Britney Spears will cancel tour if she can’t bring sons

February 2nd, 2009 // 44 Comments

Britney Spears’ pending US tour in March may hit the shitter thanks to Kevin Federline’s lawyers. Britney, Kevin and Jamie Spears hashed out a deal where Britney would have three bases in New Jersey, New Orleans and Los Angeles where her boys would stay while she commuted to her shows. Kevin was even going to be paid for the deal until his lawyers stepped in and objected to the whole arrangement. Now Britney is going to scrap the whole tour if her sons can’t come with her. TMZ reports:

And here’s a fun fact. We’ve learned Britney will pay Kevin in excess of $4,000 a week for each week she’s on tour. The way the deal goes… Brit would get K-Fed his own pad in each of the three bases and he wouldn’t even have to show up to get the money! Why, you ask, would she pay him? You figure it out….
So here’s the rub: Britney, K-Fed and Jamie worked out the arrangement without the help of any of the lawyers. We’re told a week ago K-Fed’s lawyers became aware of the plan and were furious, thinking Jamie went behind their backs. Sources tell us K-Fed’s lawyers have said they object to the plan but won’t specifically say why. And Kevin apparently doesn’t have the cojones to stand up to his lawyers.

Oh, that’s nice. Britney pulls her life together and will actually pay cash money to be close to her children (Including Sean!), but Kevin’s lawyers didn’t get a taste so the whole deal is fucked. I guarantee you Jamie Spears is about ten seconds away from rappelling into those attorney’s offices and uppercutting some assholes. Provided he got drunk this morning while watching The Dark Knight. Or am I the only one who did that? Batman wants McMuffins! WOO!


  1. blahauh


  2. burial

    mmh, looks fuckable

  3. 10pound

    she looks like a shit I took this morning.

  4. mimi


    BTW… for all the mimi pretenders… I will NO LONGER be posting as mimi.

    I am sick of assholes on this site slamming me for being a Britney fan

    mimi is going to die today… anyone pasting as mimi after this is a LOSER.

  5. Kelley

    “If her son’s can’t come with her?” Her son’s ? Don’t you mean sons ? SHAMEFUL, bad English on this site. Why is everyone putting apostrophes in non-possessive words these days ?? Who edits these posts ? A chimp ?

  6. miggs

    Enough already with the blond bimbo stories. There is only one story today:

    “Super Bowl fans in Tucson, Ariz. were subjected to 30 seconds of hard core porn — wang and all — when somehow, the game feed was suddenly interrupted by a clip from an adult television channel.

    Comcast — the cable company in Tucson — is working on an explanation, but right now it appears the porn break in only occurred in its standard-definition feed reaching analog TV sets.”

  7. mimi

    It just seem to me that all the time and energy being put into the creation of my posts is not appreciated. I bring more than a fork and spoon to this table and the writers here know this. Very well.
    You people are fucking idiots with no appreciation of the finer things and people in life.


  8. Jeff

    Praying for mimi(‘s suicide).

  9. Grammar Police

    “repelling” into the attorneys’ offices? Rappelling.

  10. joe m

    These guys give attorneys a bad reputation.

  11. mimi

    Fuck you Jeff @8. That wasn’t neccessary. Really. What have I ever done to you?
    Why I even try talking sense into “you people” I have no idea.

  12. pantyhose

    britney thinks she can have it both ways. she is not even nearly capable of taking care of kids when she’s at home. big sprawling mansions that could be amazingly nurturing environments for any very lucky child. and now she INSISTS on taking them from a stable environment to an insanely busy and stressful situation.

    she’s not responsible enough to keep A CHECK BOOK.

  13. urfavbrunette

    @ #12……who in the world still balances a check book anyway??? i mean, yeah, britney probably should have someone do that for her since she is worth millions…..but i dont even keep up with my balance!!! regions does it for me! :)

  14. wanks

    mimi please jump off a building

  15. mimi

    Wanks why all the hate? I come to you guys with a heavy heart and all you want to do is drive a stake into it. Why? Please tell me why!

  16. CJ

    If I were Kevin I would say fuck the lawyers and go along with it. Easy money for almost no work at all? Take the money and let her spend a few days with the kids when she’s not on stage. I wish I got paid to be a dad.

  17. bday

    he is a fuckin loser

  18. Jrz

    C’mahn….gold digger gonna miss out on $4K a week? Hell no. He’ll fire the fucking attorneys. Just because he’s the saner parent doesn’t mean he wants off the Britney Gravy Train.

  19. mimi

    Sorry, just one more thing before I kill mimi….I personally think that Britney Spears looked better bald, fat and hungover.

    Commence death.

  20. C’mon K-Fed, give Britney a break and let her see her bbs!

  21. Such conflict in one tiny webpage. Britney isnt exactly the model mommy so why pretend now. She needs the cash, she wont cancel.

  22. Randal

    To have family around her, Britney’s performance will be bigger and brighter than they’ve ever been. Having her two children by her side for support will take a lot of street off of her shoulders. It’s great to see Britney becoming the great mother everyone knew she could be.


  23. QB

    Is kind of funny that now that she has a tour that her career needs to survive we heard rumors of Briney wanting to take her kids. Britneys PR people are so predictable.

  24. Mike

    She looks totally smokin’ hot!!!

  25. mimi

    @ 22

    Dearest Randal,

    Your posts are always very thoughtful and considerate. You are such a compassionate man, and have an amazing way with words. When I read your posts, I get so turned on, that my white cotton panties turn into a sopping wet mess. I wish you would jump in your camaro and speed over to my apartment right now and stuff your throbbing, blood-engorged pork sword into my quivering, goo-filled sausage wallet. I just washed the folds of my fupa with a rag-on-a-stick, so my ‘lady business’ no longer smells like rancid Parmesean and boiled carp strained through a dirty sweat sock. I duct-taped a beard trimmer to a yardstick and shaved my ass too. I’m sooo ready for you, dear Randal. Come to me, my love. *sigh*

  26. authorego

    @5 If you think his spelling his bad, just wait till you see his Southern Accent. **groans**

  27. Boston_Freek

    #25 I have never laughed so frickin hard. That is PURE FUCKING GENIUS.

  28. authorego

    @25 Randall is gay. And he has hairy nipples.

  29. .

    all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek amy.

  30. diddleysquat

    This reporter knows that the real question on everyone’s mind is “Who gives a shit?”

  31. matman

    i will still beat of to britneys pics she is a hot woman i may even give some to mimi if she wants it

  32. Great8

    Britney has the ugliest tits on the planet. Nipples are scraping her c-section scar. True.

  33. mimi

    Have all the laughs you can muster. At least I don’t have to look at your ugly faces when I shave my face.
    Fuck off all of you.


  34. I though only FAGGOTS do these things, folks?

  35. ghost

    Kfed wants paid to let her see her kids? What a fat sack of crap. I hope his new fatness kills him.

  36. Ummm...yeah...

    HELLO…you are commenting on a site where we don’t give a fuck…
    .I wish you would actually die…Who the fuck would care ?…or whom would care? NOONE!
    I pray for your demise….I also pray for Randals demise….Die….Please…Die

  37. Goddess mimi

    mimi’s dead give her a rest gang. give yourselves a rest. find someone new to pick on and keep your nasty fingers out of your noses.

  38. wow

    are those RIBS i see? surely not…wow

  39. She looks nice; bad boobs but she is nice.

  40. Cameron

    Who the fuck is mimi?

    Sounds like some cock-sucking fag.

    Have a nice life, will you go already?

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    N othing makes me happier.


  42. Cameron


    I just CAMErON my keyboard after reading your post.

    Ummm… yeah…

  43. John

    Looks like she’s finally in good shape for the upcoming tour. Always good to see hot Britney!

  44. Is kind of funny that now that she has seen her career needs to survive, have heard rumors Briney will take their children. Britneys PR people are so predictable.

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