UPDATE: Britney Spears won’t be arrested, not on drugs, police say

January 4th, 2008 // 79 Comments

After the smoke has cleared, Officer Ana Aguirre provided details of the incident at Britney Spears’ home. Most notably police believe the children were not in danger. The Associated Press reports:

“There was a time where she was within the residence and wasn’t available to be speaking to the officers, apparently,” she said. “There was no threat to the children.”
“Police resolved the conflict,” Aguirre said. “Both children were turned over to her ex-husband Kevin Federline for custody, and she was in fact taken to a local hospital for medical treatment.”

The police are also confirming that Britney Spears was not on drugs and will not face charges:

Early police reports said officers thought Spears might have been under the influence of some substance but Aguirre said there was no evidence of that.
“Our understanding is that was not the case,” she said.
Officers at the scene determined that paramedics “needed to be called” but it was unclear why, she said.
“We’re not aware of any type of injuries that she sustained” and she was not combative with authorities, Aguirre said.
Spears wasn’t arrested in connection with the custody dispute, Aguirre said.
“There was no actual crime that was involved,” the police spokeswoman said.

So was this whole event blown out of proportion? Clearly. Has Britney’s chances at seeing her kids again increased? Unfortunately. Will the SWAT team be called in next time? God, I hope so. I want Britney to get hit with one of those beanbag guns. Mostly to see if she thinks it’s a burrito and tries to eat it.

UPDATE: The AP reports that Commissioner Scott Gordon granted Kevin Federline sole legal and physical custody of the children and Britney Spears visitation rights are suspended.


  1. Guy

    Your last comment made me laugh fish

  2. slingblade

    it would be super duper awesome if britney got her two kids back, only to shoot them both and then herself. THE WORLD WOULD BE BETTER OFF.

    There, I said what you all were thinking.

    K-Fed is the new lord jesus christ. amen.

  3. jbird

    The police at first thought she was drunk or high so they sent her to the hospital. It must be GREAT to be rich & famous…If it had been just any trailer-park mother she would’ve been sent straight to jail to sleep it off and wake up the next morning to face the music. What a GREAT country!

  4. Ript1&0

    Alright man. I’m not usually one to get mad at Brit’s wackiness, but I’m starting to get a little peeved here.

    So NOTHING happened?! All that shit, all this wasted energy and tax dollars for nothing?? Really. Something HAD to have happened. This is not acceptable.

    I mean, I can respect a good scandal if there is actually one there. But all this for nothing? Brit, next time you better f’ing deliver.

  5. I implore you people to offer a sacrifice to the deity of your reckoning!

  6. Binky

    My sources are saying at one point she was threatening to actually sing to her kids – complete with her new dance routine.
    So -obviously – proper security was quickly brought in.

  7. Nick

    She was not on drugs she was just upset! it was all thing was blown out of proportion and it was not that bad.It wont do anything to her court case because “There was no actual crime that was involved,” and her kids are ok!

  8. I know when my mom gets upset with me, she usually yells or calls me a dick. When Britney gets upset, she chugs a Red Bull and Vicodin and holds her kids hostage in a bathroom.

    I don’t know about you but I’d so much rather have Britney for my mom.


  9. I know when my mom gets upset with me, she usually yells or calls me a dick. When Britney gets upset, she chugs a Red Bull and Vicodin and holds her kids hostage in a bathroom.

    I don’t know about you but I’d so much rather have Britney for my mom.


  10. Missa

    I just dont know what to say. I dont like either parent. I never see Kevin with his other kids. I never see him having a birthday party for them. And how the hell can’t you live off of $12,000 child support a month. He wants them full time so he can have more money. Period.

  11. Missa

    I just dont know what to say. I dont like either parent. I never see Kevin with his other kids. I never see him having a birthday party for them. And how the hell can’t you live off of $12,000 child support a month. He wants them full time so he can have more money. Period.

  12. Missa

    I just dont know what to say. I dont like either parent. I never see Kevin with his other kids. I never see him having a birthday party for them. And how the hell can’t you live off of $12,000 child support a month. He wants them full time so he can have more money. Period.

  13. geecee

    darn! hope she just kill herself.

  14. Missa

    Oops, didnt mean to post it that many times. I like my comment, but not that much. My bad….

  15. To #15

    Nice save.

  16. wrong priorities


    well at least kevin WANTS them. brit gave birth to them and she couldn’t care less about her kids. brit’s priorities are as follows:

    1) starbucks

    2) partying

    3) driving around seeking attention

    4) being barefoot

    5) trolling for sex with anything that’ll have her

    6) shopping sprees

    7) trying to one up her sister

    8) dreaming of unicorns

    9) smelling her toe jam

    10) caring for those little squishy people that the stork left on her porch. what are their names again?

  17. juniper

    Just because she wasn’t on drugs or drunk doesn’t meant she’s not a danger to her kids. Obviously, her behaviour was enough to cause such a mess, the children ain’t safe. But she’s rich, so, who cares?

  18. Jannie Baby

    She’s obviously mentally ill and had a psychotic break. This mental hygiene arrest is the best thing that could have happened to her because now she can be diagnosed and treated.

  19. Mare

    Her behavior was natural without the assistance of fucking drugs and she was holding the kids hostage and acting freaking inSANE. And that was 1000% straight-up her, no drugs included. They think the kids are safe because she wasn’t actually on drugs? Dear god, if she was on drugs…

    The bitch should do herself in.. now.

  20. supes

    #17 word.

    But you forgot “promoting her album”. Yeah right.

  21. Kmart

    No crime was commited? How about refusing to relinquish custody when ordered to do so? And what is this “wasn’t available to be speaking with the officers” bs? Where was she, on the john? That’s what this whole thing was? She wasn’t refusing to hand the kids over, she just couldn’t come to the door because she was busy taking a Taco Bell/Starbucks fueld ****, is that it? And why was Jayden in the hospital? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! I’m pretty sure somebody got paid off to make sure those questions never get answered.

  22. cookie monsta

    ok not on drugs, can’t she be charged with “ferocious random stupidity”

  23. sad people

    let’s pray for britney……and help ourselves to the goods in her house while she’s on lockdown.

  24. cookie monsta

    and wasn’t one of the kids also taken to hospital because Shitney tried to eat it??

  25. Lost her Visitation Rights

    Per CNN she has lost visitation rights and sole custody goes to Kevin

  26. Missa

    @17, oh yea, I forgot people who want their kids for just money make GREAT parents don’t they? And I believe that is all he wants them for. I could care less about what Briteny wants most since I never said she should have them.

    I wish they could be given to the third party, but I don’t hear anything about Kevin’s parents and they sure the hell shouldn’t go to Britney’s parents.

  27. K-Fed was just awarded custody.

  28. stupid stoopid stewpid


    regardless of the point you’re trying to make, kevin is clearly the better person. a woman who has no ability to put her kids before herself is a selfish cunt who deserves to be drug out in the yard and kicked in the back of the head til she dies. and just to be on the safe side, her uterus should be ripped out and burned.

  29. jeremiah

    You realize fish that this is the stupidest fucking shit I have ever seen. 10,000 posts about britney spears on one fucking page.

    You make me want to take a gun, shove it up your ass and pull the fucking trigger, so I don’t have to see another fucking picture of the ass hat clown.

  30. put the ugly people in the back

    All you fucking morons just don’t get it, why does Brit just do this or do that? You are expecting Britney Spears to behave in a normal manner. Look it folks the girl is fucking batshit crazy. What do batshit crazy people do? The exact fucking opposite of what a normal healthy sane person would do. A sane person would go fight for her kids a batshit crazy girl would pretend to be sick miss the court hearing and then go out to buy her 1 billionth Starbucks shitlatte when she knows her every move is videotaped.

    Why does she not get help for her insanity because she is too dumb(this is not a bright girl) too crazy and too much of a spoiled brat to take fucking responsibility.

    Why won’t her family help her because as much as they say they care about her they are worthless hillbilly trash and her horrific mother is one of the people who helped her get this fucked up, her Mom pimped her out like a ho for fame and money and now she’s doing the same thing with her pregnant 16 year old daughter(she sold her daughters pregnancy story for 1 mill to OK (we admit it we suck) magazine what kind of whore pimp mother does that, oh I just answered my question.

    So why don’t the courts intervene and instead of slapping Brat on the wrist take her kids away permanently and then put her in an asylum. Good fucking question. I’d like to fucking know why Tatum O’Neal who went through similar shit has never seen her kids and yet no one is really making Brit responsible for her actions. I and many others have been saying it for a long time.



    I feel so bad for those kids with the shit they’ve been through they will be fucked up and in a few years you’ll be reading about all about the misery and hell they’ve gotten themselves into. It’s a long and vicious cycle and dumbass hillbilly trash just don’t have the skills or brains to break the cycle.

    When oh when will the legal system finally deal with this bullshit and get this woman on permanent lockdown and get her the fucking help she and her pis worthy family don’t t have the mental capacity to get.



  32. Danklin

    This story is all bullshit. It doesnt make sense that she DIDN’T try to harm herself or others or in some way create a hostile situation, yet ther visitation rights are suspended. It just doesnt work like that. There has to be a reason all this went down. Someones full of shit.

  33. The Beer Baron

    Commissioner Gordon?!? Do I live in Gotham City now?

  34. moobs

    her drug is IGNORANCE

  35. truly dumb

    This story smells pretty shitty. I second Danklin “someones full of shit”.

  36. Ray

    Commissioner Gordon?? Really??

  37. 89% SANE


  38. Arguman

    Damn. No wonder Batman trusts Commissioner Gordon so much. He does whats right no matter the celebrity involved. Granted, he handed the kids over to Kevin Federline, but that’s better than them being with Britney Spears.

  39. The Beer Baron

    Everyone can rest assured. I hear that the District Attorney is going to be Harvey Dent. He’ll send Britney to Arkham Asylum in no time flat!

  40. lg

    @22 Kmart raises some good questions and the very ones I was thinking of. Also, why a helicopter? Was that necessary? Did KFed’s bodyguard, there to pick up the kids, blow the whole thing way out of proportion when he called the authorities, maybe called it a possible hostage-taking?

    Also, is this another case of celebrity handling by cops? I wish they’d throw her ass in jail for being a public nuisance (at the very least).

  41. lollo

    I have to agree with #31 (though I would add punctuation).

  42. JWM

    You want evidence that our legal system is unfairly biased for the mother in custody cases?

    At best, she’s suffering from a prolonged, undiagnosed bout of PPD. At least, she’s batshit insane. Were I a judge, the only way I let her near her kids is if she’s all tied up on a gurney with a funky mask like that awesome scene in Silence of the Lambs.

    Britney? Love the suit.

  43. peep

    # 40

    hee hee that beat my harvey dent comment…

  44. Donkey Punch

    Typical overpaid and pampered stars.

    She could have shut down the psycho train any time she wanted but the selfish bitch was too addicted to the attention. Roast in your insanity Britney. Hope the fame and money was worth it.

  45. coco puffs

    If she lives to see 2009, I’ll cry.

  46. La La Land

    Of course nothing happened to her, she lives in La La Land. She is no more retarded than the rest of them. Everyone in LA is a pervert or a nut case just like her, so what’s the big deal. She has money and in La La Land that’s all that matters. No one cares if you have no morals and/or no sole and dump your kids in the gutter, LA is the place to be.

  47. veggi

    You all are ignorant bitter losers. All the evidence now shows that Britney is suffering. Not doing drugs. Not harming her kids. And that makes you angry, even going as far as denying that the facts are what they are. What tiny empty bitter lives you live.

  48. No Depo 2day

    Well that’s one way to keep from being deposed.

  49. Cool. I love Britney all the time. You know most of us on HTTP://WWW.FEMMATE.COM love her and her music! She’s going to be great this year.

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