Britney Spears hates the awesome job her dad is doing

November 24th, 2008 // 64 Comments

As evidenced by her upcoming documentary, Britney Spears isn’t digging the insanely miraculous job her father Jamie has done of getting her shit in order. Sure, maybe her career’s back on track and she can see her kids, but he won’t let her see Adnan. Yup, that’s right: ADNAN GHALIB the boner-pill testing paparazzo. Turns out Britney still wants to see her former lover but Jamie won’t allow it. So, like a big girl, she complained to a judge on Friday. TMZ reports:

She’s also been complaining that daddy won’t let her go out, especially when she wants to go clubbing at night. Britney also doesn’t understand why Jamie won’t let her take the kids out during the day.
Bottom line — she doesn’t like her dad as her conservator, but as someone put it, “she likes others even less.” On Friday, we’re told Britney was complaining about Jamie in court to the Commish — to the point where she called Brit into chambers with one of the lawyers and spoke with Britney for 45 minutes.
So here’s what we’re told. Britney is acting like a 15-year-old and isn’t very “contrite” about the behavior that led to the conservatorship in the first place.
The good news — she seems to appreciate what Jamie has done to get her business affairs in order. She clearly doesn’t understand he’s doing the same for her personal life.

Alright, let’s make a list of all the things Jamie Spears won’t let Britney do because he’s a stupid poophead:

1. See a guy who banged her while she was off her meds then tried to sell the sex tape.
2. Consume alcohol despite a history of mental illness.
3. Take her children out in public so she can leave them at KFC.
4. Throw her million dollar career down the toilet in exchange for an underwear-free lifestyle.
5. Operate a motor vehicle like its her own personal bumper car.

Christ, it’s like she’s living in a concentration camp. ZOMG! FREE BRITNEY!

NOTE: Included pics from the liner of Britney’s new CD to prove my point she should never leave the house without being airbrushed first. Seriously, I don’t know what she pays her handlers for.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Danklin24

    Airbrushed or not, that first picture is fucking hot as hell.

  2. celebritygone

    why would they use that last picture for anything, she looks so…uncomfortable…

  3. missywissy

    Can somebody say, “Faith Hill”? All these pictures look like she’s going for the Faith Hill look. Interesting.

  4. ummm...yeah

    You are the supreme asshole of the day. Today…if anyone asks you who you are…you tell them…I AM THE SUPREME ASSHOLE OF THE WORLD. I worship the Skankney cocksuckin bipolarship Spears.
    That bitch is fried…fuck her “career”. She HAS ABSOLUTELY NO TALENT whatsoever.
    Everytime she gets her kids, she dam near kills them. What is it going to take for the powers that be to lock that bitch away for the safety of her children and not to mention the public?
    By the way, Randal can be your co-ruler as the supreme asshole of the day.

  5. Holy crap!

    Britney’s dad is a frigging genius. The Britster should consider having a chip implanted in her head so daddy can radio control her 24/7 . . . seriously . . .

    I wanted to suggest a brain implant or transplant at first, but that isn’t yet possible. Actually the radio control isn’t either, but it’s probably closer than a brain transplant.

    It’s obvious now that Brit needs daddy to do her thinking for her. If he ever gets Britney to work on autopilot, maybe he should consider reprogramming Amy Winehouse . . . no . . . no, wait, Amy will be dead before that happens . . .

  6. Balls McCoy

    She looks crazy hot!…er…maybe that was a poor choice of words.

  7. Tom K

    I don’t care how much make up and airbrushing they use on this crazy whore. The fact still remains, she’s a bad mother and ungrateful that her dad is actually keeping her from killing herself. She needs to stop worrying about partying and worry about being a mother and taking care of kids, and not being a dirty drunk coke whore. Also she will never be the big star she once was the damage she has done to her image can’t be undone.

  8. paTT

    Too blond, that hair is nice just for a blind!!!!

  9. Patt

    In the blue dress pic she´s not britney!!! She´s Jessica Simpson!

  10. mg

    How come her thighs are thinner than her calves?

  11. baby jane

    oh yes-the savior who is an admitted former alcoholic/drug user himself who left his first wife for mrs spears (from whom he’s now divorced) and used to run a SMOOTHIE hop brit BOUGHT for him– and pocketing a sweet couple grand a week to “conserve ” her esate–yes her life is more stable but at what cost? when will it end? will he get used to the control over his sweet sweet cash and just decide–fuck it–she ain’t never gonna get no better?

    i agree with Marg–she never seemed that crazy to me–i heard she gave her baby some medically sound antihistamine in the proper dosage fr his allergies that night and was pissed she had to hand him over after a lengthy less than two hour visit abck to her dirtbag scumbag ex.

    it’s just control and bullshit. who cares if she fiddle farts her money away and makes an ass of herself? isn’t that what your twenties are for? and keep in mind there was a time when LOBOTOMIES were legal and homosexuality was seriously considered to be a sign of severe mental illness-SO–don’t put all yr faith in those dr’s–i’m just saying–she looks drugged out and miserable in her interviews–trading a circus for a prison isn’t the answer either

    way to go dad

  12. DonnaGirl

    People who think this is about control have never seen a loved one in the grips of bipolar mania. It is not about control; it’s about helping her survive. In Britney’s case, the family had to go to extremes using the court system because she has so much money, she could buy anyone to do anything. I pity both of her parents and think they have done a wonderful job. I hope she is well enough to truly understand what they have done by the time she is on her own again.

  13. Beautiful girl.
    I like her.

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