Britney Spears won’t stop wearing bikinis

August 17th, 2009 // 108 Comments

Because the crazy’s slowly bubbling to the surface, Britney Spears spent another day at the paparazzi-laden Ritz Carlton pool yesterday and even brought her kids. Although, to her credit, she didn’t tie them together with shoelaces and use them as a makeshift raft which is pretty much where I assumed this was heading. In the meantime, I should probably apologize for this. There’s really no legitimate purpose to ever look at that, but I was basically clicking photos with my hand over my eyes while crying. So if you come across a sweet pic of the Minesweeper icon, you know what happened.


  1. eric

    I think her cooch stubble is cute. It’s the best of both worlds–a little bit of bush
    but you could see her cooch lips too–if the damn bikini bottom weren’t there.

    I’d like to rub my beard stubble against it. Maybe we’d start a fire? :-)

  2. jess

    where do i buy this bikini?

  3. gus

    Will always stay a brit fan amazing body keep it up
    and you that dont like it well move on

  4. jeff

    is this suppose to be attractive? Did i miss out on something?

  5. Britney Spears Nice very nice.

  6. SkyWalker Queen

    Someone PLEEEEEEAASE save these folks from their unbelievable ignorance! Britney is actually very REAL in her appearance! No more airbrushed skin, red lips, or washboard abs from working out compulsively and pathetically everyday of her life. A thick as+ like that can sit on my face any day of the week instead of perched atop a treadmill! You unoriginal dumbas+’s, she only looked like a Sims Avatar before because she was a teenage pop singer that was served to this petty shallow society of ours on a spray bottle tan and bronzer covered platter. When she debuted…(BEFORE reality became visible to you airbrushed glasses wearing superficial clones), while in her “prime”, (according to society’s fuEURked up standards) she was an abused illusion from her 12 inch makeup to the genius modern pop/hip-hop music video style camera angles that bent her young beautiful smile, young life, and bright youthful self esteem. Of course since she fell back to earth she doesn’t realize the full extent of how falsely portrayed her image was by the media, nor does she care. So here it is folks! A REAL LIFE WOMAN. This is the embodiment, the representation of the HOTTEST BITEURH you will EVER see on your side of the distorted Hollywood camera lens. Open your eyes fools! No one actually looks like “a slave for you” in the real world. Get your asses up from the couch and computer chairs and use your own eyes to see. Do something with your “personal” time outside of soaking in MTV for once. Get in touch with your own original opinions, the ones you were BORN with prior to losing all touch with your identity. I DARE YOU ALL to see if you are capable of thinking for yourselves, thoughts that are not at all influenced by society’s peer pressured popularity. Do any of you remember that you are unique and you can think for yourself? Wow! Betcha never thought like this before kids! You all sound ridiculously identical and of course predictable. So sad that you all seem to have the same conformed views and standards as the one before you. Sad Sad Little mass produced, single minded, uncultured American robots you all are! As for you Brit!..ROCK THAT SEXY MILF AS$ TIL MORNING BREAKS and…..mama has the jacuzzi hot and I’m ready to bathe you to sleep babygirl. You are now free to think your own thoughts without fear of rejection or mental independence! Mama SkyWalker has given you permission! ENJOY!

  7. Victoria’s Secret bikini or not? Bikini is OK, but not Britney… Unfortunately

  8. Jamie
    Commented on this photo:

    Paige Emerick

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