Britney Spears will not receive special treatment

Britney Spears is not on the good side of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. Officers have been telling the media that Britney will not receive extra protection and will be on her own getting into the courtroom. That is if she actually shows. Kevin is already there, and his lawyers have warned Britney about the importance of today’s hearing. OK! Magazine reports:

The officer also revealed to OK! that no extra police protection will be provided for the pop star. And while he wouldn’t go into the reason for the lack of special treatment, it’s rumored that Brit-Brit’s failure to cooperate in the past by following basic security procedures has left cops, who are also videotaping the goings-on outside the courthouse in case anything gets out of hand, unwilling to go the extra mile.

I’m pretty sure inside the courtroom there’s at least 50 cops, a guy in a safari hat with a tranquilizer gun and a tank. Although, I’m basing this on the picture I drew on the back of the stock report. I would’ve put an X-wing fighter in the jury box but my boss confiscated my box of crayons. Fortunately I keep a magic marker taped to my inner thigh. Wait, that’s not a marker…