. Those extensions are giving her some major traction alopecia.

  21. timmy the dying boy

    I’d still hit tha. . . no, wait, I wouldn’t.

    • RasputinsLiver

      Good man.

      You’ll live to see another sunrise for having made that choice.

    • RasputinsLiver

      Hey, by the way. You see the other photos from this lot in Fish’s other post of her down the way?

      Check out the fucking cankles. Bitch got herself some real elephant stumps there.

      And is it just me or does anyone else think between her legendarily infamous stink-feet, her lack of feminine hygiene in not sandblasting that gash and asshole of hers (remember the 5150 Britney time a couple years ago when out on the night with Adnan while she was bleeding from the crotch like Niagra Falls? YEESH!!), her rancid armpits, stinkin’ ciggie breath and unwashed “hair”, this bitch is one stinkin’ filthy pig?

      If she ain’t in real life (and I have every confidence she is) then she sure photographs like she is.

      Ah well, Whorehan. Shitney. Whorehan? Shitney? How come those two never hung out together? I mean combine both of them at their best 5150ness and man, that’s a “reality” show I’d fuckin’ watch!!


  22. Andriiya

    Uh, I think those are extensions on an almost bald head, I guess they got half way done and Brit ran away screaming about the horrible injustice of not putting a Starbucks in every KFC.

  23. RaraAvis

    It’s hard not to feel sorry for her. She’s virtually uneducated, as her mother was whoring her out when she should have been in school. She can’t see beyond the cycle of gluing plastic on her head, which means she can’t brush her scalp, which itches and drives her crazy until she hacks the plastic off, necessitating another set of plastic hair. If she would just stop using the extensions and let her own hair grow without interference she would be so much happier. I think she would look good with short hair.

  24. I can’t believe she’s still this ~thing~ considering what she was 2003 and before.

  25. Elissa

    I think she looks good.

  26. Becca

    aw this is a really bad pic from that day, I saw video of this on x17 and she looked real cute.

    • Wiley

      BS! I cry BS! She would look better if she completely shaved her head. She should try…oh, wait, she did! And it was better looking than this! Just her way of saying FU to all the fans who pressure her to be creative and to do work all the time. Didn’t she punish you all enough with that last tour? You know, the “Get a Look at the Crazy Bitch” tour.

    • poopoo

      actually her neck is as tall as her splanchnocranium.
      She looks like a goomba from the super mario movie. Okay a cuter version of a goomba

  27. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:

    Remember that MTV performance a few years back when Brit Brit came out practically naked with a big snake?
    Close your eyes and think of that.
    Now click onto something else. Because it’s all over. This failed pop tart doesn’t have the discipline or the hustle. She just doesn’t care.

  28. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:

    poor brit! :( still love her though!

  29. Darth

    Isn’t her summer coat coming through?!

  30. Stephanie

    Isn’t a crime to capitalize on the mentally ill? Because that’s what they’ve been doing to this girl since she was a young teenager. It’s sad and degrading, when someone puts their own interests and wealth ahead of a woman who is obviously mentally disturbed and needs help. Is the cash cow really worth her sanity and potentially her life?

  31. barroom hero

    what a S L A G.

    total caravan park rubbish…

  32. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:

    There’s no evidence that it’s her. Could be some other pudgy blonde woman Mr Superficial Writer saw and decided to pass her off as Brit in order to gain more readership. COULD be.

  33. captain america

    a tramp with a belly looks pretty identical, folks!!

  34. T Australia

    Fuck this is so depressing!

  35. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:

    I think she is just getting her roots bleached out… I know hair bleach turns blue, so it is probably a tint.

  36. tc

    I actually caused this damage, as I needed something to hold onto while buttfucking her from behind.

  37. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:

    Why is it so damn hard for her to grow out her hair?

    Was it destroyed by bleaching? Did she have another shave crave?

    She has millions of dollars. Extensions look like crap. If that’s what the best of Hollywood can do then forget it.

    Just wear a wig. 20 bucks, off the rack, would look better.

    Her hair looks like linguini hanging from dead straw. Mmm.

  38. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:

    Cut this woman some slack she offered you perv the best years of her life, dancing and wearing slutty clothes at 17 !!!

    she s not going to do that forever.. Besides, she s got the right to roll out of bed and get outside, who the f*ck do you think you are ?? Judges, God ??? F*ck you all ! you re all fat ugly scum feeding on celebrity gossips to live ! … What if britney is bald, fat and had a terrible hair ? So fucking what?? !!!! Who caaaaaaaaaaaaares ??? She doesn t ! Why should we ?? Lol, we re not even fans of her career ! most are fans of her decay ! Wich is… Pathetic…. coz depression can happen to EVERYBODY !!!!!!! Remember EVERYBODY !!!!!!

  39. flesh

    skank, pig, and wait while i puuuuuuuke……..
    on the ether hand, i would shoot some in her nasty hair after i pulled it out of her grand canyon……

  40. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:

    the back of her hair looks like her scalp was opened for brain surgery and the doctor gave up halfway.

    her belly on the other hand, its not fair break her balls for that. she’s had children and say earned the right. she’ll never look 20 again. but ya she could use a stylist big time.

    • eagle_eyed

      she looks like she is 40 something, with twelve children, and not aging well at all.
      For a person with her possibilities she looks like shit, it’s insulting that somebody still actually pay her to model.
      Find a real job, fugly fatass!

  41. Eric

    time for another shave

  42. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:

    Face, where is the faceeee!

    By all means this pick may not even be her :D

  43. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:

    Face, where is the faceeee!

    By all means this pick may not even be her :D

  44. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:

    Face, where is the faceeee!

    By all means this pick may not even be her :D

  45. Is that Brittney’s head or the birds nest that is in my tree?

  46. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:

    Poor thing :(

  47. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:

    Seriously, girl needs to pat that weave, and get a new bra, no more saggy cleave…

  48. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

    • I would too, but I would not touch her head

    • Nameless

      I would too–just so I could retire and get fat like Kevin Federline. Her ex-bodyguard was a fag. Who the hell complains about a cushy job like guarding BS just because you have to bang her every once in a while.

      Whereever he is at, I bet he is making less money and doing more work.

  49. Crusty

    Of course there’s a simple explanation for her hair looking like that.

    Someone was banging her puppy style, pulled out and instead of unloading on her back, overshot and deposited a load of love yogurt in her hair.

    Then it dried..

    Look again and tell me I’m wrong..

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