Britney Spears gives K-Fed way more than $1 million

April 4th, 2007 // 65 Comments

While hammering out the details of their divorce, Star magazine reports Britney Spears said to Kevin Federline: “You’re the biggest mistake I’ve ever made, but thank you for my babies.” Star is also reporting that K-Fed is going to get $13 million in the divorce, way more than the $1 million sum that was previously reported. Other details of the divorce are:

  • A 2004 pre-nup called for K-Fed to get $250,000 for each year of their marriage, but Spears upped that figure to $500,000 to speed up the negotiations.
  • He receives half the proceeds from their Malibu mansion, which is on the market for $13.5 million.
  • $25,000 a month in child support for each of the couple’s two children until they reach 18. He also gets custody of the boys four days a week.
  • Federline gets to keep all the gifts Spears bought them during their marriage.
  • He’s forbidden from writing a tell-all about their marriage.

I know Britney Spears had a breakdown, but she must’ve murdered somebody in rehab for the judge to award K-Fed more than 50% custody of the children. And what kind of insane child support requires $25,000 a month? I mean, yeah, solid gold diapers are important, but I dunno if I’d say they were a necessity.

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  1. She thanks him for her babies and then gives them to her for 4 days a week. What a peach!

  2. Hemlock Queen

    That’s what you get when you marry a dirty, white trash gold-digger.

  3. Jillia

    What the hell was the point of the reported solid prenup where K-Fed got almost nothing if now that fucker’s gonna get rich off of all this?

  4. wedgeone

    & the other 3 days she’ll give them to a nanny while she goes out binge drinking & laying guys that she’s only known for an hour.
    I hate to say it, but the best thing that could have happened for those boys was to be placed in foster homes.

    BTW, Mr. Fish, if K-Earl gets “$25,000 a month in child support for [each] of the couple’s two children” that comes to $50,000 per month, not 25K. Nice math skills, dude.

  5. woodhorse

    the meds she on have calmed her down but she probably came out better than if she had taken an umbrella to him…

  6. wedgeone

    Also, the eye looks a bit wonky in this pic, and the face is looking pasty. Is she morphing into Paris Hilton right before our eyes?

  7. Man Birtney was so stupid to for for a loser. It’s like she choose k-fed over jutin timberlake, sheesh justis is sexy,k-fed it not attractive at all! She should of stuck with the best,her babies would be even cuter too lol

  8. Just because the Star magazine is such a reliable publication and isn’t in it just for the money, I am inclined to believe the above written statements are true.

  9. Biznitch

    no.7 = yeah because you love your children, not because of how they are yours, but how cute they are. You idiot

  10. #7- wowzers, are you missing a few letters on your keyboard or something?

  11. TaiTai

    Ok let’s see — she put out some of the worst “music” ever, kissed Madonna as a publicity stunt, flashed her pubes, shaved her head bald, beat paparazzi with an umbrella, got so f’d up on drugs or booze that she escaped from rehab twice and became the laughingstock of the world — but K-Fed is her worst mistake. That should tell you something, Earl. Take the money and run.

  12. Carsten5577

    Women have been getting these sorts of preposterous deals since time immemorial. Good for K-Fed, I guess. He’ll never have to worry about money again or get a real job.

  13. Hemlock Queen

    I think K-fed-x was egging her bizarre behavior on. I imagine her tiny brain mentality of, “I’ll show him!” When she wasn’t showing him. Just showing the world that she’s nuts.

  14. Hemlock Queen

    And he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  15. Great, now the kfed search engine isn’t going down any time soon.

  16. littlefattycakes

    I hate to be a kill-joy, but she actually looks very pretty in two of those pictures. Did she hire a stylist or what?

  17. angelesque

    I don’t buy it.

    With the air-tight pre-nup her lawyers drew up, there’s no way that she gave that walking penis more than $1 million.

    Maybe he got to keep all the shit she bought for him over the years, and THAT brings the total up, but cash wise? Nah.

  18. no I'm not like that

    I don’t know any couples who shared custody roughly 50/50. Why should either of them pay child support to the other? Does this really happen?

  19. lambman

    1) It’s Star magazine reporting this

    2) the pre-nup still rocks for her, he only gets a half million per year of marriage…way better than half her assets

    3) child support isn’t a part of the pre-nup, so that she’s gotta pay regardless

    4) only getting half of the money from the house is surprising

  20. Jimbo

    Where the hell does she get her cloths? And how do you go from snatch showing tramp to Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies?

  21. lol honestly the world is all about looks now a days! More attractive people get treated so much better then ugly fat people.
    I didn’t mean anything by britneys kids lol I was just making a comment lol so calm down retard! I was kidding about her kids… fuck lol

  22. cuesta_rey

    her hat is smooshed!

  23. Lowlands

    Wtf?I helped britney a bit out to reduce the damage and what’s the next thing she does?She plays for Santa claus.Ok that’s it,i’m totally fed up with Britney.

  24. jus'stupid

    Neither one are the brightest bulbs in the box. Just poor rednecks that got a deal singing, and it all went to their head. Like a large number of these sports stars, you can take the kids out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the kids.

  25. Troller

    He gets half the proceeds of the sale of the house. It’s on the market for 13.5M, but it may be mortgaged for much of that amount (or more) …

    The house is no “cash cow” for him.

    She was the COW he got.

  26. Troller

    Where the hell is she that she needs a wool coat? and why is she still wearing a wedding ring?

  27. ja5on

    $250 000 child support a month? That’s how much my new-lamborghini-per-month fund is.

  28. Lowlands

    K-fed sure knows how to talk to britney.Give her first a bottle of whiskey and then after her 6th glass just try to work on her sentiment.’You remember those good ol’days hon?You goona miss me for sure’.

  29. Jimbo

    it is $25,000.00 a month per kid. That is $50,000.00 total, not $250,000.00 a month for child support. Did you go to the DanYELL school for math?

  30. veggi

    @21. You sure to laugh out loud a lot.

  31. veggi

    typings hard when you’re hung over.

  32. Now he can produce his next album.

  33. Jimbo


  34. veggi

    very funny jimbo ;)

  35. Anyone who thought he would only get a million is dumb enough to believe that his album was going to do well. Double shame on you.

  36. ESQ

    My prediction is in two years max K-Lucked (Out because of the pre-nup) is that he will have pissed away all of the money on X Box games. He will then be vying for the largest collection of games ever. His next profession will be dressed as a giant hot dog on Sunset passing out flyer’s. It is then I will walk up to him and kick him in the nuts for what he has done to Britney..

  37. Whammer Jammer

    This skank doesn’t have a brain in her head. I doubt she even remembers what her kid’s names are. They should be in foster homes, they’ll have a much better chance at life.

  38. veggi

    Angelina could adopt them.

  39. Jimbo

    I don’t think trailer trash babies qualifies as 3rd world children. Maybe we can find some other Hollywood wanabe hack actor to adopt them. I think David Spade would make a good daddy

  40. ch474

    Hell for 13mil I’d bang ‘lil Brit a couple of times, embarass myself on a crappy TV show, live 2 years with a hormonally challenged white trash hillbilly with a lobotomy, taking flack from the world press for anything I do … but then again, I’d have 13MILLION Dollars, and the Federrari.

    Enjoy that $25grand a month Kev. Once her next album debuts outside of the Top 500 and heads straight to the delete bin, she’s gonna haul your ass back into court to lower the payments. 4 days will become 7. You’ll be getting $2500 a month from those “where are they now” shows, while she’ll be barefoot and pregnant again, living in a trailer in the Bayou with 5th husband Bubba.

  41. HollyJ

    He’s a fucktard, but his lawyer rocks. BRILLIANT to push to have this negotiation done while she’s mentally broken down and a complete fucking basketcase. She’ll sign anything right now, she’s so fucked up.

    IF she ever gets back to a normal state of mind (for her), she’s gonna regret signing that. What a twat.

  42. i would have just killed him and got it over with. is there a law against rehabbed mothers killing their Fed-Ex husbands? what about “amputating” genitals?

  43. N@ughty

    #41 britney was ALWAYS broken down and mentally retarted, she was just on meds before marrying Fed-Ex so nobody noticed

  44. wtf

    what was the rush to speed up negotiations? she had time to get an inspector gadget outfit and put in her fake eye color contacts

  45. ponk

    apparently the fear of a “tell all” book was worth a lot of money. Personally, I wouldn’t think four pages of crayon drawings stapled together would be that scary.

  46. wtf

    is there even anything left to tell?

  47. k naz

    she better come up with a master plan cause this bitch is gonna go broke and prolly right back to louisiana

  48. Alayney

    What’s with the blue contacts?

  49. freak_show

    lol. i’d like to lick her bald head. and her pubes. she’s so cute. she’s so smart, she so interesting.

  50. Dee

    Good she deserves it. Who the fuck told her to marry him?

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