Britney Spears hates the awesome job her dad is doing

November 24th, 2008 // 64 Comments

As evidenced by her upcoming documentary, Britney Spears isn’t digging the insanely miraculous job her father Jamie has done of getting her shit in order. Sure, maybe her career’s back on track and she can see her kids, but he won’t let her see Adnan. Yup, that’s right: ADNAN GHALIB the boner-pill testing paparazzo. Turns out Britney still wants to see her former lover but Jamie won’t allow it. So, like a big girl, she complained to a judge on Friday. TMZ reports:

She’s also been complaining that daddy won’t let her go out, especially when she wants to go clubbing at night. Britney also doesn’t understand why Jamie won’t let her take the kids out during the day.
Bottom line — she doesn’t like her dad as her conservator, but as someone put it, “she likes others even less.” On Friday, we’re told Britney was complaining about Jamie in court to the Commish — to the point where she called Brit into chambers with one of the lawyers and spoke with Britney for 45 minutes.
So here’s what we’re told. Britney is acting like a 15-year-old and isn’t very “contrite” about the behavior that led to the conservatorship in the first place.
The good news — she seems to appreciate what Jamie has done to get her business affairs in order. She clearly doesn’t understand he’s doing the same for her personal life.

Alright, let’s make a list of all the things Jamie Spears won’t let Britney do because he’s a stupid poophead:

1. See a guy who banged her while she was off her meds then tried to sell the sex tape.
2. Consume alcohol despite a history of mental illness.
3. Take her children out in public so she can leave them at KFC.
4. Throw her million dollar career down the toilet in exchange for an underwear-free lifestyle.
5. Operate a motor vehicle like its her own personal bumper car.

Christ, it’s like she’s living in a concentration camp. ZOMG! FREE BRITNEY!

NOTE: Included pics from the liner of Britney’s new CD to prove my point she should never leave the house without being airbrushed first. Seriously, I don’t know what she pays her handlers for.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Rachel


  2. BO

    This idiot has lost her mind.

  3. Rachel


  4. Ana

    She’s super airbrushed to the point where she doesn’t look real!

  5. Becca

    I love her. She might complain that she can’t live her life how she wants and be in control of her every move, but she’s still letting her dad be in charge. Who WOULDN’T complain if you were 27, had 2 kids, and earned roughly $100 million in your lifetime but you have to ask your dad for permission to go out at night? She knows it’s for the best – obviously, but hell yeah it sucks.

  6. BO

    Not to mention losing ground to the other hot chick singers with actual talent….

  7. Ananana

    who the hell does she think she’s kidding? we’ve all seen what she REALLY looks like!

  8. Damn she looks hot!!

  9. Lulu

    She looks like shit in the last shot.

  10. MNG

    shes s eaten & bitten by all……..even me………..

  11. LoLa

    Just like the dumb bitch she is. Ungrateful little pig.

    Look at all her father has done for her… Look at how AWESOME these photoshopped pictures of her are… Without her father’s intervention, this stupid crazy bitch would prolly use the picture of a bag of Cheetos as her album cover… And the insert would be of her fave drink from Starbuck’s… And her album name will be, “I’m Brit Brit Y’all”

  12. As far as im concern this aint britney,,,wheres the razor bumps?

  13. Alli SIms

    She must have missed her cock-tail dosage this day.

  14. Margaret van der Hagen

    You’ve got to be joking. This is scary and ridiculous. I’m not saying that she hasn’t behaved irresponsibly in the past, but if people want to ruin their lives, they have a RIGHT to. This is a “free” country, I believe, and acting like a moron is not “mental illness”. If she BREAKS THE LAW, arrest her. Other than that, she has a RIGHT.

    What if some judge decides that you’re going out to a club 3 nights a week is “excessive” and manic behavior and hands over control of YOUR money to your parents when YOU earned that money and are CLEARLY old enough to make your OWN good or bad decisions.

    The children should be kept “safe” but BRITNEY is NOT a child and this is a practice as old as time. WOMEN who do not “behave” are locked in convents or mental asylums or worse their OWN HOMES and stripped of their LEGAL rights.

    You should be frightened, this is no different than the fascistic behavior of the Bush administration that you think is so terrible, but as they argue “necessary”.

    I’m glad you approve.


    she looks amazing
    what you idiots dont realize is that of course she looks airbrushed but thats the style of the whole picture. amazing good work daddy


    she looks amazing
    what you idiots dont realize is that of course she looks airbrushed but thats the style of the whole picture. amazing good work daddy


    she looks amazing
    what you idiots dont realize is that of course she looks airbrushed but thats the style of the whole picture. amazing good work daddy

  18. The Guy

    Ummm is it just me or does she look absolutely amazing in that first picture. I mean honestly, going from where she was a year ago to that… Holy hell. Im no fanboy but jesus… im diggin it.

  19. This gal needs a good wake up call. Lets face it a majority of moms and dads do not get their kids out of hot water at this age.

  20. guythll

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  21. sweetessie22

    #14 is absolutely right. The law allows people to be foolish with their own money. The conservatorship has been completely misused in this situation — Generally a conservatorship is set up when someone is truly insane or incapacitated (as in not capable of understanding what money is, I mean seriously, the standard is low enough that someone who would qualify as retarded could theoretically have control of their own finances). Additionally, it’s pretty rare for an immediate family member to be appointed as conservator, and this “perpetual conservatorship” thing that it appears they have going is just flat-out bizarre to me. I haven’t been following the Britney situation all that closely, but from what I saw it looked like their justifications for setting up the conservatorship were that she was out partying a lot and spending a lot of her own money, both of which are entirely within her right to do.
    I guess there was some issue with her being bi-polar, but even that in a normal case would not be enough to have a conservatorship created, and it certainly would not continue once it was shown that she was back on her meds. I would understand if this was a voluntary private contract that she set up, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

  22. AnnaDraconida

    Who’s the person in those pics??? FAIL

  23. gnipgnop

    Hey you bovine retard – choose me not that sand nigger Ghalib – i just tired out the camel and you can tongue punch my dirt star!

  24. stizz

    She looks awesome in the first pic, but the other ones barely even look like her. And she looks totally constipated in the last shot.

  25. joe m

    Britney is beautiful and is really a good person.
    However,lots of people,especially her father,have
    helped save her life. With all the problems she’s had,
    she lucky to still be alive. She needs her dad to control
    her life for at least a few more years.
    We should all pray for her.

  26. Anonymous

    Sorry, joe m:

    Pray for Twitney’s kids. They’re the ones that need the prayers. Their useless mother is barely aware of their existence.

  27. pure.ticking

    She looks amazing on these pics! Wau!

  28. pure.ticking

    She looks amazing on these pics! Wau!

  29. humpin frog

    In our society, if your behavior is deemed dangerous to yourself or others, your rights our restricted or taken away. The final straw for Ms. Spears, occured in her home last January. At that point a team of specialists determined she was not of sound mind or body (not able to handle sponges without serious injury). Thankfully, her lawyers agreed. That’s why we (global civilazation) are safer today. Daddy Spears was appointed her leash/handling through a court of law. Unfortunately, Jamie Lynn’s coming down the chute and there may not be enough bubblewrap to coat the lower forty-eight states. God help us all!

  30. Randal

    Stunning eyes that catch any gaze that fall upon her beautiful frame, Britney stops all dead in their tracks like the Medusa of old.

    Day after day, Britney continues to rise like the Phoenix from the very ashes she created for herself, bursting the sky in a radiant dance of color, spelling out to the world that she’s never forgotten what a pop princess and queen she became and has regained.


  31. Margaret van der Hagen

    This was my SECOND comment and i had to change my name to post this because i “posted too many times”

    She was fighting with her sponge of an ex-husband who spent her pregnancies and her sons’ infancies in vegas w/strippers on his lap as he “worked” on his rap “career”? She was ANGRY at his laughable conversion/money grab! and OBVIOUSLY suffering from some type of POST PARTUM DEPRESSION. She had two babies w/in a year!!!!! NO ONE mentioned this or seemed to notice or understand in any way. She didn’t need CONTROL she needed SUPPORT —emotional and practical–while she dealt with her issues and her hormones. And she certainly didn’t need constant criticism about her weight and her career.

    WHO was this a “danger” to? I lived in North Hollywood–right down the street from the area she lived in and I personally felt COMPLETELY safe w/Ms. Spears on the loose.

    IF she i driving recklessly TICKET her, if she gets too many tickets, take away her license, if she STILL drives, put her in JAIL. We have DUE PROCESS in our society for a REASON IDIOT.

    Other than that “danger” does not mean she’s “messing her life up” it means she has a gun to her head and is about to pull the trigger. You are WAY overstretching that definition.

  32. JK

    Get a life Van der Hag. You should worry about your own worthless existence as much as you do this dumb cunt’s.

  33. jlylec

    hot damn! my girl is back. i would fuck the SHIT out of the new again and improved britney-ney..

  34. Richard McBeef

    Margaret, please shut the motherfuck up. no one cares. go find somewhere else to play.

    I write with CAPITAL letters because I am a FUCK FACE-ING COCK WIPER. people will care when i KILL MYSELF.

  35. jlylec

    yeah who cares WHY she was a fat wreck…let’s just all be happy that she’s finally fuckable again…

  36. meg

    What’s going on with her knees? She has no knee caps…weird airbrushing or something.

  37. meg

    What’s going on with her knees? She has no knee caps…weird airbrushing or something.

  38. Lucifer

    She is so beautiful and charming. Just saw her on a dating community ???INTERRACIALLOVING.COM??? last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site. Is she single now?

  39. margaret van der hagen

    brilliant and thoughtful comebacks as always!

  40. humpin frog

    #31 – Brittany does your dad know what your doing? Go watch pudding and think of more dance moves. You go gurl!

  41. Dear Marg

    Do you like rough anal sex?

  42. jenny

    Margaret van der hagen you are an ignorant loser. You simply have no idea of the risks that people with serious mental illness pose for themselves, their children and the public. In case you haven’t noticed, miss Britney has been hospitalized several times, (remember the incident where she held her son hostage)?!?
    and her diagnosis of bipolar disorder is common knowledge. Bipolar disorder can have psychotic features and can at times have episodes resembling paranoid schizophrenia. It is also exacerbated by partying, clubbing, alcohol and drugs.

  43. humpin frog

    41# – Brittany, seriously, go to bed. Those “cotten rainbows” won’t catch themselves.

  44. Realist

    You don’t know what kind of things led to this conservatorsip Margarte ven der Hagen and other idiots. You only know what’s made its way to the tabolids. It is no doubt even worse. A lot worse.

  45. Margaret van der Hagen

    I know many people w/bipolar disorder. They are the most interesting, passionate, creative people I know (and love).

    See post #22

    I have nothing more to say. The mentally ill–assuming she IS-have the right to make their own life decisions, just like everyone else.

    And “resembling” paranoid schizophrenia? apparently you’v never met anyone who TRULY has that disease. That is as ridiculous in this case as the statement that she was “holding her son hostage”.

    Maybe you haven’t lived much or had a fight with your slimey ex-husband–things get out of hand in ALL families. It’s only a huge deal because of who she is.

  46. dew

    IIRC, at the time of her being declared incompetant, she repeatedly endangered her children, repeatedly acted totally insane (beating car with umbrella, chopping her hair off), and had let mooches get at least some control of her fortune. An intervention seemed appropriate.

    But since then, hasn’t it been proven that the mooch was drugging her?

    I think she should be given a bit more freedom, and allowed to spend a bit more of her money, since it’s hers to begin with. Then they could watch how she handles herself without someone constantly slipping her drugs.

    Earlier today, I watched the precious little Connie Talbot singing, and as much as I enjoyed watching her, I cringed to think she’ll be at high risk for following in former child stars given too much, too soon, too early.

  47. Margaret van der Hagen

    I hardly call those behaviors “totally insane”

    But yeah, every rich guy who has 19 year-olds hanging on him and using his money should have an “intervention” too.

    If that fool was drugging her to take advantage of her, HE should be arrested.

    Besides that, you are missing the point and I’m not going to explain it again.

  48. L.A. Shopper

    Maybe van der Hagen should read the “Lanterman-Petris-Short Act” before she wants to act like an authority on the legal rights of the mentally ill. There are extremely legally and morally sound reasons why some mentally ill indeed do NOT have the right to make their own life decisions.

    I had this happen with a dear friend of mine who wasn’t deemed ill enough for us to do anything about. So we just had to stand around and watch her unravel. And we’re talking Britney-level unravel not Heather Locklear.

    Britney is very fortunate that she has her father looking after her. She may not be as ‘free’ as she wants to be but she is at least safe and making some progress towards recovery. Hopefully some day she might be on her own and fully understanding the consequences of the decisions she makes.

  49. I agree with van der Hagen. Drug addicts, the criminally insane, and the mentally ill do not often have their assets forcibly controlled by someone else simply because they cannot spend their money responsibly. It’s a shame to watch Britney mess up her life and have her children taken away, but this conservatorship is completely unfair. It’s a shame that people wear bad outfits, but that doesn’t mean Stacy and Clinton need to personally style them. Idiocy and fashion faux pas are both facts of life. To attempt to eliminate them is both naive and futile.

  50. Margaret van der Hagen

    Never claimed to be a legal authority, but thanks for the reference. It totally backed-up what I (and post #22) have been saying.

    Britney “gravely disabled” are you kidding me?

    I’ve watched people ruin their life with food (obesity, disease, early death) alcohol, anorexia etc..

    You CANNOT take their money and their right to make their own decisions–that are NOT illegal and if they ARE the POLICE should deal with it.

    Britney’s treatment has been largely based on gender based paternalistic “reasons”.

    I GUARANTEE you that a large percentage of young rich celebrities–rock stars, professional sports players have displayed many if not ALL of the behaviors that she has displayed (traffic violations, family troubles, “excessive” partying, hanging out w/unsavory characters) and were NOT treated the same way.

    In fairness, Britney does not seem to want to “take control” of her affairs at the moment and often seems to act “child like”, but that is beside the legal and ethical point.

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