Britney Spears will f*cking kill you!

August 1st, 2007 // 89 Comments

Remember the photographer that was beaten by Britney Spears’ bodyguard outside the Wynn last Thursday? Well apparently Britney Spears threw a baby bottle at his partner and then threatened to kill him, yelling:

“I am going to kill you! I am going to fucking kill you!”

According to a statement released by the photographers’ lawyers, they were taking pictures of Britney outside the spa at the Wynn Las Vegas casino-hotel when Britney’s bodyguard attacked them from behind, throwing one photographer to the ground and punching and kicking him until security pulled him off. The AP reports:

Afterward, Spears ran toward Henderson but was stopped by security, and then threw a baby bottle at him … Then, in front of several other hotel guests and bystanders, Spears threatened to kill Deetz and said he should get a restraining order against her because she was going to kill him or hire someone that would, it said.

I’m pretty sure threatening to kill somebody is illegal, even if you’re Britney Spears. Although the photographer shouldn’t worry too much, since the best plan Britney could come up with is to give him a birthday cake with sticks of dynamite instead of candles. Hell, halfway through her plan she’d probably end up trying to eat the cake herself.

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  1. Marissa


  2. my comment

    Her kids had to watch this.


    Britney Spears is toxic to her babies, the new issue of Us Weekly is reporting.

    Just how bad is it?

    “[Sean] He’s having dental problems because Britney just shoves a bottle of juice in his mouth all the time to stop him from crying,” a family insider tells Us.

    Spears feeds her kids Doritos, gives the toddlers Coca Cola out of baby bottles and even asked a dentist if he would whiten her kid’s teeth. The dentist refused.

    When Britney and Kevin were first married, she objected to his smoking around the kids, t, but now “she smokes like a chimney in front of them,” Life & Style is reporting.

    Even worse, when Brit misplaces her pack of cigarettes, “she’ll actually turn to Sean and say, ‘Baby, where are Mama’s lollipops?’ Sean runs, gets her cigarettes and brings them back to her,” the mag adds.

    Brit even let her kids run around and make a mess of a house they were looking to potentially buy last week. “She ate tacos on the bedroom floor!” a source tells Us Weekly. “She got crumbs and grease everywhere. She let her babies and her dog roam the floor. She left the bed a mess – I don’t know what’s wrong with her.”

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  6. Victor

    Third………who gives a fuck if you are first, second, or third. Look how immature you look Marissa. Grow the fuck up already. Anyway, now to Britney, she could come try to rape me instead of kill me. I would without a doubt let her rape the living life out of me. I would love those nice thick legs around my waist. And that nice huge ass starring me in the face while I am eating her out.

  7. jrzmommy

    Toldja that bitch is crazy.

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  9. Jewel

    I found the second comment to be more interesting than the article on here. lol.

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  11. Marissa

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  14. ziggurat

    She already is . . . killing us. Each moment she exhales, the pollution index for the planet goes up .1%. Someone get a paper bag! Plastic is not enough! We need reinforcements! HAZMATS! Someone help! Would that the mothership come down and laserbeam her into a pile of slag (which is not much different than the way she’s been lookin’ for the past four years.

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  26. Victor

    Alright this is my last comment to you Kelli. Now you go on ignore. Not going to argue with a childish ignorant, uneducated, twat.

  27. Mr. Black

    Marissa you’re a whore, and so is Shitney. Her kids are fucking ugly, and have mullets. I hate her and her gay little brats. Fuck them. I hope their mouths rot out of their fucking little heads.

  28. Shut Up!

    Yes, let’s all take the pap’s word for this. “So umm, yeah, me and my friend, we just left church, which was attend daily, and happened across Ms. Spears. My friend suggested that, while maintaining a safe and unobtrsuvie distance, perhaps we could take a few flattering pictures of this lovely lady for our own personal enjoyment later. And then she suddenly and unexpectedly, without any provocation, started attacking us!” Yeah, I don’t like Spears all that much, but I’m not about to sit here and think that the papparazi are so innocent and feel bad for them.

    And oh yeah, @1, way to post “first”, that was really interesting and funny and witty and exciting of you, loser!

  29. Guy

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  31. Victor

    What was harsh Mr. Black. Not the kids fault their mom is a dirty whore with a nasty twat. The kids aren’t even old enough to understand yet that their mom is worthless. So don’t diss on the poor little kids. The kids really need to be taken away from Britney and put in a good home.

  32. Day after day, the incessant stories about Britney. My gaaawd this is so fucking fatiguing now. I’m just saying, my eyes and ears are sore after seeing and hearing so many stories about her. The fag princess posts some story and then a host of jackasses and jennyasses try to find some inventful way of dissing the skank. Yes, i was a fan; please don’t tell my mother. But i think, yes, think, that i have outgrown her and i have also thrown away my red cat jump suit. Yes, I was even considering the fishnets, but seriously, there is a limit. I swear (and y’all can swear with me) that we will not post any comments about Lilo and Shitney any more, CUM ON, we can do it, take my hand:)

  33. adeliza

    #27 Her kids have mulletts?
    do you have pics?

  34. Valkyrie

    She needs to kill the buzz, man and drop the drugs and booze.

  35. Guy

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  36. chris

    kelli you never answered my question…. how old are you, and don’t you have any friends you can play with? Anything better to do?? You comment on here like a million times. If you don’t have a job, what the hell are you doing spending your whole day annoying people with your zzzzzzzzz talk on a stupid celebrity gossip site… GET A LIFE.. MAKE SOME FRIENDS…. I’m sure there is some retard in your neighborhood willing to be your friend……maybe……..

  37. just sayin

    People always post that they are first. It’s not a big deal. You all sound like angry assholes. And Britney looks like shit.

  38. meagan

    stay classy.

    i dont know who the blog writer is, but you make me laugh on a daily basis! love your humor.

  39. andrew

    Meh, this sounds like bullshit to me.

  40. this site sucks

    dude you are posting things that have been posted for days now…people try or they are alot better

  41. just sayin

    I take that back — not all of you. Just the asshole ones

  42. grim number 2

    I”m going on a date with Britney tonight. Sleeping with her will scar me for life but I’ll get a chance to take a dump on her face while she sleeps =)

  43. Mother Goose

    KHK is the exact example of what Britney is doing. Getting attention by being an ass. Some people need to act like total asses and get everyone to talk badly about them, mistakenly thinking they are getting under someone’s skin. They THINK they are buggin people but, if we could see what’s inside their heads we’d see a big ball of sad and lonely nothing.

    They know it’s not funny nor original. It’s the same when a kid covers his ears and goes “la la la la la” or holds a hand up to your face without hitting you, or takes your own hand and slaps you with it and says “quit hitting yerself.” That’s KHK and all the other idiots who populate this site.

    Attention seeking infants.

  44. mother goose

    and I just mean the idiots, not everyone here, so if you’re an idiot, then Im writing to you.

  45. just saying too

    last time i tried tmz it required email verification to comment and that is too much trouble for a lazy bastard like me. tmz is a bit crowded also. this site is almost a free for all. the very limited moderation takes care of spammers and lets true freedom of speech roam wild

  46. Professional cameras and lenses are heavy. If those guys are wildly jumping around her and her children while swinging two or more cameras and/or lenses, she and her children are in danger of getting hurt.

  47. AJ





  48. Matthew

    britney spears WORST PERSON/MOTHER IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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